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Definitive Guide: What Is Legendary Marketer? (Review 2019)

I sat at my desk, sipping the ice cold remnants of the coffee I forgot to drink earlier, asking myself the question.. What is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer…… is it a person? a company? a mythical beast that used to tear up copy-writing in the 60’s (Don Draper style!)

My Facebook feed had blown up with the words Legendary Marketer, as so many of the marketers that I had befriended, started to earn MASSIVE commissions as a result of working with Legendary.

Could they help me make money?

I needed to know more.

So I did my research, and jumped two footed into the world of Legendary Marketer.

In this article I will tell you EXACTLY what I discovered about them!

Who they are, what they do, and whether they are the right choice for you.

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Let’s dive straight in….

Who or What Is Legendary Marketer?

Firstly, let me give you some context. I am an aspiring Digital Marketer.

What does that mean?

Basically, I am trying to create second income stream (outside of my 9-5 job) in order to fund AMAZING experiences for my family.

I spend my evenings typing the dreaded words into Google and Youtube…

“How to make money online”

I know you’ve been there too!

I’ve already jumped down the rabbit hole of side hustles and opportunities. It took me a few years and many unsuccessful ventures but i finally found my calling as a Digital Marketer.


I cut out all the noise. Tested and narrowed down what I enjoy.

Now, I create websites and sales funnels. I blog. I have even pushed myself out of my comfort zone and started a YouTube channel.

It’s taken me a few years to realize that making money online – IS actually possible.

I am pretty cynical by nature. So if you ever read any of my reviews your going to get a realistic and honest opinion.

You won’t get happy clappy rubbish. I only recommend products that I love or will spend my own money on.

Is Legendary Marketer one of those products?

Well, first let me explain what is Legendary Marketer, and then I will dive deeper into the products they offer and whether they are legit.

Legendary Marketer is a company that provides Online Marketing Educational Products.

Using up to date and effective marketing strategies they help people start and scale their business using online marketing.

Legendary Marketer cater to aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers of all abilities. Whether your looking to start your own digital marketing business or grow an existing business.

what is legendary marketer explained

In other words….

If you are looking to make money, create a business, maximize profits from an existing business, then Legendary Marketer claim they can help.

They have multiple products available at different price points, suitable for all skills/budget levels, and I will tell you more about them shortly.

As with any of these companies I think its important we first check if our money is safe with them or not!

Is Legendary Marketer Legit?

The online marketing world get’s a bad rep at times.

The integrity of the minority can drag it down for everyone. Which is why I always like to test the waters at the bottom end of the value ladder if I am ever going to invest.

I am an aspiring Affiliate Marketer myself, so i know that half of the reviews out there are complete BS !

You know the ones….

“Legendary Marketer is a scam…… instead why don’t you buy this product instead…”

I get it. I really do.

It’s an angle that brings in traffic and ultimately it’s clever. I’m just not 100% comfortable calling something a scam just to get clicks.

So in this Legendary Marketer Review (2019) I will give you my honest opinion.

At the time of writing I have done the following with Legendary Marketer Products…..

  • I completed the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge
  • I subscribed to the Legendary Marketers Club
  • I applied to be an affiliate for Legendary Marketer
  • I joined the Legendary Marketer Facebook Group
  • I created several YouTube Videos on my experiences with Legendary Marketer
  • I started writing this Blog Post… “What is Legendary Marketer? (Review 2019)

So given the above, so far it has been my experience that Legendary Marketer is legit.

If legit means that they provide Information, Resources (Live webinars, Recorded Videos) and a really well laid out challenge that helps get you started with your own business…..

…then yeah. I would say they are legit.

Who is behind Legendary Marketer?

Dave Sharpe is the charismatic front man to Legendary Marketer.

He runs many of the training videos I have access too and he hosts the 15 Day Challenge too, in conjunction with experts that he works alongside.

