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Who is Zach Crawford | Affiliate Marketer Success

One Funnel Away Review 1 Social Media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram have paved the way for online businesses to thrive with self branding.

For example, this site is based on me – Jon Davis. Dad of two, husband of one. An introvert.

Consuming and creating as much content as possible, to kickstart my own online business.

Experts in every subject imaginable are plying their trade using their name rather than a company brand.

One of which is Zach Crawford.

This post is to answer the very question – Who is Zach Crawford?

Let’s step back to Feb 2019. When I had absolutely no clue who he was, as he had never been on my radar.

Online Side Hustle Ideas

I have tried numerous online side hustle ideas, inc amazon arbitrage, matched betting, merch design.

I spent all of 2018 buying and selling goods on Amazon. It made me some money but nowhere near what i wanted for the time it consumed.

I wanted to find something I could scale and Amazon Arbitrage wasn’t the right online side hustle for me.

Instead I focused my efforts on Affiliate Marketing.

I had been dabbling with this for a while.

Learning as much as I could for free. Creating & failing repeatedly. Actually, failing isn’t the right word. We don’t fail we only learn.

My point is, I was getting nowhere fast.

As I jumped into new groups and new circles of people I found myself in various Facebook groups discussing “Clickfunnels“, “Russell Brunson” and “One Funnel Away Challenge“.

I had inadvertently stumbled into this new world of sales and marketing.

A world where everyone talked about “funnels”. WTF is a funnel?!

This is where I discovered Zach Crawford, Affiliate Marketer.

zach crawford clickfunnels affiliate course

As I researched how to make money using ClickFunnels it was Zach that kept appearing in my YouTube results.

Video after video of 100% value.

I signed up for Zach Crawfords Top Earner Mentor Course which he subsequently rewrote and rebranded as Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks.

This course was a turning point for me and my own online business.

Investing hard earned cash for the first time and making myself accountable.

Trusting the right people

Who is Zach Crawford?

As an introvert I tend to overthink just about EVERYTHING!

Which is partly why I find it so hard to trust people and invest financially. The only other real investment I made with an online training course – I got burnt and had to ask for my money back.

So trusting Zach was actually a really big deal for me, but why did I trust him?


I resonated with him.

Zach is a down to earth guy. Considering he has had great success with affiliate marketing as an online business – he’s humble.

Humble but equally assured. Make no mistake he has utmost confidence and belief in his abilities and opinion.

I find this gives me confidence too and makes me believe in his message and training.

** UPDATE: Zach Crawford has invested heavily and rebranded his coaching program, now known as Millionaires Challenge System. You can read the full review here.**

Zach Crawford has walked in the shoes of many of his customers and trainees.

  • Worked as a postal worker for years dreaming of escaping the 9-5 grind
  • Lived abroad in the Philippines whilst building his business
  • Racked up over $50k of debt in medical bills after nearly being killed by a drink driver
  • Conquered his own demons and battle with depression following his accident and debts

That is my brief take on Zach Crawfords story. In all honesty, I would watch the following video and hear his story from Zach himself.

This will answer exactly who is Zach Crawford?

Watch Zach’s FREE Training & Hear About His Course

Watch Zachs Video & Story

What did you think of the video?

I often find these thing a little cheesy and Hollywood but I like Zach’s story.

One thing he has taught me though.

Tell your own story. Show the journey.

Zach has already made a million or two. He is incredibly successful and now focusing on fine tuning his own products to be the best he can make them.

But how good would it be if you were there when he had his first big win. When he had his many many failures.

All the highs and lows.

That is why I set this blog up and why I am documenting my own journey as I progress and grow my own online business.

I have barely watched a minute of TV over the last 6 months. Instead I sit there and try and create content or improve my knowledge of affiliate marketing.

Putting the time in now to reap the rewards later.

READ NOW | FAQ Zach Crawford’s Affiliate Marketing Course

I don’t have the success that Zach Crawford, Franklin Hatchett, Spencer Mecham or any of the other top affiliates out there have.

I do have my own small wins though which I am trying to share with you as I take small steps forward.

Small steps count – it helps people realize that it IS possible. Check out this video where I talk about my very first $100 commission with Clickfunnels.

Maybe one day someone will be writing a blog post and instead of who is Zach Crawford the title could be who is Jon Davis….

Maybe 🙂

Watch Zach’s FREE Training & Hear About His Course

Start Your Own Online Business

In all seriousness, I want you to realize how possible it is to create your own business.

Affiliate marketing is a cog in the bigger wheel. You don;t have to be the next affiliate marketing guru.

You can be a specialist in literally any subject – software, photography, pets, sports, family, anything.

Affiliate marketing is just the process of recommend products and services within that subject to make money.

It is a great skill and perspective to have.

Zach Crawfords course – Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks – doesn’t stop at affiliate marketing. Zach guides you through a tonne of subjects and strategies to help create your own online business.

  • Mentality and mindset
  • Niche Choice
  • Social Platforms
  • Advanced Marketing – Email, Ads & Sales Funnels
  • Much much more…

6 months ago, if you asked me “Who is Zach Crawford” – I wouldn’t have had a clue.

Now I do.

Zach is a seriously good marketer. Devoted to mastering his trade and helping others.

He has reached a point in his career where his next success is based on how well is students do, and I think his dedication shows this.

He is constantly looking to improve Secret Affiliate Marketing hacks and add more value back into the exclusive SAMH Facebook Group with coaching calls.

He isn’t one of those anonymous guru’s who vanish the moment you invest. He is there when you have doubts and need clarification.

He has always offered me advice and help when I have messaged him or tagged him in the group.

You would be surprised how rare that is with a lot of course creators.

For me, I couldn’t be happier being part of Zach’s team. Part of a group of like minded people, all trying to take the next steps and start and scale our own online businesses.

I hope that helps answer who is Zach Crawford.

If you want his free training and 3 step strategy to build your OWN online business then check it out using the button below.

Watch Zach’s FREE Training & Hear About His Course

who is zach crawford affiliate marketer

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