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MCS Review

Millionaires Challenge System Review 2023 (MCS By Zach Crawford)

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Millionaires Challenge System Review
tl;dr Summary
Zach Crawford's high ticket affiliate marketing coaching program. Everything you need to start an online business and make money.
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In this Millionaires Challenge System Review (MCS) you will learn how students of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels are earning additional income streams, $1,000 to $6,000 commissions and at the same time, learning life-changing skills in the process.

Zach Crawford has invested heavily to take his leading affiliate marketing training program to dizzy new heights. Millionaires Challenge System (MCS) was launched in 2022 and has seen an influx of people, both new to affiliate marketing, and also established authority figures in the marketing world, looking to back the next big thing.

If words aren’t your thing and you want to hear from Zach Crawford himself then follow this link and dive right into his in-depth (and free) training that will help get you started today.

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Millionaires Challenge System Review Video

If you prefer to watch than read then check out this video I’ve recorded that will explain everything you need to know about Millionaires Challenge System and I hope will help you make an informed decision.

What Is Millionaires Challenge System (MCS)

A couple of years ago, whilst on a mission to find the perfect side hustle, I started to learn all things affiliate marketing. A way of creating content, recommending products, and earning money. I wanted a legit side hustle that would help me show my children the world and provide that work/life balance.

That’s when I stumbled across Zach Crawford, and after many months of studying him, questioning him, and figuring out if this guy was real or another scam artist. I eventually decided that he was the perfect person to coach me as an aspiring marketer. So I bought into, what was then called, Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks.

SAMH was Zach’s flagship affiliate marketing program, but what has happened since is unbelievable!

Zach expanded, built up his knowledge and reputation, helped deliver success to his students and in turn renamed the program to first: Top Earner Transformation, and then later too, Millionaires Challenge System.

In 2022, he rebranded the program “Millionaires Challenge System (MCS)”and the rest has been a blur!

MCS took off.

It became the industry-leading affiliate marketing coaching program. A combination of accountability, support, weekly live calls, the training itself, bonuses, and much more.

Join Zach & MCS Todayzach crawford MCS affiliate training box

Everything you need to develop your sales and marketing skills and start earning high ticket affiliate commissions by creating content, and the best part, this applies to any social media platform.

As Zach’s brand grows and word gets out, the community is growing phenomenally – each day the bell rings as seemingly one of the students walks away with a high ticket commission, from $1,500 – $5,000.

In a moment I will explain how they are earning such life-changing commissions (Daniel made $19,000 in 7 days!), and answer any questions you may have for this Millionaires Challenge System review.

If you want to get straight into the FREE training and see if Zach is the man to help you then use the link below and throw yourself into the knowledge bombs from Zach himself:

Learn More About Zach & MCS (Free Training)

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Is Zach Crawfords Millionaires Challenge System Legit?

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Affiliate marketing is a $12 BILLION industry that allows people from all walks of life to make money online.

A legit opportunity where you can earn money by recommending products and services. Yet there are so many sharks out there that it often has a bad reputation.

Let’s put that fear to one side.

I am an overly cautious person. I research my ass off when it comes to any investment, as that’s income I rely on for my family and financial commitments. So I understand that you also rely on these reviews to try and help you make decisions.

affiliate marketing text

Let me give you some assurance, as there are people out there that will sell their own grandma if it helped them put a deposit down for a shiny new car!

Since working with Zach, he has transformed my belief system. I have gone from an overworked and tired dad, with zero self-confidence, to a confident content creator that earns an additional income through the strategies Zach teaches.

I have multiple income streams:

1 million views on youtube achievement

Zach is instrumental in this. He is the real deal. But here’s the cool part. Zach teaches the foundations and skills you need to build your own brand, but he also focuses on how to achieve high ticket commissions fast.

By providing the materials, strategies, sales systems and more, you can literally dive into the program and start promoting his course immediately, like Jenna who made $10k in her first few weeks.

He has a team of people that will close the calls so you don’t have to. So the systems to earn fast are all there, but long term the focus is there for you to learn. It has it all.

