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ClickFunnels High Ticket Affiliate Program | How Good Is It?

Right off the bat I need to tell you ONE thing….

If you are here because you want easy money, a get rich quick scheme, or a GUARANTEED way of making money promoting ClickFunnels in a matter of days……

Then you are in the wrong place my friend.


I really wish it was that easy!

However, If you are still reading, and you are willing to do the following then WELL DONE!

It will take:

  • Commitment to learn
  • Dedication to your content
  • Ability to truly understand how you can help people
  • Perseverance

If you have those qualities, then you are in the perfect position to succeed with the ClickFunnels High ticket affiliate program.


In this blog post I am going to give you several examples of how you can achieve this, as well as the best FREE & PAID training I have found for aspiring ClickFunnels affiliates.

In fact, these strategies are not exclusive to ClickFunnels, they apply to any HIGH TICKET affiliate program.

Let’s start.

Different Affiliate Program Types

I assume if you are reading this then you know what Affiliate Marketing is, but if not….

Affiliate Marketing is recommending products/services and receiving a commission should someone purchase via your link.

Many retailers, software providers, course creators also run affiliate schemes.

These affiliate schemes have many variables, two of the ones you need to take note of are:

  • Is it a one off commission payment or recurring payments?
  • What is the payout? (set amount or a percentage)

For example, Amazon can pay around 1-5% one off commission if someone buys via your link, nothing major, but people trust Amazon and know they will be price competitive so people are more likely to buy (brand trust).

Whereas a software provider may provide a more lucrative commission (High Ticket) or even a regular recurring commission (monthly payment), one of which is ClickFunnels.

What is ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels is more niche than Amazon. It is a company owned by marketing genius and entrepreneur, Russell Brunson. Their aim is to create tools and training that help businesses generate and convert leads into customers. Russell Brunson ClickFunnels

So they have various products:

Clickfunnels itself which is a webpage builder – specifically for creating funnels – landing pages, membership sites, lead funnels, sales funnels, eCommerce websites and so on.

However they are also big in the sales and marketing training arena. Russell is the author of:

It’s a tool that can help businesses (and affiliates) convert leads into customers much easier.

Does ClickFunnels Pay Recurring Commissions?

My commission level at ClickFunnels is 40%. If you are just getting started then its 30%, and you have to apply to be an affiliate. Tighter regulations changed the scheme but its still very rewarding.

Some of their products will pay you more, for example, the One Funnel Away Challenge pays 100% of the $100 it costs to partake in that challenge.

If someone signs up to Clickfunnels via my link, then I will earn 40% each month that they are a member. Many people have made huge sums of money promoting Clickfunnels because of this.

russell brunson 30 day challenge


A standard membership will cost $97 p/m – of which I will earn $38.80 each month for that person. If they signed up to the premium package, Clickfunnels Platinum then I would earn 40% of $297, a cool $118.80 per month.

Now you can see why the big affiliates have been attracted to ClickFunnels for a while.

The best part is, it’s a great product. Russell Brunson has created almost a cult following, so that’s a lot of loyal customers all needing a tool to improve their business.

What about ClickFunnels High Ticket Affiliate Commissions?

I told you earlier.. Russell is a genius. He is also an affiliate himself.

He knows the game.

He knows how to create irresistible offers that people want to promote.

Many of the Clickfunnels products are actually training courses or annual packages that can be bought for a one off payment.

He uses value ladders to step up his product offering. Starting with a book and ending on a mastermind group (the inner circle) which costs a whopping $50k.

clickfunnels logo

From an affiliates point of view this gives you an idea of how ClickFunnels pays for one off commissions…

  • Expert Secrets Physical Book – Commission of $1
  • One Funnel Away Challenge (30 day online course) – Commission of $100
  • Funnel Scripts (Copywriting software) – Commission of $318.80
  • Funnel Builder Secrets – Commission of $798.80

Some pretty impressive high ticket numbers isn’t there !?


ClickFunnels also favor sticky cookies – which means that if you signed someone up for a book and later on they decided to buy 12 months subscription, unless they clicked on another persons link in the interim, you would get the payout for the 12 months sub too!

