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How To Edit Videos In Canva For Free

This post is all about how you can use Canva for your YouTube video editing. As it’s largely tutorial-based I will explain what you will learn and then link you to the video on my YouTube channel, which shows you how to edit videos in Canva step by step (keep scrolling down for the video).

I have tried to be as thorough as I can be but if there is anything else you would like to learn please let me know in the comments.

What Is Canva?

Canva is a leading online design tool. It is pretty much a one stop shop when it comes to any artistic requirements you may have. Whilst it may not be as powerful as applications like Adobe Photoshop, it is fast, convenient and incredibly versatile.

Whilst there is a paid version of Canva, you can also get by with the free version which is still incredibly powerful.

The team at Canva are continually updating their product to help content creators with all their publishing needs, and this post and video (further down) is to focus on how to edit videos in Canva.

Can You Edit Videos In Canva?

Most people assume Canva is only for graphic design, and whilst that is its greatest strength, it may just surprise you what else it’s capable of. It’s by far one of my most used applications, whether that’s for creating YouTube thumbnails or social media posts, or in this case…. video editing.

As well as an abundance of stock video and photos, there are lots of cool effects and features that can all be combined to make interesting YouTube videos that wow your audience.

What Type Of Videos Can I Create?

Look, Canva isn’t a traditional timeline centric video editor. It’s more like a slideshow video generator. The perfect style for information, fact-based or quiz-style channels.

If you are a vlogger then it’s probably not the best option for you.

However, you only have to look at the reasons why people watch YouTube to understand how big a market you can satisfy with this type of video.

What You Need To Learn

I wanted to make this video as practical as possible, so go grab yourself a drink, sit back and follow along if you like. After all, the best way to learn is often to just “do”.

Here is what we cover in the video:

  • How To Use Video Templates
  • How To Add Stock Videos (Canva & External)
  • How To Change Video Duration
  • How To Add Transitions
  • How To Insert Text
  • How To Add Graphics
  • How To Add A Subscribe CTA
  • How To Use Animations
  • How To Add Music
  • How To Use Mockups
  • How To Add An End Screen
  • How To Record A Voiceover With PERFECT Timing
  • How To Download Your Final Video

So checkout the video below:

Final Thoughts

Canva is an excellent tool, one that I couldn’t do without. They continually set the bar high and push out new features. Many of which have focused on video editing and presentation. Making Canva a genuine contender when you need to learn how to edit videos in Canva.

If you haven’t already I would urge you to try it out today.

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