Follow this link to learn more about MCS from Zach himself, with his awesome FREE training

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Who Is Zach Crawford?

If you walked past Zach in the street you wouldn’t guess this guy has made 7 figures as an affiliate himself, and now by teaching others.

Unassuming, down to earth, with a proven track record and reputation competing in the high ticket arena.

Zach is straight-talking, no bull, no fluff. There are a million and one affiliates that will tell you that you can make 50k a week within a month without lifting your finger. But Zach tells you like it is, anything is possible if you put the work in.

He tells you what you NEED to hear and not what you WANT to hear.

Join Zach & MCS Today

zach crawford livestream MCS

Who Is Millionaires Challenge System For?

The affiliate marketing world can be an intimidating place, especially if you’re just starting out. However, this program lends itself perfectly for beginners, with all of the “Done For You” resources it provides and equally is perfect for more experienced marketers. Those that are looking to take that next step and scale their own products or leverage Zachs.

Millionaires Challenge System (MCS) provides everything you need to start and scale an affiliate business.

What sets this course apart is its comprehensive coverage of the fundamental skills you need to learn, and emphasis on mindset.

Because here’s the catch…..

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced marketer.

I don’t care if you are from the UK or outer Mongolia.

It’s irrelevant if you are a mom of 4 or a fresh outta college student.

Whilst Zach provides everything (and more), the biggest factor here is going to be YOU. Millionaires Challenge System is NOT a push-button solution to quick riches. Nothing is.

However, if you are willing to put the work in, improve your skillset, and follow proven strategies, then this could be the thing you’ve been waiting for.

Follow this link to learn more about MCS from Zach himself, with his awesome FREE training


What Are My Favourite Things About Millionaires Challenge System?

As you’ve guessed by now, I am extremely enthusiastic about this high-ticket affiliate coaching program, and Zach himself. It’s a game-changer for me personally, but let’s take a moment to look at the best parts:

1. The Whole Package

This is a course with an amazing community, accountability, live training sessions and so much more! You get the support you need from experts who will hold your hand through it all.

A lot of the hard work has been done for you so you can focus step by step instead of being overwhelmed by all of the things, and look to recoup that investment fast.


2. Coaching With Zach

The issue with many affiliate marketing courses is that they sell and run. You never see that person again – often the bigger the name, the bigger the issue. Not with Millionaires Challenge System.
As well as the community, you also have Zach and his coaches that ensure no one is left behind. Ongoing live training where you can use your voice and get yourself unstuck if you need to, means that all the support is there.

Zach doesn’t take your money and run, his reputation grows each time someone is successful and he is there to help and support you achieve this. The better you do, the better he looks – that’s an incentive!

Show Me Zachs Free Training

3. Mindset Is Everything

I can admit, most of my life I felt that mindset and motivation was mumbo jumbo. It was an excuse not to just roll up your sleeves and get things done through hard work.

I was wrong.

Listen, this isn’t what I should say… instead, I should sell you the dream, but let’s be real, building an online business isn’t easy.

You’re going to have to commit and demonstrate some real grit, and at times that has its challenges. Zachs Millionaires Challenge System is the only course I know that focuses on how to achieve this.

It will help you learn how to rewrite your belief system. How to be capable of success.

This is an area, through his own life challenges, that he’s particularly strong in and why he makes such a good coach and mentor.

millionaires challenge system screenshot2

4. Universal Appeal

There are people joining the MCS community from all corners of the planet, different experience levels, and of all ages and backgrounds.

The fact is that affiliate marketing is a monetisation strategy that anyone can get started with and in any niche.

So whatever your background, there will be a path for you.

Join Zach & MCS Today

zach crawford MCS affiliate training box

5. Learn The Fundamental Skills

Look, some people treat affiliate programs like an MLM, they don’t even open the training and just focus on bouncing it to as many people as possible. Each to their own.

But why wouldn’t you use what’s IN the program to learn the skills that could set you up for life?

