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MCS Review: What You MUST Know About Zach Crawfords Affiliate Program

See that video above – that’s a little YouTube number I put together to tell you all about Zach Crawford’s flagship affiliate program – Millionaires Challenge System. So if you want to learn all about then hot the play button and watch my MCS review.

If you prefer to read all about it, then check out the transcript below, or head over to this Millionaires Challenge System Review.

And if you just want to dive right in and hear more from the man himself, then click here and see what Zach has to say about his program.

Whatever floats your boat 🙂

MCS Review – Video Transcript

Zach Crawford, an American dude that’s helped me and many others make thousands of dollars online, a little like Mr Miyagi (Little fella that packs a punch but doesn’t smile much). In a few moments, I will explain what Zach and Mr Miyagi have in common.

But rest assured it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, young, old, live on the other side of the world, a technophobe or even a big-nosed introvert like me.

If you are looking to build additional income streams, start a side hustle, or turn your current social audience into hungry buyers then keep watching this video review of Zach Crawfords millionaires challenge system


Before we dig into this MCS review – if you have seen my content before you will know I always aim for 100% honesty and zero bull. For full transparency, if you use my link in the description to sign up for Zach’s program then I earn a commission, at no extra cost to you, it just means it goes into my pocket (well my wife’s and kids’ pockets!) rather than Zach getting 100% of the sale. Now Zach is happy with that, he encourages it, and I will explain why. But commission or not, I just want you to watch this MCS review and by the end feel like you can make a more educated decision on whether Zach and MCS is the right program for you.

What is affiliate marketing?

First, what is affiliate marketing, well it’s basically a 12 billion-dollar industry, that works on referrals. I just mentioned that if you click on my affiliate link to join Zach’s program, then Zach pays me a commission as a thank you for recommending you. He knows that I sent you to his product because he gave me a unique affiliate link or web address that can be traced back to me. But what people don’t realise is how many companies and brands also have affiliate programs like Walmart, amazon, ebay, target, nike. Tonnes of them In every imaginable niche

The downside of big retailers like Walmart and Nike is that they will pay you a pittance. If you want significant, life-changing commissions, then you need to learn high-ticket affiliate marketing, which is exactly what Zach teaches in MCS. I mean think about it, would you rather sell 1000 items at $2 commission or 1 item at $2,000 commission? I know what I prefer.

Who is MCS for?

The burning question in this MCS review is: Is MCS for you? Or would it be money down the drain because you’re just a beginner? Let’s find out

In the student community that everyone gets access to, we have people from all walks of life. Different ages, backgrounds, cultures, and levels of experience. There are some really successful marketers in there and many beginners that do this outside of their day jobs. The program is for people who want to start an online business, that know they want more in life and need a solution to help them get there. All are welcome.

In fact that’s one of the best parts of MCS. It has a real community feel. Tonnes of people all lifting each other up and working towards their own goals, but using the success and hard work of each other to find inspiration, and a safe place to ask questions. If you are ever stuck with anything then there is always someone who can offer a friendly and helpful response.

What actually is MCS and who is Zach Crawford?

There are a lot of products out there that will take your money and then just throw a giant PDF file or series of videos at you. Not really justifying the title of coaching program. So does MCS do the same or do you get more for your buck? Let’s take a look

A couple of years ago, whilst on a mission to find the perfect side hustle, I started to learn about affiliate marketing.

That’s when I stumbled across Zach Crawford, and after many months of studying him, questioning him, and figuring out if this guy was real or another scam artist. I eventually decided that he was the perfect person to coach me. So I bought into, what was then called, Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks.

Zach resonated with me. He’s had challenges himself and recovered from 50k debt to becoming a millionaire before he was 30. He isn’t a warm hugs and unicorns kinda guy. He’s a straight talker and will get you to cut out all the fluff and bull and focus on what matters. Not afraid to kick you up the ass when required, and that’s exactly what I needed.