I started learning affiliate marketing a few years ago, but only recently took it serious and jumped straight in.

I never had the belief.

It was actually training from Russell Brunson that finally kicked me into life.

I deleted my life off Facebook and started using it as a business tool – connecting with fellow affiliates and digital marketers.

In this time I found some really cool people (and some not so cool!). People who are tearing it up with their new affiliate ventures. People who have quit their jobs and are full time entrepreneurs.

You hear this all the time – “Quit your 9-5”.

These are the first people I have known that have made that genuinely happen, normally when they reach “Guru” level, we lose that belief that they were human like us once upon a time.

So it was one of these people that told me about Legendary Marketer and Dave Sharpe in particular.

He is no mug, so if he believes in Dave Sharpe’s company and the man himself I knew it was safe to dig a little deeper.

I won’t repeat Dave Sharpe’s life story. Its pretty epic.

He went from despair (Young father with drug and alcohol addictions) to the dizzy heights of entrepreneurial success – several multi-million dollar companies including Legendary Marketer.

One of the main takeaways I got from Dave’s presentations and products is that he isn’t just focused on the technical aspects. he is a firm believer in the mindset and motivational aspect you need to master.

This is refreshing and plays a large part in our ability to step up and change our lives.

dave sharpe legendary marketer story

One thing I have learnt on my journey to become a Digital Marketer is to observe what successful people do. Reverse engineer their processes and take note of how they speak and act.

So far, I have been impressed with Dave Sharpe. In terms of character he seems confident, bold and knowledgeable.

Who is Legendary Marketer for?

Honestly. It seems easier to explain who it isn’t for !

If you are like me, a few years marketing under your belt then they have some great products that can help take you to the next level with your digital marketing business.

If you are a beginner – perfect – you will be in a great position once you follow the 15 day challenge through and get a really good idea of all the modern day skills the online marketer needs to create a hugely profitable business.

If you already have a successful business then you will know by looking at Legendary Marketer and Dave Sharpe – they know how to do marketing!

Where can this knowledge take your business? How can it help?

Let’s take a look at the products offered – but there is something for everyone. The best way of finding out I believe is to take part in the 15 day challenge, speak to your advisor and follow their guidance.

Explain the Legendary Marketer Products

As I mentioned earlier, Legendary Marketer are an Online Marketing Education provider – using a variety of media formats.

Online Marketing is a pretty wide area though – so in this Legendary Marketer Review (2019) I want to try and give you the full scope of products they offer.

Just so you know though.

I am not endorsing all these products.

I have heard great things about them, but I haven’t purchased them all.

I will be very clear with what items I have purchased and whether I recommend Legendary Marketer, as that’s how I personally believe affiliate marketing should be done.

Let’s go through the Legendary Marketer Products and then I will dive deeper into the one’s I have experience with and tell you if I recommend them.

  • The 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge
  • Legendary Marketers Club
  • Traffic Rolodex Bundle
  • Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint
  • Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint
  • Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint
  • Marketer Mastermind
  • Entrepreneur Mastermind

Before I go on. Let me let you into a little price hack…..

I joined the Marketers Club ($30 a month) which gave me the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge for FREE (Normally only $7 anyway)

As part of the 15 Day Business Builders Challenge you do get a “One Time Only Offer” – where you can purchase ALL of the Blueprints PLUS the Traffic Rolodex Bundle AND a stack of bonuses too.


They give you access to the Affiliate Pro scheme (Higher commissions as an affiliate) as well as much more.

I can not tell you how much I wanted to BUY that offer.

All of the above is the same price as just ONE of the Blueprints.

Why didn’t I buy them then?

Believe me I was soooo tempted. I love learning about Digital Marketing.


My biggest achievement recently is that I have finally found focus.

After years of playing around and learning affiliate marketing (slowly), I have finally got into my groove.

I promote another Affiliate Marketing course from one of my mentors – that has accelerated my side hustle career x 100.

