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Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020 (Zach Crawford)

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Affiliate Marketing is the process of making money by recommending other people proven products.

A Multi BILLION dollar industry that anybody can get started with – from big corporate businesses to little old ladies, to 7 year old YouTube sensations.

Zach Crawford is on a mission to help as many people as he can get started with Affiliate Marketing, as a beginner or an experienced marketer – all are welcome.

** UPDATE: Zach Crawford has rebranded Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks and added even MORE good stuff! You can read all about his latest affiliate coaching program in this Top Earner Transformation Review **

His intention is to demonstrate the framework and effort involved to scale your affiliate marketing business from the first $1000 to the first $1,000,000.

In this Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks review, I am going to dive deep into all the questions you may have about Zach Crawfords course and whether it’s worth it for you?

If words aren’t your thing and you prefer to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth then jump into Zach’s webinar where he will give you all the info plus FREE training – a ‘3 Step Strategy’ to get started today as an affiliate.

……For clarity – Zach Crawford is NOT a horse 🙂


What Is Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks?

Top Earner Mentor was an online Affiliate Marketing course created by Zach Crawford (Clickfunnels Affiliate – amongst other successes).

It was the culmination of his lifetimes work.

Years of learning, testing, failing and most importantly – WINNING.

Investing over $200k worth of other people’s training in himself over the years in an effort to get 1% better every day.

That is how I got to know him – as a student of Top Earner Mentor.

I have had the privilege to see him tear that course up and improve it. Enhance the best parts, update the outdated sections.

The result?

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks.

His comprehensive new course offers everything and anything you would need to get started with Affiliate Marketing – Beginners and Experienced Marketers are both catered for.

His bonuses are designed to give you the missing pieces of the jigsaw. Products you can promote immediately, and much more. So you can take what you learn and implement immediately without waiting around.

The topics he covers and the personal support he provides to the community are refreshing to see for an affiliate marketing “guru”.

Let’s face it, many build a course once then move on, selling the same outdated principles years down the line.

This is different.

zach crawford secret affiliate marketing course

Who is Zach Crawford?

In early 2019, as a newbie to affiliate marketing, I had inadvertently fell into the world of Russell Brunson – Owner of Clickfunnels.

I had signed up for the One Funnel Away Challenge (30 day business training) and was learning about Sales Funnels for the first time (Kind of like websites on steroids), and how these Sales funnels could help with my marketing side hustle?

During this time I did a lot of research – especially on YouTube – and the person that stood out a mile and I resonated with the most was Zach Crawford (Clickfunnels affiliate success story).

It was clear from the off that he knew his game inside out.

There are a multitude of Affiliate Marketers out there, many offering their own course, and to be honest – I am pretty cynical.

Zach however came across as a legit guy – No BS. Straight talking.

Can he tell you how to become a successful affiliate in 2020?


Will it be easy?


That’s what I like about Zach Crawford. He doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, he tells you like it is.

To be successful your going to have to work hard and focus. To put distractions to one side and learn the right mentality and mindset as well as the high income skills that could transform your life.

Zach is relatable. He comes from a loving family and was in the same shoes as me once – with that burning desire to want more – freedom of time and freedom of finance.

He has overcome his own adversities, huge medical bills ($50k) after nearly being killed by a drunk driver in a 2006 motorbike crash.

Moving to the Philippines to rebuild his life and the mental and physical aftermath of those injuries and financial burden.

zach crawford clickfunnels affiliate course

In Zach’s own words….

“You are the captain of your own Ship….Don’t let others, your circumstances or anything in life that happens to you decide your fate. The only person who decides what your future will be is YOU.”

That is what I am trying to do. Steer my own ship. Are you?

If you want to hear what Zach has to say about his Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks course then you can tap this link to go straight to his free webinar.


Watch the InDepth Video Review of Zach Crawford’s Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks

Who Is Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks For?

I started with affiliate marketing to create an additional second income stream – one that would allow me to level-up my skills – and make enough money to spend more time with my family, funding amazing experiences and vacations.

