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primal video accelerator review PVA

Primal Video Accelerator Review

Unlocking Success for Aspiring YouTubers

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YouTube has become a powerful platform for content creators looking to monetize their hobbies, interests and passions to make a living. Over 122 million people visit YouTube every day via its Website and Apps, so it’s fair to say that demand for content on YouTube is still HUGE. For aspiring YouTubers, the road to success might seem intimidating and confusing. Enter Justin and Mike Brown, the duo behind Primal Video, who have created the Primal Video Accelerator to help you navigate each step of your YouTube journey. In this Primal Video Accelerator review, we will explore the comprehensive training program designed by these experts to give you the best shot at YouTube success.

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TL;DR – Is Primal Video Accelerator (PVA) Worth Buying?

Yes. In no uncertain terms, YES. If you are one of the millions of people that are looking to start a YouTube channel, or even grow an existing one, then I have no doubt that this course could benefit you. Why?

Look, let’s kick this primal video accelerator review off with some brutal honesty. I appreciate that some people don’t have the time nor money to invest in themselves, and often they have to take the long hard road to success. Primal Video Accelerator ticks every box of my criteria for a great training program:

  • Up to date, comprehensive and relevant material (200+ lessons)
  • Low cost and accessible
  • Delivered by experts in their field
  • No fluff. Straight talking value from Justin and Mike
  • Regular “Live” opportunities to get yourself unstuck and ask questions
  • Works for beginners & experienced YouTubers alike

It’s early on in this review to put forward my recommendation, but there you have it. I stand by this course and would highly recommend it. In the next few chapters we will dig deeper into what you actually get when you sign up for Primal Video Accelerator.

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Who are Justin and Mike Brown from Primal Video?

Justin and Mike Brown are the masterminds behind Primal Video, a popular YouTube channel and online resource that provides tutorials, tips, and reviews on video production, editing, and content creation. With their extensive experience in the industry, they have become the go-to source for many aspiring YouTubers looking for guidance in building and monetizing their channels.

Do they know what they are talking about? I would say their 1.5 MILLION subscribers in a competitive niche would suggest they do!

Their YouTube course, known as the Primal Video Accelerator, is aimed at helping creators of all levels to improve their skills, grow their online presence, and ultimately turn their passions into profits.

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Primal Video Accelerator: A Comprehensive Training Program

Primal Video Accelerator is a complete YouTube course designed to guide you through every step of building a successful YouTube channel, from channel setup and video production to optimization, promotion, and monetization. This course focuses on proven strategies and techniques that the Primal Video team has used to help countless creators achieve their goals. With their hands-on approach and personalized support, the Primal Video Accelerator is the perfect solution for anyone looking to make their mark on the YouTube landscape.

So, if you’ve been searching for a comprehensive YouTube course that can help you kick start your journey, read on as we delve deeper into the Primal Video Accelerator review.

How You Can SKIP The Wait List: One of the great things about PVA is that you can pay on a monthly basis BUT you need to wait for the next intake of students. Each intake could only be open for a day or two so you have to join the wait list and act fast! Until now. For anyone wanting to join PVA immediately then you can do so by signing up for an annual membership and get started immediately with your YouTube empire!

Just follow this link to learn more

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Who Is Primal Video Accelerator For?

Primal Video Accelerator is so comprehensive that it can suit a wide audience of people wanting to achieve success on YouTube. It is suitable for:

  1. Aspiring YouTubers who are just starting out and need guidance on setting up their channels, creating content, and learning the ropes of the platform.
  2. Existing content creators who want to grow their audience, improve their video production skills, and optimize their channels for better visibility and engagement.
  3. Creators seeking to monetize their channels more effectively and diversify their income streams.
  4. Small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to leverage YouTube as a marketing tool to promote their products or services.
  5. Tech challenged entrepreneurs who need help with the practical aspects.
  6. Shy, quiet, introverted characters who need to believe and understand what they are capable of.

In summary, Primal Video Accelerator is an ideal resource for anyone eager to build, grow, and monetize a successful YouTube channel, regardless of their current experience level or niche.

What You Get With Primal Video Accelerator (PVA)

With the Primal Video Accelerator, you’re signing up for a comprehensive package that aims to address every aspect of your YouTube journey. This all-in-one solution provides you with the necessary tools, resources, and support to build a successful YouTube channel from the ground up. In the following sections, we’ll delve deeper into the various components of the program, highlighting the value it offers to aspiring YouTubers and the ways it can help you achieve your goals in the competitive world of content creation.

