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lessons learnt from the clickfunnels one funnel away challenge

10 Lessons Learnt from the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge

For a long time I have been a plodder.

clickfunnels ofa lessons learnt

Full of dreams and aspirations, but never the motivation to go and get them.

Maybe I am being too harsh on myself?

At work, in my 9-5 I don’t have this issue. But when I get home from work, and I try and think about what I would like to personally create and achieve but I could never find the energy to fully commit.

I am an introvert by nature.

I like to look internally. Process and think. Sometimes the occasion calls for you to JUST FREAKING DO IT !!

It is that giant leap from careful planning to commitment that catches me out.

That’s why at times I am a plodder. I move forward but not with the intensity required.

Do you know what changed this?

The online course that transformed me from a slippery sloooooow snail to a rapid roadrunner… the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge (OFAC).

It was 30 days of pure inspiration.

I felt like I was on the digital equivalent of a military boot camp.

Where Russell Brunson and his team of coaches were drilling me to finally step up the pace and commit to launching my online business.

It worked!

I finished that OFA and sped out of the blocks. Running on entrepreneurial adrenaline at first, which transformed into motivation to succeed.

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drill sergeant shouting instructions

I jumped in and got to work creating my own online business. No hesitation. No plodding.

Using the 24 hours in a day that we all get (the great leveller) to kickstart my own journey and Digital marketing business.

This article is to give you a real world opinion and experience covering 10 Lessons Learnt from the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge

If you want to read my Full and Indepth One Funnel Away Challenge Review then go to this page.

What is the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge?

The OFAC is a 30 day intensive training course that gives you proven strategies to launch your online business.

Officially Russell Brunson says its a course to launch your first funnel (webpage on steroids), but it’s more than that.

It covers the theory, the technical aspects, the motivational support to build your business.

I have spoken to so many small business owners – those business owners that have to wear many hats in their organization of ONE.

Marketing, IT, Product, Sales, CEO, Finance.

They were all blown away by how good the One Funnel Away Challenge was and how it benefited them.

Many of these people (including myself) have minimal marketing training and experience yet here we are:

  • Learning to tell our story and resonate with our audience
  • Create hooks to reel in potential customers
  • Craft irresistible offers that are too good to refuse
  • Locate and entice our dream customers
  • And so on….

Don’t have your own business?

Don’t worry, neither did I. There are ready made options, one of which is Affiliate Marketing.

One Funnel Away Challenge Review

Russell Brunson is an affiliate himself so he knows how to make great products that can earn big money to people willing to try and conquer the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program.

He ticks all the boxes.

✅ Great product (Software & Training)
✅ Recurring commissions
✅ High ticket and generous commission rates
✅ Fanatical users and following

The Clickfunnels Affiliate Program is genius in many ways.

If you go down the Affiliate Bootcamp route you can sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge and actually get tonnes of Affiliate Marketing bonuses thrown in for FREE.

You also get videos and a book of 15 top clickfunnels affiliates telling you step by step how they would recreate their affiliate business – here is a tip for ya – copy what they say!

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Do what these top affiliates tell you as it’s worked for them.

If you want to see more about the best OFA bonuses available click here.

Let’s get back to what you came for though – 10 Lessons Learnt from the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge

As someone with no actual business what did I learn from the Clickfunnels OFA? A few months on – how has it impacted my life?

Benefits of the One Funnel Away Challenge

Benefit #1. Intensive Training.

The One Funnel Away Challenge was like nothing I had experienced. Even more impressive given it was online and not face to face where I would expect more intensity.

It is a 5 week program, where you need to commit a few hours each day – not a lot given the potential life changing experience that could help shape your future!

Generally weekends are free to catch up and process the invaluable information you receive. Mid week it’s pretty fast paced and crammed full of value.

I found that this pressure to keep up, stay on track, and stay hungry for more is actually how I learn the best.

Working to this schedule created a habit for me. I replicated this in my own challenge and attempted to get started on YouTube with 100 videos in 100 days.

See how I got on here….

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Benefit #2. Clickfunnels is Effective for Any Business

Clickfunnels software and training courses are multi-purpose. There are literally so many ways of using clickfunnels.

It can be used to benefit businesses and individuals alike:

10 industries that are using clickfunnels now.

  • Agency / Freelancer
  • Information Products
  • E-Commerce
  • Coaching / Consulting
  • Network Marketing
  • Local Small Business
  • B2B Lead Generation
  • Blogging / Affiliate
  • Non-Profits
  • Just Getting Started / Other

You can use clickfunnels to create your main home page or you can use it to host your offers and promotions, then throw them away when your done. The possibilities are endless

best niche for clickfunnels

Benefit #3. The Power of Teaching by Storytelling

Russell Brunson is excellent at storytelling, whether he is reminiscing about a past experience or doodling a framework out using stick figures. He knows how to explain proven marketing strategies to anyone.

I work in IT. I am a geek. An introvert that prefers to look at life logically and analytically.

So I love how he is able to teach me and help me understand just by the way his lessons use stories. Even someone technical and awkward like me can then get wrapped up in the emotion and feeling.

This works well, and you should look and practice your own story telling. Help people connect with your business and you.


We buy on emotion and justify with logic.

Benefit #4. The Irresistible Offer.

This is a HUGE one.

We can all promote the same products as affiliates or retailers but what differentiates us?