I am absolutely convinced Zach Crawford and his Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks course is the vehicle to get me to that point.

My desires in life could be completely different to yours though.

Zach Crawfords Affiliate Marketing Course is for those that know there is more to life. Working your ass off until your too old to enjoy the rewards and experience life.

It is a blueprint to start and scale your own business – become your own boss – and steer YOUR OWN Ship.

In the Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Community I have spoken to people from all walks of life. All corners of the world.

  • Parents (like me) just wanting to generate additional income to help their families have every opportunity in life
  • Digital Nomads looking to fund their global travels with a side hustle that can be done from anywhere
  • Anyone looking to monetize their social media channels – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn – they can all be monetized with Affiliate Marketing.
  • Side Hustlers looking to create multiple income streams, using the money from one to fund their dream business that has stirred in their mind since they were young.
  • Retirees – People that have been there and done it with work. Older in life and looking for an opportunity that is challenging and fulfilling, where they can literally profit from sharing their lifetimes experience.
  • Normal, everyday people who just want to escape the 9-5 and be their own boss.

I could go on.

Affiliate marketing appeals to me so much because it can literally be done by ANYONE.

There are products and services that people buy in every niche. Use your experience, know how, or even document your journey as a beginner in something you’ve always wanted to learn.

Let me ask – Why are YOU reading this Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review? What are your goals and dreams?

One thing I should add.

Zach’s methods are applicable to ANY product or niche.

However, if like me you are an aspiring Clickfunnels Affiliate and want to know more about promoting through the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program then this is his specialist subject.

Not only will he guide you on how to win that Clickfunnels Dream Car but he will also give you the opportunity to win a dream car through his OWN affiliate program too (keep reading).

What Do I Like About Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks?

Good Thing #1: The Man Himself

One thing I have seen in various communities I use – a lot of back scratching and happy clappy “guru’s”, often promoting each other with no real merit.

Zach avoids this from what I can see. He doesn’t conform or put on a performance. He’s very much – this is me – listen up and I will tell you how to make this work.

Which really resonates with me. No BS. He is straight to the point and demonstrates confidence from his success and knowledge, but not in an arrogant way.

Good Thing #2: Value

As I mentioned earlier, I am a student of Zach’s, however that doesn’t mean I won’t call anyone out who isn’t providing value.

I am a dad of two and a husband, they are my priority in life, which has meant the last few years I have been learning lots of different side hustles and trying to do them all for as little money as possible!

I have tried to learn everything for free, and it didn’t get me very far.

Investing in yourself gives you skin in the game. It makes you accountable to yourself and fast tracks your learning by putting all of that solid gold info in one place.

But unless you have a pot of gold in the garden, you need to find the right person to invest in.

That is why I have written this Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks review – so that anyone looking to start or scale their affiliate marketing venture knows what they are getting.

Zach Crawford delivers value. Some of you reading this will not want to pay for the course, and that’s fine. I have been in your shoes!

It’s only now that I am deep in the Digital Marketing world that I am realising how much others charge for similar courses, and in all honesty I think Zach should charge more.

For comparison, and I am not knocking them as I haven’t seen this course…I recently reviewed the Business Builder Challenge by Legendary Marketer.

A really good little 15 day challenge. If I wanted to buy the Affiliate Blueprint from legendary it would cost me $2500 which is more inline with some of the top courses in the industry.

Zach Crawfords comprehensive course comes in at a fraction of that AND includes bonuses galore.

best part of zach crawford clickfunnels course

Good Thing #3: Bonuses

These may change from the time I write this, but Zach has gone all out on providing you with the ULTIMATE Starter kit for Affiliate Marketers.

On top of the training he also provides:

  • DFY (Done for you) Sales Funnels
  • Masterclasses
  • Email and Social Media Swipes (Copywriting examples)
  • VIP Facebook Group
  • And much more

Every tool that you would need to implement fast and correctly.