Nice little commission surprises!

Who Are The Most Successful ClickFunnels Affiliates?

Over the last 12 months I have dived into all of the ClickFunnels sub communities, and undertook training from some of the leading affiliates.

I even found my own mentor, Zach Crawford, who is a hugely successful ClickFunnels affiliate.

READ MORE: The best affiliate marketing course available, from my mentor Zach Crawford.

secret affiliate marketing hacks review main image

There are so many success stories though, I know this because Russell likes to champion them all the time. To spread awareness of his company and brand.

In fact, one of the products he created was the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp.

He hand picked 15 top affiliates and asked them….

If you had to start again, from scratch, with nothing. How would you build an affiliate business in 100 days.

15 affiliates then recorded their own personal account and strategy for doing exactly this!

Do you know what he charges for this training and information?





If you want to sign up yourself for free, then click here and enter your email when prompted.

Each of these leading affiliates brings a new strategy and way of becoming a successful affiliate.

  • Some create funnels that help specific businesses, then give the funnel away for free in exchange for their subscription as an affiliate.
  • Some create marketing content via blogs, YouTube, Facebook and show how ClickFunnels is the answer to the problem.
  • Many of them focus on a specific audience, and then show how ClickFunnels can help those people.

how old to join zach crawfords course

How Can I Promote High Ticket Affiliate Programs (Inc. ClickFunnels)?

I will summarise this as although affiliate marketing is a simple concept, its much more complicated on how to be successful.

There are multiple ways to achieve this (many of which are discussed in the Clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp) however, it is about creating content that helps people.

Don’t be that guy that promotes awful products that pay well. Be ethical and promote the products and services that you believe in and use yourself.

To me, affiliate marketing is about giving value, showing your audience the tools to make their life better. Supporting them with content and guidance.

It is about solving problems, and easing pains.

High ticket affiliate programs often require that extra touch. Whether that’s through the content you create or the bonuses you add to your irresistible offer.

what is a sales funnel clickfunnels

Generally you are asking someone to part with a significant amount of money, so make them understand why and put them at ease with that cost.

For example, I promote Zach’s course.

I do this because I am a member myself. He has invested so much time and money building his career and his own personal development and put that all into his course.

He adds to that by providing a community, the opportunity to promote his course, and numerous other bonuses that allow you to get started fast.

A couple of sales and the course is paid for.

READ MORE: FAQ Zach Crawford’s Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks

Whilst many people baulk at the cost of training, you need to understand how much of an investment in yourself this is. You are paying for the support, guidance, and knowledge that someone has spent years building up.

I do understand.

I used to try and do everything for free.

Paying for Zachs course was the scariest thing I have ever done, but equally the best business decision I have ever made.

be yourself top tip for blogging Final Thoughts On Promoting ClickFunnels High Ticket Affiliate Program

There are many affiliate programs out there, and you will find success stories in most.

As much as I knock Amazons affiliate program, there are plenty of people that have created rewarding niche sites. However they rely on numbers.

As a beginner to affiliate marketing you have a long road ahead of you creating content.

Blogs & YouTube are slow growers.

Long term they can be really good earners, but you are going to have to work hard to get them to that point.

new blogger on laptop

The advantage of high ticket affiliate programs is that you don’t need as many people to buy.

You can make ONE sale at 50% commission ($997 product) and earn $498

Or for that same amount, you can try smaller affiliate programs and need a whopping 664 sales at 5% commission ($15 product)

One sale or 664?

That is why I mainly pursue the more attractive schemes such as the Clickfunnels high ticket affiliate program.

But do it right. For the right reasons.

Promote products that help people and you are happy to pay for yourself.

Also, in case you’re wondering, this advice isn’t exclusive to ClickFunnels.

There are tonnes of great products, courses, services out there that realize the benefits of an extremely rewarding affiliate program.

Watch the FREE Webinar on how to get started with affiliate marketing, from my mentor and Super Affiliate, Zach Crawford.

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