In-Depth Video Modules

There are courses out there that will happily sell you expensive training with only a fraction of the information you need. Leaving you unfulfilled and disapointed at the thought of having to spend even more money.

Not Primal Video though!

This is one of the most comprehensive programs I have ever seen and no stone is left un-turned. Accessed through the website or even the Kajabi app (if you want to consume whilst on your phone). There are 3 high level subjects:

  1. YouTube Growth – 40+ lessons covering how to get started with YouTube, how YouTube works, research and generation of video ideas, optimizing content, and every part of the video creation cycle that you need to understand.
  2. Monetization – 45+ lessons based on how to turn that content machine in to passive income. Strategies and automation to generation money on autopilot.
  3. Video Creation – 100+ tutorials that dig into the specifics around creating videos – audio, video, lighting, software, editing. This is the practical side of video creation and they cover everything.

Exclusive Member Community

Access to the Facebook group is provided to members, where you will find tonnes of like minded people. All at various stages of the YouTube journey, happy to help, share wins, and offer support (that you likely won’t get from family and friends who just don’t understand).

Justin and Mike are prominent in their community too. Unlike many “guru’s” they don’t ghost you and leave you behind in an empty shell of a community. They lead from the front and are accessible if you have any questions and concerns, which leads me to the next point.

Regular Live Q&A Sessions

For me, this sets apart Primal Video Accelerator as one of the best investments you could make. Training is one thing, but what if you get stuck? What if the YouTube algorithm and methods change?

Every month there are a couple of live Zoom sessions, set at different times to cater to your timezone, they give you the opportunity to ask questions and cover your specific problems. Justin goes to great lengths to help each person and give his thoughts and recommendations.

If you can’t make the call, don’t worry, recordings are available in the training. I often stick them on my mobile and take a long walk to listen and understand what others are struggling with or need advice on.

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Advantages of Primal Video Accelerator

I have written this Primal Video Accelerator in an honest and unambiguous way, which I hope is what you want. Whether you are brand new to YouTube, sat there terrified and confused where to start, or whether you are a seasoned pro looking for your next steps. This is why I think you should sign up for PVA today.


Whether its the content itself, the live sessions or even the community where you may make lifelong friendships with people who tick in the same way you do. Primal Video Accelerator has every bit of support you could ask for.

Up-to-date Content

Justin and Mike work hard to cover every device or possibility that you may consider as part of the video training. Equally, with the live calls they talk about topics that are brand new and relevant. This isn’t a program where the content grows stale and irrelevant.


Spoiler alert, this course isn’t a one time fee that gives you access for life – and I love that. Primal Video is a membership model. You pay your fee every month (at a much power price point) and in return you get that ongoing access and support. One reason i love this is because it makes it accessible to all.

I have paid thousands on personal development, but I understand that not everyone has that opportunity. With PVA, if you really could only afford 1 months access, then you can sign up. Study day and night, ask as many questions as you can, then exit the course until you are in a more financially able position. An even better scenario is that you take what is taught, build the systems around content and monetization, and start earning money much faster through your channel (and have no need to cancel your subscription).

How You Can SKIP The Wait List: One of the great things about PVA is that you can pay on a monthly basis BUT you need to wait for the next intake of students. Each intake could only be open for a day or two so you have to join the wait list and act fast! Until now. For anyone wanting to join PVA immediately then you can do so by signing up for an annual membership and get started immediately with your YouTube empire!

Just follow this link to learn more

Theory & Practical

Part of learning how to build a YouTube channel is the understand of how YouTube works, how to strategically position yourself, what videos you should create and so on. The other equally important part is the practical aspects:

  • What software should you use to edit videos?
  • What cameras are low budget and beginner friendly?
  • Can i really start a YouTube channel using only a mobile phone?
  • And so on……

Primal Video Accelerator delivers on both counts. It has everything you need and more.

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Downsides of Primal Video Accelerator

You know what, this is where I am a little lost for words! I barely have anything negative to say about this comprehensive YouTube training program. Let’s consider where I think improvements could be made.

Cost (again)

Yes, I know i put this as an advantage too 🙂 However, now I know the value of PVA, I would happily pay a lifetime fee if there was a long term saving. I am shy, introverted a never imagined creating videos for the world to see, but now I have, I love it and YouTube will be a part of my life for a long time to come.