Good Thing #4: Mindset and Belief

I have never come across a course before that goes deep into the mentality shift you need to become successful.

The mindset and belief systems you need to develop. I am fascinated with this and Zach over delivers with the knowledge he shares – taken from his own experiences and struggles.

Let’s face it. The concept of Affiliate Marketing is simple, but being hugely successful and making over a $MILLION like Zach, isn’t simple.

This won’t work unless you put the effort in and make it work. Life is most definitely what we make it – Zach helped me understand that and it’s an area of my life that I am now constantly working on.

Good Thing #5: The Community

Included with the course is access to the Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Facebook Group.

A community of like minded people that are striving for improvements and opportunity in their lives. All different shapes and sizes but all have the desire to succeed.

I have met numerous people in this community that I would now call friends – pushing each other along, supporting their ventures and asking for their help when I need it.

Alongside that is the support you get from Zach. Ask a question, he answers. Need support, reach out to him.

You don’t always get this with courses. Sometimes the “VIP Facebook Group” is a graveyard of disappointed purchasers – sharing their buyers remorse.

Zach is trying to nurture a welcoming and supportive community where I feel free to ask for help and offer advice.


SAMH facebook group

Good Thing #6: Training Materials

There is nothing left on the table in Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks. It is presented really well through a simple to use course platform.

The content is in depth and long. A lifetime of Zachs work bundled into an easy to digest and inspiring training materials.

I tend to hook my phone up to my car and listen to the course on my commute, then relisten and watch the video when it is convenient.

Zach includes PDFs, Checklists, MP3 Files, and plenty of presentations and videos to get the message across.

Good Thing #7: Startup to Millionaire

I like how Zach has shown the full journey. From the first steps to his first million dollars. He also structures the course so that you don’t have to jump ahead and overwhelm yourself.

As a guide, it will take 30 days to digest the parts you need to get started. Maybe more, maybe less – we are all different.

But once you hit your first milestones and start to master your craft the course is still there to then find help on the next leg of your journey.

And you can bet Zach will keep it updated and as relevant as he can.


What Could Be Improved In Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks?

Bad Thing #1: Overwhelming for some

This is tricky. Zach Crawford is probably his own biggest critic and for that reason he tore up what I thought was an amazing course and revamped it, improved it and filled in the gaps.

It’s hard to criticise something that has just been improved in the last month (at the time of writing).

But I want this to be an honest assessment as this could be a huge step for you.

So my main criticism would be some may find it too in depth. Does that really count?

I have friends that prefer cute little here is a “7 Step slide show” training course, at a special price of $19.

I get that these can be easier to follow, but in all honesty they aren’t in the same league. Secret Affiliate Marketing hacks is a comprehensive blueprint.

Take it step by step – that is how it’s intended to be consumed.

Each step can be extremely thorough, but that’s a good thing. Take a breath and remember you aren’t in a race with anyone.

Bad Thing #2: Layout

It’s only a small thing but in the new improved layout and course platform I would like a table of contents, a page that refers to all modules.

Sometimes I find myself clicking back and forth trying to find the module I was on – an overview age would help me.

Bad Thing #3: Clickfunnels Centric

Zach takes a lot of his learning from the world’s best marketers, including Russell Brunson. As a successful Clickfunnels Affiliate he utilises this tool with his bonuses and methods.

So if you’ve never heard of Clickfunnels you may have a slightly longer learning curve – but don’t be put off. Zach covers how to set them up and even provides funnels you can use straight away so you aren’t struggling to build them yourself.

Personally I love clickfunnels and like Zach, I believe it’s the best tool (and easiest to use) out there for creating sales funnels and landing pages.

If you want a FREE 14 Day trial so you can understand them better than check out clickfunnels here.

If you are experienced with landing pages then don’t worry.