So although I am likely to come back and buy the other blueprints as my career progresses – I didn’t need them now.

It would have shifted my focus and attention.

I have all I need at this time in terms of heavy duty Affiliate Marketing courses.

Long term – I want to be a successful Affiliate Marketer – then create my own products – then coach people.

So the products Legendary Marketer provide sound ideal. I will be back to buy the other blueprints when the time is right.

Just not yet for me.

So I think we are happy with Who & What is Legendary Marketer now let’s run through some of those products.


The 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

This entry level offering from Legendary Marketer is to focus your mind, and fast track you through what’s required in order to create your own Digital Marketing Business.

After 15 days can you walk away and know everything you need to know?

Legendary Marketer 15 Day Business Builder Challenge

No. The are high income skills that take time and practice to build – the importance of learning from the right sources first time round!

But if you are new to Online Marketing and interested in making money online, then you will have a much better understanding of what it will take to get there.

You will feel motivated and clarity around your next steps. A welcome break from that overload of information I know I had before.

Each day you will get a lengthy video, covering strategy, high income skills, mindset and more. You will back that up with an assignment too.

At the end of the 15 days you will be prepared with your own business plan – ready to make your mark on the digital marketing world!

One thing I will mention here

The price of the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge is $7.


Personally I think it is a mindset thing. They want to weed out those who won’t commit and focus their attention on those that are ready to TAKE ACTION. If you can’t invest $7 in yourself then your in the wrong game.

I enjoyed the Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge. It was good fun and a real immersive experience.

I actually learnt a lot by the way they present it. The way that Legendary Marketer try and indoctrinate you into their system. Its finely tuned marketing at its best.

I took notes on what they taught me and how they taught me and will be using some of these same strategies at some point, for my own products.

The last point to mention – you get assigned a business advisor. This person is there to help you succeed and get the most out of the experience.

You do have to speak to this person – usually on a a zoom call.

When I found this out – I nearly QUIT!

Embarrassing to admit but…I’m an introvert. I don’t like fuss. I don’t like putting myself out there. I don’y massively enjoy speaking one to one (other than via email).

I didn’t need to worry though.

My advisor was probably the polar opposite of me, but he was a really good guy. We chatted about my experience and hopes for the future. He answered all the questions I had too.

There was no pushy sales tactics like I imagined. Thankfully !

In all – I would highly recommend the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge. It’s the price of your lunch but waaaay more valuable to me.


Legendary Marketers Club

Netflix of the Online Marketing World.

That is how they describe it and its not far off. A back catalog of superb material teaching different aspects of marketing as well as LIVE classes from 6 and 7 figure Marketers including some of the guys ripping up YouTube at the moment (Think Nathan Lucas – Freedom Influencer).

What can you learn in the Marketers Club from Legendary Marketer?

Here is a small snippet of the content available – and they are adding to it constantly.

  • Interviews with TOP Marketers
  • The Journey To 250,000 YouTube Subscribers
  • What to Do and Say to Sell More Stuff and Have People Love You for It
  • You’re One Story Away: How To Use Story To Succeed Online
  • How To Achieve Anything You Want with David Sharpe
  • Live webinars every Monday
  • Much more

The Legendary Marketers Club is a low cost entry point. It has some great training on there that they seem committed to grow and enhance.

All for a very reasonable cost of $30 a month.

I would recommend the Marketers club, I think it’s decent value and a good way to learn bite sized chunks of good quality marketing information.

For me, time is of the essence. Family commitments and the day job means there’s little left of the day for me to create content never mind learn. So I tend to stream the classes though my car Bluetooth whilst I commute to the 9-5 job.

Legendary Marketers Club Dave Sharpe

Traffic Rolodex Bundle

The Traffic Rolodex Bundle is aimed at existing businesses and marketers that are struggling with their ads – whether that’s YouTube, Facebook, Google, Anywhere.

