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1of10 Review: The Dream YouTube Tool?

Test 1of10 Yourself & Generate Video Ideas Fast

Are you struggling to come up with engaging video ideas that resonate with your viewers? You’re not alone. Many YouTubers find themselves stuck in a creative rut, recycling old concepts or guessing what might blow up their channel. This constant uncertainty can lead to frustration and ultra slow channel growth.

But what if you had some help? A lending hand that could consistently generate proven, high-performing video ideas without the guesswork?

Introducing “1of10”, the ultimate YouTube tool that’s been designed to transform your content ideation process by identifying viral trends and outlier videos in your niche. In this 1of10 review I am going to explain what it is, how it works, and whether I think it’s worth you signing up today.

What Is The 1of10 Tool?

If you’re anything like me, then you probably publish a new video, then refresh that pesky YouTube Studio app 83 million times an hour, willing and wishing it to blow up and outperform all of your other videos.

Spoiler: It rarely does.

Included in your YouTube Studio data is a nice little visual that says “Ranking by views”. In a nutshell, it shows how that video is performing in comparison to your last videos within the same time frame. If it’s the worst then it will say “10 of 10”, but if you strike gold, then you may just hit a “1 of 10” video.

Hence why the team have gone for the 1of10 branding. A tool that aims to help you find and create videos that outperform your others, hopefully leading to success, growth, glory…..

It does this by helping you identify what is known as an “Outlier Video”.

So what exactly is an outlier video? How can that help grow my YouTube channel? How does the 1of10 actually work? Is it legit? Or is it just a marketing gimmick?

Keep reading this 1of10 review and learn everything you need to know, in order to make an educated decision.

1of10 example youtube studio

What Is An Outlier Video?

The 1of10 tool is built specifically to identify and highlight outlier videos. An “outlier” video is basically; a video that performs significantly better than a channel’s average view count.

For example, if a channel typically gets 1,000 views per video, a video with 50,000 views would be an outlier. Using the 1f10 scoring system, it would be a 50x outlier. In other words, that video achieved 50x the views of the average video for that channel.

Why does that matter? What does it mean?

It’s simple really. Success leaves clues.

YouTube is all about:

  • Getting people to click on your video
  • Those people watching the video (and hopefully engaging with it) for as long as possible
  • People then subscribing, or going off to watch even more of your videos

In most cases, if you nail these three things, your channel will grow. So the theory is that by identifying the best performing videos, the ones that achieve far better results than the average, we are identifying signs of success.

It could be an amazing title or extremely clickable thumbnail, followed by video content that really struck the viewer and achieved good watch time.

So how else could 1of10 be used to help grow your YouTube channel?

girl recording herself for youtube

Use Cases And Benefits Of 1of10

It’s important for me to state in this 1of10 review that this isn’t a silver bullet. It will not guarantee you anything.

Sadly, there isn’t a single tool out there that will.

However, my mission is to show you tech and tools that enable you to achieve your goals in shorter timescales and with higher quality. That is where I think this too could be ideal for you.

So let’s look at some of the reasons why you may want to try 1of10 yourself:

  1. Video Ideation and content planning: Creators can explore various niches to find top-performing video ideas and adapt them to their own channels. Model what works and line up months worth of planned content based on proven video ideas.
  2. Competitive Analysis: The tool allows you to track and analyze the data driven performance of competitors’ content, helping you to understand what works well in your niche.
  3. Pattern Recognition: Users can identify common elements across successful videos, such as thumbnail design or video topics, and apply these insights to enhance your own content.
  4. Motivation: This one was a bonus. I am lucky to have a viral video myself, but I am also acutely aware that many give up before they see success. Assuming that only the big names will ever achieve good view numbers. The reality is though, YouTube is always pushing small creators content and providing opportunity. You are only ever one video away from it all changing. Seeing the results of others can be hugely motivating.
  5. Potentially Higher Earnings: There’s no shame in saying you created a YouTube channel to try and earn some additional income. Arguably, more views, more subscribers are the roadmap to generating more revenue. Maybe 1of10 can help you get there faster?

1of10 screenshot results

How To Use 1of10

Once you have signed up for 1of10, you access the main dashboard via the website, and also deploy some of the features via the Chrome extension (more on that in a moment).

It’s a simple concept where you carry out searches based on keywords, then combine those with a host of filters, such as, niche, publication date, channel size, number of views, outlier multiples etc. Or you can simply click and browse and look for inspiration.

Once you have that light-bulb moment of inspiration, what do you do next? Well, that’s up to you….

  • Tweak your title
  • Jump into Canva/Photoshop and design your next thumbnail
  • Watch the video and analyse the content (tip…ChatGpt can help streamline this)

It’s down to you now to understand what is working and how you can learn from that success.

If you prefer to see a demo, then check out my 1of10 review video that I created just for you:

Key Features Of 1of10

What exactly are you getting for your money then? What is included when you sign up for 1of10?