Although Zach promotes Clickfunnels he is teaching you the concepts. So if you prefer any of the other landing page builders out there then Secret Affiliate Marketing hacks is still extremely relevant.

zach crawford clickfunnels screenshot

A Quick Preview Of What’s Inside Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks

The course is made up of 4 core chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – Successful Vs Unsuccessful People
  • Chapter 2 – How to Make Money Online
  • Chapter 3 – Building Your Magnetic Conversion Engine
  • Chapter 4 – Traffic Mastery

Each of these chapters has multiple subsections and a whole host of information to form a step by step blueprint to be successful with affiliate marketing.

As part of this Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review (Zach Crawfords latest course) lets jump in and outline what the course teaches you.

Chapter 1 – Successful Vs Unsuccessful People

chapter 1 secret affiliate marketing hacks

Zach explains his backstory and his road from near death to sharing the affiliate leaderboards with Russell Brunson himself.

On that journey he has transformed his belief system and developed a winning mentality required to be successful. This chapter is a real eye opener and something I haven’t seen much focus on before.

It is quite clear that achieving your goals is a little more than being able to write good copy. You need your head in the right place and Zach explains how and why, before digging into his inspirational story and success.

I used to hold any course creator on a pedestal – assume they are of a level I could never reach. Wrong! This isn’t just a dream. It is entirely possible with the right mentality.

Lessons included in this chapter:
⭐️ Section 1 – Remastered World View
▫️ Long Term Vs Short Term Thinking
▫️ The Secret To Becoming A Millionaire
▫️ Stop Consuming, Start Creating
▫️ The Internal Battle Going On Inside You
▫️ How To Gamify Your Life
▫️ Crafting Your Vision
▫️ How To Get Sh#t Done – Your Strategy!

⭐️ Section 2 – My First Million
▫️ The Backstory
▫️ Your Strategy To Dominate

Chapter 2 – How to Make Money Online

chapter 2 secret affiliate marketing hacks review

This is the design phase. The exciting part of building an affiliate marketing business, but equally an area that in the past I have gotten so wrong.

Pay attention here as this could save you a LOT of time.

When I was self teaching affiliate marketing I used to spend weeks and months going over this phase before getting round to creating content.

Only to realise I had gotten it all wrong and wasted so much time creating content that would never have eyes on it.

With this course though, Zach lays it all out loud and clear. How to simplify exactly what you should consider before choosing your niche, product and platform.

What strategies and tips to utilise to pick the ones that will work for you.

Lessons included in this chapter:

Lessons included in this chapter:
⭐️ Section 1 – Choose Your Niche
▫️ This is how you get rich online
▫️ How to pick a profitable niche
▫️ Niche examples
▫️ How to create your blue ocean

⭐️ Section 2 – The 3 Profit Channels
▫️ How to Make money with email marketing
▫️ How to make money with social media

⭐️ Section 3 – How to pick profitable products
▫️ My favorite products to promote
▫️ How to make money with clickfunnels
▫️ Other affiliate networks

⭐️Section 4 – Create your assets

Chapter 3 – Building Your Magnetic Conversion Engine

chapter 3 secret affiliate marketing hacks review

Implementation time. This chapter focuses on getting our house in order – setting out email campaigns and funnels ready to receive traffic.

This is about putting the essentials tools in place to maximise your business. This is all about sales strategies and how we can best nurture leads and create happy customers (that keep coming back).


How we can use funnels and email to capture the leads email address for ourselves and re target them with complementary products instead of treating them like a one off referral.

We want the leads to build a relationship with us creating that know, like and trust factor.

Again, I have seen affiliate marketing courses in the past that won’t mention landing pages and funnels but these are key to the modern day affiliate.

How do we know this? Because we look at what the successful affiliates are doing and we reverse engineer their success and create a new and improved version for ourselves.

Zach also walks us through each step that you take when setting up a funnel using Clickfunnels (an easy to learn drag and drop editor).

