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Passive Affiliate Profits Review (Zach Crawford)

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Invest in PAP

In this Passive Affiliate Profits Review I am going to explain why this could be the perfect budget-friendly training for anyone aspiring to learn and earn more.

If you’ve spent any time on my blog or YouTube channel, then you will realize that one of the biggest influences on my career so far is Zach Crawford. As a student of Zachs I have overcome many personal battles in order to earn passive income through digital marketing. He is the real deal and always high on my recommended list.

But….. there has always been one BIG problem for anyone wanting to learn from Zach….

The entry fee is expensive for some.

Zach has spent hundreds of thousands on his own education, as well as building the number one affiliate training program out there: Millionaires Challenge System (MCS). So to learn from the best, you need to pay to play.

Until NOW.

In the following Passive Affiliate Profits Review (PAP), I am going to explain how you may just have the perfect opportunity to change your life today.

Even if:

  • You are fighting against the current cost of living crisis
  • You barely have any time to yourself
  • You cannot afford expensive startup equipment
  • You are an absolute beginner

So let’s dive in and I will explain why Passive Affiliate Profits (PAP) could be the most affordable and effective solution you have been waiting for.

Millionaires Challenge System: Side note, if you are in the market for a high ticket affiliate marketing coaching program and have the funds to invest in your education, then look no further than MCS. You can read everything you need to know in my Millionaires Challenge System Review here.


What Is Passive Affiliate Profits (PAP)

A few years ago, whilst on a mission to find the perfect side hustle, I started to learn all things affiliate marketing. A strategy that allows you to create online content and monetize that content to earn passive income. A legit side hustle that would help me show my children the world and provide that work/life balance.

I discovered Zach Crawford and quickly became a student of his – I’m a huge fan of straight talk and telling you what you need to hear, rather than fluff and unicorn farts.

Now Zach has always pushed himself and developed his programs. Answering the needs of his students and followers wherever possible.

By creating Passive Affiliate Profits (PAP) he created a product that could impact thousands of people.


The price point.

At the time of writing you can get PAP for around $7. Yep, SEVEN dollars. That isn’t a typo or Zach losing his mind. This is his low ticket product that is there to help everyone.

Let’s face it. Like me, you are probably sick of the overpromised and undelivered training – even the stuff that can cost thousands.

Zach saw this and created a value packed giveaway. For less than a McDonalds meal, you get access to proven strategies and techniques to build your own online business.

Video after video, walking you through step by step exactly what you need to do to just get started today.

“But Jon, what’s the catch?”

millionaires challenge system screenshot1

Is Passive Income Profits Legit?

Passive Affiliate Profits (PAP) is absolutely legit. It’s $7. If you cannot invest that then don’t even look at digital businesses.

Zach created the course to put other $2,000 courses to shame and make the knowledge accessible to everyone.

Is there anything in this for Zach?

Of course there is. Once you have seen and studied Zach, it builds trust and rapport. As you get results there is more chance you will want direct coaching and access to his premium community: Millionaires Challenge System.

There is nothing wrong with that. He has developed PAP to open the door to his world and encourage those first steps. He does this by over delivering on VALUE. Not a bad strategy eh!

Who Is Zach Crawford?

Zach is a walking success story. He has used various social platforms to earn 7 figures by promoting other people’s products, before taking the obvious step of showing others how to do the same.

He is unassuming, straight talking and un-apologetically confident in what he teaches.

More importantly, he has been there and done it. Whatever you are going through now. Whatever reason you are reading this review. Zach has probably walked in those same shoes.

Passive Affiliate Profits Review PAP by Zach Crawford

Who Is Passive Affiliate Profits For?

As part of this Passive Affiliate Profits review I want to be clear who the program is for. Part of me wants to say, anyone who can find $7 and wants to change their life.

But in all seriousness, if you are looking for ways to use social media to build a following and earn additional income, then it’s for you.

Yes, the program lends itself more to beginners, but I am sure that anyone could learn something here. So even if you are experienced then you will get value from Passive Affiliate Profits (PAP). It may also be the ideal introduction to Zach if you are looking for high ticket options too. A chance to see if you like him and see him as a good fit for your own journey.

What Are My Favourite Things About Passive Affiliate Profits?

As you’ve guessed by now, I am extremely enthusiastic about anything Zach Crawford produces. This is why i think you should invest in this program now.

1. Unbelievable Value

This is a $2000 course that will cost you $7 bucks. Do I even need to elaborate?

I challenge you to show me something that is better and costs less.

2. Proven Strategies

The techniques and strategies that Zach teaches in PAP are real life and proven to work. He and numerous students have followed these processes to create huge audiences on social media. Followers that are willing to follow your advice and recommendations and earn passive income.

PAP focuses heavily on short form video content. Something you can do from any smartphone. Before you run away scared and screaming “I don’t want to be on video”. I guarantee you, this may be one of the bravest and life changing decisions you make. It was for me.

Zach will show you how each platform works and the systems to build to be successful. After all, an estimated 4.9 BILLION people use social media across the world. The opportunity is endless.

3. Realism

There are too many people out there spouting the shortcuts to success. 99.9% of them are BS. If it’s worth having, then you need to work at it.

Hopefully that doesn’t kill your dreams too much. But think about it, would the hard work be worth it if the rewards came further down the line?

In the meantime Zach will show you the quickest ways to build momentum and success.

millionaires challenge system screenshot6

4. Learn To Sell

Not many programs will show you how to monetize content the right way – that could be earning money indirectly (without any hard sell), or selling more directly through conversations and call to actions. Passive Affiliate Profits (PAP) covers everything you need to do to solidify those income streams.

6. Exclusive Opportunity As An Affiliate

Zach only allows his students to promote his course and earn affiliate commissions, and yes for full disclosure, if you buy through my link I get a commission, and whilst I would really appreciate you for that, it’s not the reason I recommend it.

I recommend it because he’s made a significant impact on my life and many others that I know. It’s the perfect product for anyone who needs that support to learn the skills and get started with an online business through high-ticket affiliate marketing.

It’s important to also understand, there is no obligation to promote Passive Affiliate Profits to others. Zero. You can apply the same training to promote ANY product or service that you wish.

affiliate marketing text

How Much Does It Cost?

Passive Affiliate Profits (PAP) costs $7 at the time of writing.

The market for self-development is huge. Job uncertainty and global pandemics have driven the demands for accessible side hustles and income opportunities.

So Zach has taken away any financial concerns and opened up hs training to almost anyone.

Final Thoughts On This Passive Affiliate Profits Review (PAP)

Zach Crawford has been a huge influence on my own journey, his words of encouragement and training have helped rebuild my belief system and start making money online through affiliate marketing.

It isn’t all about the money. I now have industry connections, and new friends, a network of like-minded people that inspire me daily as a content creator.

I love the fact that my online content can solve people’s problems and impact their lives.

Passive Affiliate Profits (PAP) is the best low cost training you are likely to find. It is rammed full of value way beyond that price point. You will learn proven strategies and be guided by a true success story.

What more could you want?

Click Here To Invest In Passive Affiliate Profits NOW

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Zach Crawford is one of the leading and most legit marketers out there. He works hard to get his students results with, in my opinion, the very best affiliate marketing coaching program available. Passive Income Profits (PAP) gives you access to his world; his training; his success. At a ridiculously low price.
Reasons To Buy
It costs $7 !!!
Proven strategies and DFY content
Start your own online business at low cost
Invest in PAP
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