The team at 1of10 actually deploy a few bonus features when you gain access to this tool, so here’s a deeper dive into what the main features are:

  1. Main Dashboard: A database of analysed videos that indicate the outlier score and performance relative to the channel average. All of which can be filtered down to ensure the results are more relative to you and your channel.
  2. Bookmarks: If you have memory like a sieve (like me) then don’t worry, you can save any results into various idea boards for future reference.
  3. Channel Tracker: Want to keep an eye on a competitor, hero or even a channel that you have found inspiring? Add them to the tracker with a simple click.
  4. Outlier Finder (Chrome Extension): This nifty little tool gives you a visual indicator when browsing YouTube. Next time you run a search for a video, the outlier score will show on the video so you are seeing the results direct in your YouTube browsing.
  5. Thumbnail Preview (Chrome Extension): This is a little bonus that i quite like. Using the Chrome extension, you can upload your thumbnail and video title, and it will add it to the YouTube search results. Allowing you to preview your work against others and see if it really does stand out enough.

1of10 results screenshot

What I Like About 1of10

I have already mentioned some of the benefits and use cases around this YouTube tool, so let me keep this brief.

  1. Support: I raised a query with the team and the turnaround was quick, polite and helpful. Exactly whats needed.
  2. Dataset: There are over 1 Million analysed videos in the dataset. I hope to see this continually grow and the data maintain a high quality, as the entire tool hinges on the volume and accuracy of the data it presents
  3. Chrome Extension: The quick visuals of the multiplier score is a nice touch, and I have already seen other YouTube tooling companies implement this (Vidiq!). I also like the thumbnail preview so you can visualise what your work will look like in the midst of the other videos.
  4. Simplicity: Open the website, search a topic, filter and analyse. Nice and easy!
  5. Saves Time: Ultimately this tool helps me generate video, title and thumbnail ideas in much less time than if I browsed YouTube (and fell into the trap of watching videos instead of creating!).


Sounds like unicorn and rainbows eh! Well, not quite….

What I Don’t Like About 1of10

I will give you my final thoughts on this 1of10 review in a moment, but first I want to assure you that I try to always be honest and open around my content. That includes highlighting area I think the vendors could improve, and 1of10 is no exception.

I would caveat that this tool is in it’s infancy. The entrepreneurs who created it clearly saw a problem and lack of solution and went about creating one. I admire that and fully appreciate that fast development usually involves creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and then developing and maturing it as the user base grows. So i expect the 1of10 tool to be better next month than it is today (and i would recommend it today (Spoiler)).

So what don’t I like?

  1. No Guarantee of Success: Despite providing useful data, the tool does not guarantee that videos will go viral or perform well, as content quality and audience engagement are also critical factors. I said before, there is no silver bullet. For me, YouTube is about harnessing the right tools to assist you learn the appropriate skills and continuously improve your content creation abilities.
  2. Potential Over-reliance: There’s a risk that creators might rely too heavily on the tool for content ideas, which could stifle creativity or lead to a lack of key content skills of content where many creators replicate similar topics or styles.
  3. Roadmap Visibility: I like to know what’s coming next for the software I subscribe too. I could well be looking in all the wrong places , but I don’t see this with 1of10.

1of10 Pricing

As with any new tool, pricing can change quick as the subscriber base can often explode (leading to more development, hosting and support costs for the creators).

At the time of writing you can sign up to 1of10 for $49 per month, or you can take the more attractive annual cost at $349 (saving $239).

The annual subscription seems a no-brainer, but if you wanted you could just sign up for a month, fill your boots with current video ideas and then leave. Coming back again when you need more ideas, just factor in that the tool may cost more then.

10f10 pricing table

Final Thoughts Of My 1of10 Review

I am a fan of 1of10 and the problem that it solves. As a busy YouTuber with a day job, family responsibilities and studies, I often lack time. Tools like this can help me plan my content when I have minutes to pare. More importantly, the ideas being generated are proven to be successful. Allowing me to make data-driven and faster decisions, whilst also developing my own understanding of what works on YouTube in terms of titles and thumbnails.

I hope that the team continue to innovate this product and build the dataset and I’m excited to see where it goes.

If you want to try 1of10 for yourself then this is my affiliate link, if you use it, I do earn a small commission (of which I am forever grateful). It doesn’t affect the price you pay and any earnings go towards testing new tools for video creators, so you don’t have too.

Thanks for checking out my 1of10 review, if you want to learn more then join me on my channel. Til next time friend.

1of10 Review: The Dream YouTube Tool?
1of10 is an innovative tool that truly enhances the YouTube experience for creators. Generating proven ideas, thumbnail and title inspiration, and all with a few clicks. Definitely worth a try.
Reasons To Buy
Solves a real problem for YouTubers - Saves time!
Annual cost is very reasonable
Excellent support
Reasons Not To Buy
You still need to figure out what makes the video viral
Creators could over rely on the tool
Test 1of10 Yourself & Generate Video Ideas Fast
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