Lessons included in this chapter:
⭐️ Section 1 – Sales funnel 101
▫️ Sales funnel overview
▫️ Reverse engineer your way to success

⭐️ Section 2 – Affiliate bridge funnel
▫️ Bridge page marketing
▫️ Bridge page script

⭐️ Section 3 – The value funnel

⭐️ Section 4 – Email marketing mastery
▫️ How to make money with email marketing
▫️ Creating your attractive character
▫️ SOS Sequence
▫️ Broadcast emails

⭐️ Section 5 – How to setup your funnel
▫️ How to setup your funnel overview
▫️ How to setup a custom domain
▫️ Setup Domain Email
▫️ Assign The Domain
▫️ Edit the permalinks
▫️ Setup the Thankyou page
▫️ Edit the squeeze page
▫️ Edit the lesson pages
▫️ Setup your email autoresponder
▫️ Final Checks

Chapter 4 – Traffic Mastery

chapter 4 secret affiliate marketing hacks review

It’s time to create content, but what kind of content?

Zach teaches some proven marketing strategies to create good quality content that will help spread your message and allow people to resonate and build rapport with you.

Using concepts I have seen in Expert Secrets (Russell Brunson), Zach manages to really hit home with this chapter and explain how to cut the consumption stage and start creating.

The two biggest platforms now and probably for some time to come are Facebook and YouTube. Video content consumption is growing rapidly inline with the way we use smartphones and digital marketing.

Zach teaches how to build a loyal audience using both – which if you are aware of Zach, it is exactly what he is great at.

Lessons included in this chapter:
⭐️ Section 1 – Content creation strategies
▫️ The personal branding blueprint
▫️ Invest learn teach
▫️ Mastering your message
▫️ Giving them the big aha
▫️ Your backstory and making them care about you
▫️ Testing your hooks and stories

⭐️ Section 2 – Social media selling
▫️ My social media strategy
▫️ Creating content people love
▫️ Facebook groups for business
▫️ Leveraging established fb groups
▫️ The livestream revolution
▫️ The closing script

⭐️ Section 3 – Video marketing mastery
▫️ How YouTube Works
▫️ How to find video topics
▫️ Optimizing your videos to rank
▫️ Use tube buddy for better rankings
▫️ Setup your youtube channel
▫️ Uploading videos
▫️ Creating thumbnails

Additional Chapters & Bonuses

This is where Zach Crawford goes the extra mile.

Additional masterclasses and training that compliments the course as well as the opportunity to promote Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks yourself – using all of the knowledge and information you have learnt.

So much value packed into this course it’s unreal!

Lessons included in this chapter:
⭐️ How to scale to six figures +
▫️ Section 1 10x your sales with bonuses
▫️ Section 2 How to create irresistible offers
▫️ Section 3 Affiliate product launch funnel
▫️ Section 4 Facebook Ads Mastery

⭐️ Monthly 100k Coaching Sessions
▫️ Clickfunnels Masterclass

⭐️ DFY Marketing
▫️ DFY Sales Funnels
▫️ DFY Social Media Posts
▫️ DFY Email Swipes
▫️ Clickfunnel Affiliate Bootcamp Funnel

⭐️ Promote Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks & Make Money
▫️ How to promote SAMH
▫️ Best ways to promote SAMH

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Affiliate Program

I consider myself to be an ethical affiliate. I only promote products that I genuinely believe in and will (do) spend my money on.

I promote Clickfunnels, I promote Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks.

Why? Because I believe they are industry leading products that provide so much value and opportunity.

I believe in them and would be happy promoting them to immediate family and close friends.


Even better is that Zach takes on board what an affiliate wants. He is a top affiliate. So you can bet that he has created an amazing affiliate program for Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks.

He wants you to implement straight away. He doesn’t want people to sit their and not take action because they have a million excuses – such as “I don’t have a product”, “I cant create Sales Funnels”.

So straight off the mark he gives you products and also the funnels and information to go with them.

promote samh and make money affiliate program

You can promote the One Funnel Away Challenge and even give Zachs mini course and bonuses out as a thank you – every OFA signup you create will earn you $100.

Or you can promote SAMH, and Zach has created the dream affiliate program:

Zach will reward you with 50% of the purchase price plus the opportunity to win a dream car! (He will pay your lease).

