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conversion ai boss mode

Conversion AI Boss Mode

** Please note ** The team at Conversion AI have since renamed their company and product to Jasper AI. You can find my Jasper AI Review here.

Creme de la creme.

The premium experience.

That’s what the team at Conversion AI are touting their new pricing plan as, though they more affectionately know it as Boss Mode.

Yes, everyone’s favourite AI copywriting software is back again with a new update for their fast-growing fanbase.

But what is Conversion AI Boss Mode? Who is it for and should you buy it?

Let’s take a look.

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What Is Conversion AI?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is increasingly being used to power cutting edge software solutions. Conversion AI are no different – they are tapping into a giant neuro network to help entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners fulfil their copywriting needs using AI software.

Their main product is an AI copywriting software that goes by the name of Jarvis. As you can see in this Conversion.AI review it has a tonne of features that are being developed fast.

By using a series of templates and prompts you can automate a lot of your written copy and beat that writers block.

  • Blog posts
  • Youtube scripts
  • Amazon product descriptions
  • Google my business updates
  • Much more

Simply, ConversionAi is a software service to help you with your copywriting, using AI.

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What Is Boss Mode?

It’s important to understand that there are 3 pricing plans offered by Conversion AI :

  1. Starter (20k word limit)
  2. Pro (Unlimited words and long-form editor)
  3. Boss Mode (Brand spanking new)

Boss mode is the latest of these plans and comes in at a slightly higher price point than Pro. Not by much though, so the question is what do you get with Conversion AI boss mode, and is it worth the extra $$$?

who is conversionai boss mode for

What Features Do You Get With Boss Mode?

Think of Conversion AI Boss Mode as an ever-so-slight tweak on the Pro package. It gives you all of the features you would expect, such as:

  • 1 User Seat included
  • $50 per additional user
  • Unlimited Project Folders
  • 50+ Short-Form Copywriting Templates
  • 25+ Supported Languages
  • Chat Support
  • AI Copywriter’s Community
  • Workspace Documents
  • Long-Form Assistant
  • Jarvis Commands

Jarvis Commands

The most important feature there is Jarvis commands – which is exactly like it suggests, a way of commanding Jarvis to produce some content.

You can audio dictate this or type it in, but look at it as a way of instruction:

“Jarvis, write a blog introduction all about the health benefits of turmeric”

This will then be enough to kickstart Jarvis who in turn will produce some written content much faster than if you were feeding into the templates.

Increased Character Lookback

When using the long-form editor you can quickly reference the 50+ templates but without moving away from a single document. It allows you to freestyle your writing with ease, and is perfect for the bloggers in the Conversion.Ai community.

How Jarvis works is that it will look back at the last 600 characters that you have typed, and then try and predict what’s needed next.

Sometimes this takes a little tinkering and tweaking to ensure it stays on track.

With Conversion AI Boss Mode you get a much higher character limit.

Jarvis can look back at 2000-3000 characters and provided better quality and much more intuitive suggestions. Thus allowing you to write content much faster in Boss Mode.

Unlimited Runs

The character limit also opens the door to another benefit too. In Pro mode, when you start typing a long-form post, you can automate a section but then you need to input a section manually until Jarvis has enough information to continue.

It’s like a game of copywriting tennis as you volley the responsibility back and forth.

In Boss Mode you can actually let Jarvis do all of the work and just keep hitting that continue button – you just sit watching that automated feed of words blasting out!

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How Much Is Boss Mode?

At the time of writing, Conversion Ai Boss Mode will cost you $119 a month – though it’s important to point out that this was released yesterday, so expect those prices to change as more people adopt the plan.

You have to weigh up how much you need this tool and whether the Starter, Pro or Boss Mode price point is best for you.

I know of marketers basting out x5 blog posts a week compared to what they managed before. Agency owners servicing their client’s needs around social updates, blog posts, and website copy. Allowing them to take on more clients without having to recruit more people.

It all comes down to you.

conversionai boss mode

Final Thoughts: Conversion AI Boss Mode

I have a sweet spot for this software. I love what they are trying to achieve, the fast-growing community, and the way they are so dedicated to their customer.

I think Conversion AI is an excellent tool that anyone who produces content can benefit from.

How much you use it and what it’s worth is all down to yourself.

But as long as they keep developing exciting new features and innovating with AI software then they will be one of my goto software choices.

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