Legendary Marketer use their Marketing EXPERTS to walk through step by step how to succeed with advertising on the big platforms and create successful campaigns.

This isn’t just about quick and dirty results – they teach you how to create compliant landing pages so you don’t risk shutting down your business accounts.

If you are going to buy this then I would recommend buying the One Time Offer they advertise where you get ALL of the Blueprints plus the Rolodex (They offered this to me during the 15 Day Challenge)

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

This course focuses on my favorite aspect of Online Marketing – Affiliate Marketing.

If you aren’t sure what Affiliate Marketing is – it is where you recommend a product, if someone buys that product through your special link (URL) then you receive a commission for the purchase.

Big companies such as Trivago model their business on this income strategy.

FURTHER READING – Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2019 (Zach Crawford)

I have heard a lot of good things about this blueprint – though this is where I will admit. I already have a mentor and a course for Affiliate Marketing.

One that has changed my belief and attitude and set me up with everything I need to know to create a successful business through Affiliate Marketing.

If you are new to online marketing – Affiliate marketing is the route I would recommend. It is where most of the big guru’s start before moving onto to building their own brand and products.

You basically get to promote and make money through other people’s products without the headache of manufacturing, packing, posting, customer service etc.

Once someone clicks your link and buys…your done. Money in the bank.

legendary marketer affiliate marketing business blueprint

Digital Products Business Blueprint

Digital Products are part of my long term strategy. Whether its eBooks or courses, they are a create once asset. Unlike physical products where you have restrictions on stock quantity or logistical problems, you can sell these all day every day.

24/7 selling and profit producing Digital Products.

Legendary Marketer Digital Products Business Blueprint is a course designed to take you through the entire process from creating to selling your very own Products.


Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint

As your business grows and so does your expertise, you may find that natural shift where you find that you spend more time engaging with people – helping them, teaching them.

All of a sudden – Booooom – you have become the expert!

The Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint is about taking you through that journey. Learning to harness your expertise and passion and create a service based business where you are paid for being YOU!

Legendary Marketer teach you how to identify your niche, create your offer and clarify your pitch.

Before delivering your service in the most profitable and effective way possible.

Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

The Coaching & Consulting Service can all be run from the comfort of your own home. Utilising all of the webs fancy tools to communicate with anyone in the world and get your message across.

What if you business is more hands on and takes a traditional face to face approach?

That is where the Events and Mastermind Blueprint comes in.

Normally seen at the top end of a marketers product ladder – this is where you will learn to setup, host and profit from live events featuring yours truly!

Legendary Marketer Events Masterminds Business Bundle

Marketer Mastermind & Entrepreneur Mastermind

I’m not going to delve to much into the masterclasses. If your at this level then i would hope youve already paid for the Marketers Club or the 15 Day Challenge.

The reason being. This is where the big hitters hang out!

Successful entrepreneurs and business owners that are looking for the personal touch. To meet the Legendary Marketer team in person and get a little more focused service specific to them.

Like with any mastermind, these cost a few thousand $.

I look forward to the day that my own venture puts me in a position where I can pay this out and reach dizzy new heights.

Baby steps first though eh.

If your reading this and looking for the high tier products, the masterminds, get yourself into the system first, sign up for the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge as your first step – then discuss your business requirements with your advisor who can personally hold your hand through exactly what they can help you with.

And Breathe………

Before I summarise the pro’s and con’s of Legendary Marketer I first want to explain how you too can promote them and make money as a Legendary Marketer Affiliate.


Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing Beginners…. On my own journey the last few years, I have created, tested, failed many projects.

I set up several Amazon Affiliate sites where I would compete for a 2% commission on a < $50 item. Looking back, what was the point?

That’s a lot of items I would need to sell to get a worthwhile return.

This is where High Ticket Affiliate offers come in….where they pay you a high commission for your referrals.

Legendary Marketer is a great affiliate opportunity.