Sales and marketing techniques that you could apply to any business.

Since working with Zach I have gone on to help others with all kinds of business help – social media campaigns, email marketing, sales funnels and copy. Do I have a background in this? Heck no! But I have learnt how to learn, and Zach has been an encouraging voice and coach throughout that.

millionaires challenge system screenshot3

6. Exclusive Opportunity As An Affiliate

Zach only allows his students to promote his course and earn affiliate commissions, and yes for full disclosure, if you buy through my link I get a commission, and whilst I would really appreciate you for that, it’s not the reason I recommend it.

I recommend it because he’s made a significant impact on my life and many others that I know. It’s the perfect product for anyone who needs that support to learn the skills and get started with an online business through high-ticket affiliate marketing.

It’s important to also understand, there is no obligation to promote Millionaires Challenge System to others. Zero. You can apply the same training to promote any product or service that you wish.

Show Me Zachs Free Training

7. No Closing

Let’s say you jump in, love what you see, and want to tell the world about MCS. But you don’t want to try and close calls and “sell it”. Or you are an experienced affiliate looking for a hands-off process, where people close the high ticket commissions for you.

Millionaires Challenge System provides exactly that.

Look, Zach used to go solo with a lot of his business. In 2022 he invested in himself big time, and it was his mentor, Shaqir, that told him he has to build a team and free himself up.

Professional call closers will handle any leads you send his way by giving honest upfront accounts of the program. This ensures only the right people make it through – the ones that are willing to succeed.

You are left free to create your content and build an audience.

mcs banner

Is Millionaires Challenge System The Right Opportunity For You?

It’s hard to find a fault with MCS. My biggest criticism was that Zach tried to appease everyone and do everything himself. he has fixed that, and this frees him up to grow the program at an insane rate.
Many of the students have gone on to help out in roles throughout the MCS team – moderators, call closers, even coaches. What better way to tap into Zach’s expertise and take your own brand up a notch.

It has all the features and benefits that you need. All the key components to building an online business, learning the fundamental skills of sales and marketing, whilst developing your mindset to achieve anything.

Join Zach & MCS Today

Zach understands that people also want short term benefits so he does most of the hard work for you by providing a ready-made funnel, social media posts, emails, bonuses and an awesome affiliate opportunity that converts really well.

Importantly he doesn’t expect you to go out there and promote his course – that’s up to you. Promote it if you want to learn how to find other great affiliate products through his training.

Think about what you want to achieve? For me….

  • Freedom of time, to be able to spend time with my family whenever I feel.
  • Freedom of money, not to have to worry about something breaking and the expensive repair costs that come with it.
  • Freedom of opportunity, it’s amazing how much you change as a person when you have the chance to help people, develop new skills, push your comfort zone. Don’t underestimate this.

Whatever your vision for the future is, I am confident Millionaires Challenge System will help you achieve this if you are willing to commit yourself.

millionaires challenge systems screenshot4

How Much Does It Cost?

This program has evolved over time and has undergone serious investment.

The market for self-development is huge. Job uncertainty and global pandemics have driven the demands for accessible side hustles and income opportunities.
Adding the price into this Millionaires Challenge System review would be pointless. As Zach’s program and personal brand increase, so will the price, but importantly, it’s all about you and not the money.

Trust me, as someone who hates spending a single penny on themselves, it took me a long time to commit. I tried to do everything for free.

When I did invest in myself (or when my wife made me!), I made more progress in a month than 18-month self-learning. Having that financial commitment lit a fire under my backside!

What I would say. Do what is right for you.

I have known Zach turn people away as he didn’t think it was aligned for what they needed. He doesn’t just take your money, he wants and needs you to be a success, so speak to him or his team and find out if you are in the right place.

Follow this link to learn more about MCS from Zach himself, with his awesome FREE training

zach crawford millionaires challenge system on PC

Can You Make Money With Millionaires Challenge System?

The short answer is – YES.

You can make money by following Zach’s guidance and creating your own business. By using social media to recommend products and services, and adding in automation strategies in order to make sales whilst you sleep (cliche I know!).