How do we sell that very same product but make people want to buy it so badly from us?


We include complimentary products (ebooks, consulting calls, guides, training courses etc) and we make our offer a no brainer.

The Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge is all about Hooks, Stories and Offers. In fact it’s the mantra that you apply to everything – hook, story, offer, hook, story, offer….

The OFA taught me how to analyse competitors offers and how to craft better ones.

How to look at their pain points and desires and shape your sales funnel, copywriting, lead magnets, products and ultimately the offer to their needs.

The principles of how to differentiate yourself from the crowd of sellers and give the customer what they want!

Benefit #5. Learn by Observing, Not Just Listening

Unless you are an experienced marketer, your knowledge and comfort zone will be pushed with the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge, just by soaking up what Russell Brunson tells you.

However, one thing my Affiliate Marketing mentor, Zach Crawford, has taught me….

“Learn by watching what others do and not just what they say..”

If you want to know how to engage people and try and teach them a particular thing (it could be anything), then watch how Russell Brunson does it in the OFA.

See how he uses his own frameworks to reinforce what he’s teaching you.

He starts each day with a video, teases you with the concept and crafting a story. He then uses sessions with his coaches who give you the technical aspect and then the belief and mindset too.

Observe exactly how he does what he does. He will come across as the reluctant hero stumbling his way through, don’t let that fool you. He is exceptionally good at his craft.

Read more about Russell’s framework here

russell brunson 30 day challenge

Benefit #6. It is OK to be Normal

I wasn’t raised by wolves after my parents were lost on a mountaineering expedition.

I haven’t come from the school of hard knocks. Been bullied every day or come back from the brink of a drug addiction.

And this isn’t down playing anyone that has, quite the opposite. blackbox package expert secrets review

I’ve had a really good loving upbringing.

Lots of opportunity and a supportive family. I love so much about my life. That normality has always been a nagging doubt though – like I am not unique or interesting enough.

Russell teaches you techniques to write your own stories about your journey – to help people resonate with you. That story can be simple and effective and not the glamour of a Hollywood script.

In the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge (and Russell’s brilliant books DotCom Secrets & Expert Secrets) you learn how to create and present yourself as an attractive character.

A character that can drive your business forward and find your true following – just for being you.

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Benefit #7. Building Sales Funnels isn’t that Hard

Do you love the creative aspects of business? Or even selling to people?

Yet when it comes to the technical aspects you clam up and freeze – “I can’t do that!”.

Luckily Clickfunnels is a very simple, easy to use, drag and drop page builder.

Knowing what type of sales funnel to build is trickier – but even then, there is an amazing community and a stack of templates in clickfunnels as well as guides that explain each one.

Take this $7 book for example that guides you through how Lead Funnels can improve your business (Take the One Time Offer to get lots of Lead Funnel templates included too).

Building them really is easier than you may imagine. So even if your not technical, push through, use the resources they give you, and the learning curve is not as steep as you think.

Test drive Clickfunnels yourself with the 14 day trial – no risk, cancel any time.


Benefit #8. Learn to Think Like The Buyer.

What’s in it for them?

You want the prospects email to try and lure them into buying your product, signing up for your webinar, joining your club. So you have to answer – why should they?

What do they get in exchange for their email and potential custom? Give them what they want and do it better than your competitors.

Use all of the Lessons learnt from the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge to perfect your message and offering to attract customers.

Solve their pains and help them.

Remember people want to be sold the benefits and not the product.

When I book a vacation it isn’t because I like to queue for hours at an airport to fly a lump of metal through the air, it is because I want the soft sandy beach and the sound of waves lapping at the shore as i enjoy an ice cold beer.

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Benefit #9. Throw Out Some Hooks

Smartphones have a lot to answer for.

We endlessly scroll down, speed reading our facebook feed or YouTube suggestions, until something catches our eye.

Learn how to stop that potential lead in its tracks. Whether it’s with your thumbnails, images, the title of your page, the sales copy. Anything.

I am an utter newbie to Copywriting but I am working constantly to improve my hooks in order to improve my business.

Hook them in and keep them dangling until they are on your list.

hook story offer

Benefit #10. Excellent Value For Money.

You know the saying “you get what you pay for“. Implying that cheap is rubbish? not true when it comes to the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge.

It is the best $100 I’ve ever spent. Full stop. Its life changing.

It set the trajectory and ive not stopped since. Once the dust settles it can be overwhelming as you are almost dizzy with information but that’s a good thing.

Catch your breath and get to work.

one funnel away challenge course

The OFA was a game changer for me.

I went from writing 16 blog posts in a year to recording over 85 videos in almost as many days, as well as blogging, creating sales funnels, helping others.

It has sparked a fire in me and made me realise that there are possibilities out there for normal people.

People who just want a little extra freedom of time and money.

Fellow introvert entrepreneurs that want to hide behind their online platform and grow their own business.

So if you’re thinking of setting up your own business or looking to develop and move forward with your existing venture then this aspiring Digital Marketer (Me!) would highly recommend you sign up for the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge.

If you want the OFA with a cherry on top…….

Then use the link below and I will throw in an absolute stack of additional bonuses too – including everything you need to get started with affiliate marketing.

Sign Up for the OFA

I hope this article was of use and I have given you a bigger picture by talking about my lessons learnt from the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge.

If you would like more information and a discussion around this then reach out to me via Facebook or Email

Thanks for reading

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