  • The product is good
  • The price is high
  • The commission is lucrative
  • The support they provide is exceptional

It ticks the boxes for a great affiliate product. This is why I always try to be honest and give complete transparency with this Legendary Marketer review (2019).

That is how I believe affiliate marketing should be done. Will it cost me sales – yeah. Does it help me sleep at night – only promoting courses I think can benefit people – hell yeah!

This is a genuine screenshot I asked a friend if I could use – his first month as a Legendary Marketer affiliate:

legendary marketer affiliate commission

I know what your thinking….

Sign up as a Legendary Marketer Affiliate

Once I completed the 15 Day Business builder Challenge I was given the opportunity to apply to the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program.

I was slightly torn on this one, as I do already recommend another Affiliate Marketing Course, however I thought it would be silly not to let people know about the Marketers Club and other offerings.

As part of the Legendary Marketer Affiliate sign up process they ask you a series of questions…

  • What platform do you use?
  • How much experience do you have?
  • What are your current sites?
  • Do you have an email list already?

The usual stuff really. I like this – it shows that they care about their brand. They don’t want just anyone promoting their courses and training.

Now, I am still a relative newbie and they did accept me.

Personally, I think the reason why was because of the 15 Day Challenge, I had been speaking to an advisor. I had created a business plan as I went through the training.

Whilst I may be early days on my Digital Marketing venture – I could demonstrate that I was serious.

Not interested in a career as an Affiliate Marketer?

There are many ways to skin a cat (so they say in that rather grim analogy!). Let’s say you sign up to Legendary Marketer because your coaching business needs taking to the next level.

That’s your primary focus and what puts food on your table.

If you find these products help you and improve your business – then document that – show how other coaches/services could benefit.

Indirectly promote Legendary Marketer off the back of your own success. That is one of the best ways to make money with Affiliate Marketing – by showing exactly how it helped you in your own little niche.

What is the Compensation Plan?

I promote several marketing products – an Affiliate Marketing Course + Clickfunnels (Creating Sales Funnels). What I have found is that marketing companies generally know how to look after their affiliates.

As well as providing an excellent affiliate back end system, Legendary Marketers compensation plan is also very rewarding.

legendary marketer compensation plan for affiliates

Now you can see why there are some big numbers being touted around the affiliate community – this could be me and you!

You may have noticed in that chart that there are 2 different rates – Basic and Pro.

Let me explain….

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Membership Type

I am not sure how I feel about this, but then it’s hard to argue as they provide one of the most impressive affiliate support systems I have seen.

You can either be a basic affiliate for legendary marketer, or a Pro affiliate.

If you took the upsell I mention during the 15 Day Challenge – they will automatically give you Pro membership.

In fact they go one step further – they accept you as an affiliate without having to apply – that is the only time I have seen it possible to be an affiliate without any application.

I guess they appreciate that if you’ve took the opportunity to jump in with their products then you are serious about your Digital Marketing career.

The main differences between the two membership types are outlined below, but its higher commission rates, more training, more freedom and control – you can integrate your own email autoresponder.

Pro Membership also costs $29.95 a month.

Personally, if you already have an email list or an audience I would go immediately for Pro – the commission rewards are just too lucrative not too.

legendary marketer affiliate program sign up

Is there Affiliate support?

Absolutely. In fact, one of the best backend affiliate support systems I have seen.

  • Download reports
  • View your leads
  • Import your own funnels to Clickfunnels (You can get a 14 Day Trial Here)
  • Multiple funnels available
  • Video’s and extensive training on how to promote Legendary Marketer
  • Leaderboard – Compete against other affiliates
  • Much more (especially if your an Affiliate Pro)

It seems Legendary pride themselves on the level of support they show to customers and affiliates alike.

I hope that helps explain how much you can make as a Legendary Marketer Affiliate? The potential is limitless.

If you have seen enough then I would recommend always starting with the 15 Day Challenge. You get to speak to your advisor and they can assist you choosing what route is best for you and your business.