If you are looking to recoup money quickly then once you are a student, you can promote the course itself, if you wish.

Zach has a generous affiliate opportunity that pays high-ticket but also is reassuring that you are promoting one of the best products out there.

There are fast action takers coming into the group and making their salary in a matter of weeks or months.

It is entirely up to you what you wish to do though – make it your sole high ticket product or focus on more specific products in your niche.

Show Me Zachs Free Training

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Final Thoughts On This Millionaires Challenge System Review (MCS)

Zach Crawford has been a huge influence on my own journey, his words of encouragement and training have helped rebuild my belief system and start making money online through affiliate marketing.

It isn’t all about the money. I now have industry connections, and new friends, a network of like-minded people that inspire me daily as a content creator.

Millionaires Challenge System is the leading affiliate marketing program on the market. It has it all. All it needs is you and some commitment to carve out a brighter future for yourself.

If you need any more information or discussion about the program then you can reach out to me via email or Facebook and I will happily give you an honest opinion.

Join Zach & MCS Today

zach crawford MCS affiliate training box

Millionaires Challenge System Best Bonuses

There’s very little that you don’t get when you sign up for MCS. However, I appreciate that you have read this far and you are considering a significant investment in yourself.

If you are using my link then I truly appreciate your support and would love to help you in some way, and that’s why I would like to offer you some Millionaires Challenge System bonuses.

In order to claim your bonuses drop me an email and introduce yourself and we will get you up and running:

Bonus 1 – Coaching Call

45-minute coaching call with myself. Cash this in anytime in the first 3 months. We can chat straight away and I will share with you my experience, or you can call on me if you get stuck. I am here to help and make sure you get the most out of the program and discuss any obstacles you may have.

Bonus 2 – YouTube Mastery

There are many ways to cook an egg, and most people will focus on Facebook marketing, as that can create insanely fast results. That said, I am a huge proponent of building a long term brand through organic growth.

For me, one of the best platforms to achieve this is YouTube. You will get 2x 45-minute calls with me, to get you up and running on YouTube. We can discuss topics, video structure, equipment, presentation styles, anything YouTube related! I have learnt so much in at the YouTube deep end, and can save you a world of time and pain knowing my secrets from day one.

I hope this Millionaires Challenge System review has been of use to you and if there’s any way I can help just reach out.

Join Zach & MCS Today
Zach Crawford is one of the leading and most legit marketers out there. He works hard to get his students results with, in my opinion, the very best affiliate marketing coaching program available. Millionaires Challenge System (MCS) has it all.
Reasons To Buy
You will learn the fundamental sales & marketing skills to be successful
Everything you need - support, accountability, DFY posts & sales funnels
Professional call closers so you don't have to sell yourself
Excellent & supportive community
Learn More About MCS

Content Creator
    1. Hey Parker, I’ve made plenty from working with Zach, he has been a huge influence on me and what I’ve achieved so far. What I would emphasise, is that some people just want a program to promote that earns high $$$, a link that they can shove in the face of everyone who glances in their direction. For me, I don’t think this is the right approach. If you are investing in yourself make sure you follow the program, ask questions, and learn the skills to create content on any platform, and promote any product that aligns with your audience. Use those skills to one day create your own programs. Thats just me anyway. Hope that helps, and good luck with your business.

    1. All great thanks – you? MCS is a significant investment so i would make sure you are committed. Pricing is variable which is why i don’t include it. What i paid will be less than what it costs now as the program has grown and improved significantly. Your best bet is to jump on a call with the team, i believe there are packages to suit where you are at and what you need. For example if you are looking to get started, or if you are looking to join his inner circle, i think they will be vastly different. Alternatively, if you want to learn more about Zach and get that assurance he is the right fit for you then he has released a low cost entry program, its the price of a coffee! You can check it out at by clicking here. That will give you a much better feel for who he is, the value he delivers, and whether MCS is good for you. I hope that helps, good luck with your journey

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