Before I start to wrap up this Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review (SAMH), let me give you that link again. If you have read enough and you want to hear exactly what Zach has to say about his own course then tap this button.

It’s a long webinar but it’s well worth grabbing a coffee and attending (it is full of value). Even if you decide to pass on this great opportunity he delivers the 3 Step Strategy for anyone to get started today.


Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Pricing

The BIG question, how much does Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks cost?

Now, as a blogger I am reluctant to answer this as often prices change in the big courses – the more people realize how good something is – the more the price can increase. I don’t know if Zach Crawford would ever do the same – hopefully not.

I mentioned before that the Affiliate Blueprint at Legendary Marketer comes in at $2500.

Secret Affiliate Marketing hacks (Zach Crawford) comes in at $997 (at the time of writing) and that is with the huge bonus stack.

The masterclasses, email swipes, Done For You Funnels so that you can immediately go out there and promote the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp/One Funnel Away Challenge $100 commissions) or SAMH itself.

For those of you with deeper pockets you can also get one-on-one coaching with Zach for an additional $997.

In the not to distant past this is the point I would close a review and walk away. “I’m not paying that”.

That’s why it took me over 2 years to find my way. Don’t be me!

Paying for good quality training isn’t a cost, it’s an investment in yourself.

This is over a decades work from Zach. In the time he has achieved this success he has spent over $200k on self development and training – you are getting that knowledge and training at a fraction of the cost.

If you take on board what he says, and wish to promote SAMH itself to your audience then you can recoup that in 2 sales. Just 2.

My Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review Verdict

is secret affiliate marketing hacks worth it

I spent over two years learning affiliate marketing before signing up for the previous reincarnation of this course – Zach Crawfords Top Earner Mentor.

What striked me the most is Zach’s dedication to create the absolute best training he can – how he can best serve the people that show faith in him. He is all about integrity.

Secret Affiliate Marketing hacks is a culmination of his failures and successes – put together to help beginners and experienced marketers find the next steps for their affiliate marketing business.

Showing us how we can create an additional income stream through recommending other people’s proven products.

Backed up by the support given in the SAMH community of like minded people all on their own venture, and the input from Zach himself too.

This isn’t a buy once and then the creator “moves onto something else” product. This is his legacy, he wants people to succeed through this and in turn help achieve his own goals. That’s why he rebuilt it.

In my opinion, Zach Crawford’s SAMH will get better and better and better

Affiliate Marketing is the perfect side hustle for me – a way I can afford to build my business and hit those dreams of time and financial freedom.

I would HIGHLY recommend investing in this course, and support you on your own journey too.

So cut out the noise of the 400 Affiliate Facebook Groups you are in. Choose ONE and focus until you make it!

Ready to sign up? Zach wants the right people, the ones that are willing to work hard and realize their goals.

Sign up for the webinar here where he will tell you all about this opportunity and give you a Free 3 Step Strategy to “Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing”.



Thank you for taking the time to read my Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review (2020). I have tried to cover as much as I can possibly think of – however if you have any questions at all please drop them in the comments.

Watch My Video About Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks


Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020 (Zach Crawford)
Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks provides a step by step blueprint for ANYONE to get started with Affiliate Marketing in 2019. Zach Crawford has ripped up and improved his already excellent course (Top Earner Mentor). Updated to best serve his loyal customers and community. As a student myself I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this training.
Zach Crawford really know the affiliate game inside out and has absolute integrity
This blueprint covers the whole journey - from first steps to scaling to $1,000,000
The bonuses included are everything a new affiliate would need to get started immediately
This isn;t just a focus on technique, it is also about mindset & belief, an essential part of being successful
You become part of a community of like minded people all striving to achieve their dreams
Some people will find it overwhelming as its so comprehensive
Zach is straight talking, honest and knowledgeable. If you want pink fluffy rabbits & cuddles - there may be better mentors?
The course focuses around Clickfunnels however the principles are the same if you prefer other sales funnel builders