I hope that quick run through is of use and so far this overview of what is Legendary Marketer (Review 2019) has give you an idea of the products offered and the opportunities available.

Now for the Pro’s and con’s….


What I don’t like about Legendary Marketer

I always like to add some negatives into a review. I am quite critical and I do believe when people are paying decent money you should provide the full picture.

Now, I realize I may be a little harsh here as I cant truly compare however let me explain.

Is Legendary Marketer too expensive?

This is an awkward one. If you take them up on the amazing offer they present as part of the 15 Day Challenge where they give you pretty much all courses and training (except masterminds) for around $2500 then I would suggest your getting a lot of value for your money.

To the likes of me…. a family man finding his feet in the Digital Marketing world then that’s a pricey sum of money. however to a business, that’s peanuts.

This is a mindset shift that I am slowly accepting.


On a Blueprint by Blueprint basis – If you don’t buy the One Time Offer, then yes Legendary Marketer is expensive.

The Affiliate Marketing module on its own will cost $2500 that is much more than my number 1 recommended course for Affiliate Marketing – which I spend my own hard earned cash on.

So I guess its whether your willing to push the budget and take the best value offer.

Legendary Marketers Club needs organizing

There is some great content in the Marketers Club and this can only improve as more good marketers contribute to the catalog of material.

My only gripe and its a petty one.

Name the files!

Maybe it’s my Obsessive behaviour kicking oin, but i want to know what each live masterclass was about – not just the date. 15 minute job for someone to sort – if that!

marketersclub legendary marketer

Speaking to an advisor

Ok ok, so this may not be a negative for most people but I am way to introverted and out of my comfort zone. I think a lot of affiliate marketers are.

Now – once i got through the call, it was fine and any doubts I had disappeared but….it worries me that from an affiliate perspective this could cost sales.

I guess it’s part of the process and a necessary one. The same advisor’s understand the Legendary Marketer products inside out – they are there to help and find the best route for you.

It just took me out of my comfort zone a little.

What do I love about Legendary Marketer?

There are so many positives to take away, and as this has turned into a Legendary Marketer Review of sorts let me tell you my favorite parts.

Legendary Marketer experience

You know what?

I really enjoyed the 15 Day Challenge. Not only was it informative and extremely useful. I loved the whole immersive experience.

There is so much to learn just by observing companies that are damn good at what they do!

The way they break down your objections, reinforce your beliefs, the mindset and reassurance. It is impressive and you csan learn a lot from the whole process.

I have spent the last few months learning about sales funnels, and this is the most impressive I have seen, it goes beyond a funnel to an experience!

legendary marketer 15 day challenge worth it

Marketers Club expertise

Another positive is the information available in the Marketers Club at such a low price point too. $30 a month is very little given what my outgoings are for some of my bills.

For that I get chance to participate in weekly masterclasses and keep my marketing skills fresh and the marketing brain ticking over.

I look forward to seeing more masterclasses from the big influencer’s involved with Legendary Marketer.

Highly rewarding Affiliate scheme

As with many good courses, you have the opportunity to apply to be a Legendary Marketer affiliate. Each time you recommend them and someone purchases through your link, you get a commission.

Where I think they get it spot on is that they have a very lucrative compensation plan for Legendary Marketer. It is lucrative.

Several acquaintances of mine are taking home $1,000 – 4,000 commissions for promoting Legendary.

(This is not a stated Income claim – these are results from some of my peers that have many years experience with Affiliate Marketing)

Check out the screen grabs below that they have kindly allowed me to use.

The $4k commission was completed whilst this guy was asleep thousands of miles away.


Legendary Marketer have a skilled team to close sales – they know what people need and they hold their hand and guide them through the buying process.