1-to-1 Support

It would be good to see the Primal Video team offer direct 1-to-1 support and access (maybe they do and I don’t realise it?). I am sure there are people out there that would benefit from this. However, if I put myself in Justin’s shoes – he must be some damn busy. They give so much back to the group, also have theor own channels to run, I imagine his time is extremely valuable and so would the cost. An area to consider though perhaps?

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How Much Is Primal Video Accelerator?

I mentioned earlier that this training is on a month by month basis. This keeps cash injection constant, and afford them to keep the content relevant and for them to lead and be present in the community. I cannot tell you how many people create a course then vanish, leaving an empty group and content that grows stale by the day. I really appreciate that about PVA and fully support the monthly payment model.

Cost will vary across members, and the reason being, when you join you will usually stay at that price point. So what I pay from 12 months ago, is likely less than you will pay today which is around $49pm (Annual discounted rate available).

In other words, if you are serious about investing in yourself and expediting your YouTube journey, then why delay? It can only get more expensive the longer you wait.

Click here to checkout the latest cost of Primal Video Accelerator

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Final Thoughts

I have spent the last few years building my content business. I remember early on when I was terrified to spend even $50 on training, yet months later I was paying thousands. I’ve invested in all manner of training, from YouTube to Blogging to Affiliate Marketing. I have seen different types of course and styles.

Yet in all of that, I always tip my cap to what Mike and Justin Brown have achieved. A community of people hungry for YouTube success. People that are using the guidance and support of their peers and the guys at Primal Video to consistently hit their goals. Primal Video Accelerator is an excellent option for anyone who wants to use their passion, hobbies and interest and grow an online business through video. Even if you are quiet and shy like me, it may just surprise you how good you can be on YouTube!

I would highly recommend Primal Video Accelerator.


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Frequently Asked Questions

As part of this Primal Video Accelerator review, let’s look at some of the more common questions people have before joining. If you have anything else you want to ask then drop a comment and I will happily give you my honest opinion.

Can Anyone Join PVA?

Yes, there are no prerequisites or jumping through hoops. The course is structured to support brand new YouTubers and also existing ones. Plenty of members in the community have seen great success and boast 50,000+ subscribers – and they too hit new challenges and need the support from experts like Justin and Mike.

There is one caveat. PVA isn’t perpetually open to join. It has a closed door policy for most of the year, and periodically they open the doors to new members. This means that they don’t scale beyond the numbers they can confidently serve and help. So if you are keen to get into the program, follow this link, and if it;s currently closed make sure you join that waiting list and keep an eye out for the next intake.

Is It Easy To Grow A YouTube Channel?

Absolutely not. It is mentally challenging and takes time. You need to be prepared to learn new skills and push your comfort zone. That;s why the support of a community and training is essential in my opinion – it speeds up the process. Don’t let that reality check put you off though. Growing a YouTube channel has been one of the most fulfilling challenges I have ever set myself, it has become a passion, hobby and side business for me.

Do I Need To Spend Thousands On Equipment?

Absolutely not. At first, it’s about getting started and learning the strategies. You can get away with a mobile phone and some basic audio equipment. There are free options for editing software and creating thumbnails, so you really can do it on a budget and invest as you grow and commit.

Is PVA For Beginners?

Whether you are brand new to content creation or have several years experience – you will find value in the Primal Video Accelerator training.

How Do I Sign Up For Primal Video Accelerator?

Follow this link. It is an affiliate link, which means I would earn a commission at no extra cost to yourself. Please note, whenever I take the time to make these blog posts I do it to share products I love and recommend. All the words in this review are mine, a member of PVA, and I hope to see you on the inside, taking steps to grow your own YouTube channel with me.

If PVA isn’t currently taking in new members then ensure you add your email list and keep an eye out when they email you about the next opening.

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Primal Video Accelerator Review
Justin & Mike Brown have created perhaps the most comprehensive and valuable coaching program for aspiring (and existing) YouTubers. A fine mix of community, training & support. Whether you are just getting started or you need help to grow to the next level. would highly recommend Primal Video Accelerator.
Reasons To Buy
Comprehensive Training (200+ Lessons)
Up To Date Content
Support & Community
Live Q&A Sessions
Reasons Not To Buy
No Lifetime Purchase
Sign Up For PVA (or Join The Wait List)
Content Creator

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