So just like one of the most famous movie coaches out there, Mr Miyagi, he will teach you to put the work in. To wax the car, paint the house, sand the floors. And he doesn’t need to do it with a smile on his face. But he knows these lessons, the repetition and consistency that comes with them, will transform you into a solid marketer. As long as you are brave and determined enough to try

Zach expanded on his course and renamed it millionaire challenge system the industry-leading affiliate marketing coaching program.

Everything you need to develop your sales, marketing, and social media skills and start earning high ticket affiliate commissions by creating content, and the best part, this applies to any social media platform.

Is Millionaires Challenge System Legit?

Let’s address the elephant in the room, is it legit? Well, affiliate marketing is a $12 BILLION industry that allows people from all walks of life to make money online.

A legit opportunity where you can earn money by recommending products and services. Yet there are so many sharks that it often has a bad reputation. People use reviews just like this one to throw hate at programs they’ve never been part of in order to promote their own. Social media can be pretty shady at times and people all to often have agendas.

Let’s put that fear to one side.

I am an overly cautious person. I research my ass off when it comes to any investment

Let me give you some assurance, as there are people out there that will sell their own grandma if it helped them put a deposit down for a shiny new car!

Since working with Zach, he has transformed my belief system. I have gone from an overworked and tired dad, with zero self-confidence, to a confident content creator that earns an additional income through the strategies Zach teaches.

I have multiple income streams:

Zach is instrumental in this. But here’s the cool part. Zach teaches the foundations and skills you need to build your own brand, but he also focuses on how to achieve high ticket commissions fast.

By providing the materials, strategies, sales systems and more, you can literally dive into the program and start promoting his course immediately if you wish too.

He has a team of people that will close the calls so you don’t have to. So the systems to earn fast are all there, but long term the focus is there for you to learn the skills yourself. It has it all.

Side note, this isn’t an MLM program. You do not have to promote Zach’s course. He will teach you to promote any product in any niche. Many of his students do promote it, like me, because it’s by far one of the best investments I’ve ever made and I know it’s helped some of the people that follow me. But if you don’t want to, there’s zero obligation as that’s not what the course is about.

Hopefully, that’s given you a good background so let’s get into my 7 favourite things about the program in this MCS review. Now I had to cut this list short, but let me know which one resonates with you the most, and also, if you ever have any questions about MCS reach out to me, All my links are on my page so you can find me easy enough.

zach crawford mcs

What Are My Favourite Things About Millionaires Challenge System?

As you’ve guessed by now, I am extremely enthusiastic about this high-ticket affiliate coaching program, and Zach himself. It’s a game-changer for me personally and if you’ve heard enough then jump into the description where I’ve put a link so you can connect with Zach but also check out a free training series where he goes in-depth on how affiliate marketing works

If you aren’t convinced yet, then let’s look at my favourite things when it comes to MCS

The Whole Package

This is a course with an amazing community, accountability, live training sessions and so much more! You get the support you need from experts who will hold your hand through it all.

A lot of the hard work has been done for you so you can focus step by step instead of being overwhelmed by all of the things, and look to recoup that investment fast.

Coaching With Zach

The issue with many affiliate marketing courses is that they sell and run. You never see that person again – often the bigger the name, the bigger the issue. Not with Millionaires Challenge System.

As well as the community, you also have Zach and his coaches that ensure no one is left behind. Ongoing live training where you can use your voice and get yourself unstuck if you need to, means that all the support is there.

Zach doesn’t take your money and run, his reputation grows each time someone is successful and he is there to help and support you achieve this. The better you do, the better he looks – that’s an incentive!

Mindset Is Everything

I can admit, for most of my life, I felt that mindset and motivation was mumbo jumbo. It was an excuse not to just roll up your sleeves and get things done through hard work.

I was wrong.

Listen, this isn’t what I should say… instead, I should sell you the dream, but let’s be real, building an online business isn’t easy.

You’re going to have to commit and demonstrate some real grit and at times that has its challenges. Zach’s program is the only one I know that focuses on how to achieve this.