They do it without being sleazy and pushy in my experience.

legendary marketer affiliate compensation plan

legendary marketer affiliate commission

The Legendary Marketer scheme ticks the boxes in terms of: support, commission, quality

Legendary Marketer Review: Verdict

As an aspiring Digital Marketer with a passion for affiliate marketing, I was very interested to see what all the Legendary Marketer hype was about.

My radar was twitching a bit about whether it was legit and good value, or just people promoting because of the financial rewards.

I am thrilled to say that my experience so far with Legendary Marketer has been excellent.

I have taken a lot of value from the Marketers Club and the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge.

Whatever online marketing stream interest you, or fits your business the best – Affiliate, Events, Coaching, Digital products.

I am sure the team at Legendary will be able to educate you and support you on that journey.

If your unsure what your first steps are – join the 15 day challenge – no matter if your looking to spend $7 or $10k. This is your rouet in to speak to an advisor and help craft your own business plan to try and clarify your next move.

Remember – the best offer they will give you – all of the blueprints & rolodex – immediate affiliate access – will be offered during the 15 Day Challenge.

If this does fit your needs and you buy the Blueprints / One Time Offer, through the button below, then I will be in touch with some goodies to help you on your journey as a Digital Marketer.

Whilst I am not a believer of handing out millions of bonuses that you will never use (Plugins, Chrome extensions, Generic eBooks etc.)

I do believe in rewarding those who show faith and help me take steps forward in my own career.

Once your signed up, I will send you some goodies that have helped me accelerate my skills and will be there to support and encourage you too when you need it.

That concludes my review and I hope you now have a much better understanding of what is Legendary Marketer, and how they may be able to assist you start or scale your business.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or drop me an email and I will get back to you.

What is Legendary Marketer? (Review 2019)
Legendary Marketer are an Online Marketing Education Provider. They help beginners as well as established businesses looking to scale through many Digital Marketing streams such as: Affiliate Marketing, Digital Products, Coaching or Events. Read the full post for my experience & how I found clarity on my next steps using the 15 Day Business Challenge. If you are an established Affiliate Marketer - This could be the high ticket affiliate opportunity you've been looking for?
Great "Immersive" Experience
Excellent Support System
Lucrative Affiliate Opportunity
Quality Training & Variety
Expensive Single Products (Buy the BIG offer for better value)
Training section could be clearer
Content Creator
  1. These are astronomical amount of money for courses. Remember for Non-US citizens in 3rd world countries a hefty exchange rate applies. When I started working in the late 70’s one USD cost +/- R0.80 – yes the Rand was stronger than the USD!!!. Now one USD costs R15. So even 2500 USD is R37 500…. This represents a few months of household income that people do not have to hand to spend on an iffy chance that you might make some money.

    1. Hi Hendrik, oh yes they are expensive. To some people they aren’t but to others they are. I can completely understand your point. They do give yo an upsell where you get all the packages for that price but i understand what you are saying. I created this guide to promote the 15 Day Business builder Challenge at $7. It is a good intro into what isbe required to create your own online business. The course i actually back and spent my own money on was Zach Crawfords “Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks” (see other reviews).

      None of these are make money opportunities though. They are training to give you the skillset required but this all takes hardwork and effort. Dont ever believe anything online that tells you can get rich quick.

      Personally i spent last year working on several side hustles, slowly building my funds to reinvest into myself (It was hard work!!). After years of learning for free and grabbing little bits of info here and there, paying for Zachs course and also Russell Brunsons One Funnel Away Challenge where the best decisions i ever made. They got me to a point in a matter of months than i had managed in over 2 years learning for free.

      No matter where you are from, 3rd world country or not, there is opportunity, the advantage you may have in a 3rd world country is you WANT it, DESIRE it, more than many. Zach has a few testimonials from people all over the world who created huge success because they HAD to.

      I hope that helps Hendrik and thanks for leaving a comment – i really appreciate it. If there’s any kind of content you would like to see more of then please let me know my friend. Best wishes, Jon

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