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Online Business for an Introvert

I dislike parties. I fear having to answer questions in front of an audience. I like quiet moments. I don’t often act on instinct – I think everything through. I fear looking silly.

I am Jon Davis. I am an introvert.

Society holds extroverts as the ideal personality. Introverts should “come out of their shell“, try and be more vocal, learn to participate and “enjoy” those cringeworthy workplace team bonding games.

This blog is about my journey as a Digital Introvert.

Building my own online business. Finding my voice and showing through quiet strength how introverts are not excluded from Blogging, YouTube Channels or running Facebook Groups.

In fact, some of our quirks can be the perfect formula for success.

Let me help you get started too, what is holding you back?

A Little About My Life…

Myself & my wife both worked full time – slowly building our careers over the years. Living in relative comfort. Yep – no Hollywood story here, we were very happy.

Once we had children and grew our little family, life became hectic, we barely saw each other and we PAID AN ENTIRE WAGE in childcare every single month.

Something had to change! We needed a better work/life balance as a family.

I had to find a way that I can provide for my family. Create freedom of time and money.

The ability to pay for amazing family experiences and never have to turn down an opportunity or experience,

I spent the next few years hustling – Merch Design, Amazon Arbitrage, and my first steps into Digital Marketing with Blogging, Website Design and Affiliate Marketing.

I learnt and tested everything, using free resources. It took a while but I have been able to fund some great vacations and ADVENTURES for my family, whilst also being able to support my wife starting up her own business.

What would you like to create a second income for? What are you dreams?

I aim to help you reach this point but FASTER – use my experience, I will tell you what worked and what didn’t, and how to get started with Digital Marketing much faster than I did.

Take a look around my site, any questions you have please get in touch

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