It will help you learn how to rewrite your belief system and learn how to be capable of success.

This is an area, through his own life challenges, that he’s particularly strong in and why he makes such a good coach and mentor.

millionaires challenge systems screenshot4

Universal Appeal

There are people joining the MCS community from all corners of the planet, with different experience levels, and of all ages and backgrounds.

The fact is that affiliate marketing is a monetisation strategy that anyone can get started with and in any niche.

So whatever your background, there will be a path for you.

Learn The Fundamental Skills

Look, some people treat affiliate programs like an MLM, they don’t even open the training and just focus on bouncing it to as many people as possible. Each to their own.

But why wouldn’t you use what’s IN the program to learn the skills that could set you up for life?

Sales and marketing techniques that you could apply to any business.

Since working with Zach I have gone on to help others with all kinds of business help – social media campaigns, email marketing, sales funnels and copy. Do I have a background in this? Heck no! But I have learnt how to learn, and Zach has been an encouraging voice and coach throughout that.


Some courses will get stale, the strategies will stop working, and a few years later they will sell you a version 2 and then version 3 and so on. With Zach, you buy in for life. He keeps the program ever-evolving, partly by investing in himself constantly but also then sharing what works in the current day and never reselling it to you again. I can’t tell you how valuable this is. It isn’t just Zach though, take last week, for example, we have some guys making 6 figures using TikTok of all platforms, they all jumped on a call and openly shared what’s working for them and encouraged the rest of the team to start creating short videos of their own, which for a lot of people is a huge challenge getting on video for the first time. But that’s what you need, support, proven systems and then the willingness to go out there and get it.

millionaires challenge system screenshot1

No Closing

Let’s say you jump in, love what you see, and want to tell the world about MCS. But you don’t want to try and close calls and “sell it”. Or you are an experienced affiliate looking for a hands-off process, where people close the high ticket commissions for you.

Millionaires Challenge System provides exactly that.

Look, Zach used to go solo with a lot of his business. In 2022 he invested in himself big time, and it was his own mentor, that told him he has to build a team and free himself up, thats exactly what he did

Professional call closers will handle any leads you send his way by giving honest upfront accounts of the program. This ensures only the right people make it through – the ones that are willing to succeed.

You are left free to create your content and build an audience.

What Don’t I Like About MCS?

There was a time when Zach would try and do everything himself and i think this restricted him from scaling the program, this used to be my biggest criticism. Since then he’s spent an absolute fortune (more than my mortgage) on creating a team so he can focus on what he’s best at and the students get the best support.

After that, I don’t have much to criticise really.

You will see people who buy into it just to promote it as a cash cow, but honestly, that’s not the fault of Zach, that’s normal when it comes to the make money online word, which is why I try and combat that with genuine reviews and sharing my own experience.

zach crawford livestream MCS

Final Thoughts In This MCS Review

Listen, MCS isn’t for everyone, Zach isn’t for everyone. You may want a fluffier coach that will warm your heart and shower affection. Don’t get me wrong, Zach is incredibly supportive, but he will do it with fewer words and without using a hugs emoji.

Some of you won’t be able to afford to buy the program, and I get that, that’s why I share lots of the things I learn on this channel where you can take snippets for free and start building that investment pot. Turning social media into money in your pocket.

Some of you will be able to afford it but will be terrified of spending the money. That was me! I was a hot sweaty mess when I signed up originally, it was actually my wife that made me. She wanted me to believe and invest in myself, and it was the best thing she could have done. I’ve made that back and then some, but more importantly, I’ve learnt the skills to approach any platform and create content systems that generate income. I’ve got absolute belief in myself and a bucket full of skills that I use to help others build their businesses too.

This isn’t about me though, it’s about you.

I really hope that this review has helped you and that you are some way closer to deciding if Zach is the man for you. I would highly encourage you to watch his training series which you can find here.

In addition, if you do sign up, and you use my link, then reach out to me, I often repay that faith and offer bonuses where I will help and support you on your journey.

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