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Zach Crawford’s Affiliate Marketing Course

FAQ | Zach Crawford’s Affiliate Marketing Course [EPIC!]

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks

FAQ | Zach Crawford’s Affiliate Marketing Course: Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks

** UPDATE: Zach Crawford has rebranded Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks and added even MORE good stuff! You can read all about his latest affiliate coaching program in this Millionaires Challenge System Review **


Zach Crawford is one of the biggest influences on my journey so far with affiliate marketing.

Through his guidance and support I have learnt that it is entirely possible to create an additional income stream and my own actual business using this monetization method.

I first began learning about affiliate marketing in 2018, but I didn’t really pursue it. I toyed with the idea of creating blogs that make money. I even set a few up.

But I didn’t do what it takes to be successful.

I was scared of failure.

I didn’t want to ask questions on a public forum and look a fool. An issue I have had my entire life – keep quiet and stay off the radar.

So when I first watched Zach on YouTube I instantly resonated with him. He appeared down-to earth, relatable.

 A normal person but with exceptional success and drive. 


I sold my prized camera equipment and invested in Zach Crawford’s affiliate marketing course (Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks). The wisest decision I ever made.

Over the last 12 months, I have spoken to many guru’s and course creators, and only one other has lived up to the standards that I have seen from Zach Crawford.

Both of them exceptional marketers.

zach crawford clickfunnels affiliate course

This post isn’t to keep singing his praises – if you want that then jump into this post where I talk about why I believe Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is the best affiliate marketing course out there.

Instead, this post is to cover some of the questions people have been asking me about Zach Crawford’s affiliate marketing course. A course that I promote as I know how much it has accelerated my own journey.

I want to reassure some of the concerns that you may have. Probably the same things that went through my mind before I took a leap of faith.

Making a commitment financially and mentally, was one of the most difficult decisions I have made, but so worth it. Having skin in the game and improving my desire to succeed has made a huge difference for me.

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So let’s jump into the FAQ for Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks.

Some of which I have taken from Zach’s own resources. Which you can find here in his free webinar.

If you have any questions, reach out to me via email or Facebook. I am more than happy to help people find the next steps to creating their own online business.


FAQ | Zach Crawford’s Affiliate Marketing Course

What is Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is a group coaching program. It guides you step by step on how to become a successful affiliate in any industry.

Zach Crawford is the course creator – a hugely successful affiliate and marketer. He gives you the instructions but also includes his premade and proven sales funnels and marketing materials to help you get results faster. At the same time, teaches you how to replicate these so you don’t rely on him.

Watch Zach’s Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Webinar Now

be yourself top tip for blogging

Is this course right for me?

Zach isn’t new to the world of affiliate marketing. He has invested heavily himself over the years, constantly improving and leveling up. Investing to the tune of $200,000 + of his own money buying courses and coaching programs.

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is an iteration of his old course – Top Earner Mentor. Ripped up, destroyed and improved drastically (It was already good!). Zach is always striving to give his customers the best he can offer.

In Zach Crawford’s words…

When I set out to create my own programs I vowed to myself that I would always overdeliver and make sure my customers have everything they need to succeed. You will never see me sell you a product then make you pay for version 2.0, 3.0, etc. When you purchase a course from me you get lifetime updates and I constantly update my training programs because I care about my customers getting results.

He teaches how to create a real business step by step, so you aren’t overwhelmed with the amount of new skills and concepts you will learn.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme – it is about building a business consistently and strategically.

This affiliate marketing course is beginner friendly, but leads you gently into the advanced modules. Some of you will approach this with some experience and Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks bridges the gap between your current understanding and what’s required to be a super affiliate.

who is zach crawford affiliate marketer

Zach teaches in a way that builds confidence. He teaches “WHAT” you should be doing, in order to develop your understanding, and then the “how to do it”. This enforces that knowledge and confidence in yourself.

Important – One of the biggest factors that sets Zach Crawford’s course apart from many of the others, is his commitment to you.

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is not just a course, where you login, watch a video and move on. It is more than that. It’s a group coaching program.

As well as a hugely supportive community, where we all encourage each others ventures you also get access to Zach as he holds Training sessions inside the private Facebook group, and is willing to review your work and help you over any roadblocks.

Watch Zach’s Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Webinar Now

Genuineness can be rare in the online world, but he has that, and wants his course to be one of the vehicles that takes you to a better version of you, running your own affiliate business.

No results are guaranteed, they never are. Some people with all the tools, encouragement and knowledge in the world will never make it, if they don’t want it enough.

If like me, you want it, then it could be the perfect fit. Personally, I want to create additional income so I can show my family the world and afford amazing experiences together. What’s your motivation?

zach crawford affiliate course time taken to complete

How much time will the course take?

Zach Crawford’s Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is designed to be digested in modules. He has designed this way to maximise the balance between learning and doing, and to stop you from becoming overloaded with information.

In Zach’s words:

My training is not filled with endless fluff and filler to make the training seem like it’s got tons of value. I hate this myself and I designed the course so you can digest one module at a time and then take action on what you’re learning.

Remember this isn’t a race. Take your time and really understand what you are being taught. Don’t go running off, trying to cover all of it in a day, you need it to sink in and be reinforced with your actions.

Realistically the course should take around 30 days to complete. In my own experience I constantly go back and restudy sections as I need them. For example, I have just launched my Facebook Group so I keep recovering all the golden nuggets that Zach laid out.

Take your time, digest, and IMPLEMENT.

new blogger on laptop

Are there any hidden costs?

I have seen enough courses to know that they entice you in, start the course then unleash the “advanced” section, or having to pay for “version 2”. You don’t get that with Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks.

Zach gives you everything you need to build an affiliate marketing business. There will be different tools that are recommended, that make your life easier,but they aren’t an essential requirement. There are always alternatives should you require them.

Watch Zach’s Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Webinar Now

The two main tools you will need, don;t get them until your at the module where you require them (save yourself the fees) are an email autoresponder which will run about $20 per month and Clickfunnels which is $97 per month.

These two tools will enable you to build a potential 6 or 7 figure business.

There are other alternative tools that are cheaper if you’re on a budget, but these are the recommended ones – use the trials and decide what works best for you at the time.

If you follow Zach’s advice then the costs of these tools should soon be covered when your business is creating an income.

samh dream car

What is Zach Crawford’s Dream Car Program?

This program was designed for Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks affiliates. An incentive to reward those that take action and implement what they have learnt.

Whilst the course is designed for any industry and product, Zach does also incentivize promoting his course too. However he does hold this back so only people who have actually done the course can promote it.

This is a sign of his ethics. I know tonnes of course creators who allow affiliates that haven’t seen the product, and this is wrong in my opinion.

SAMH best affiliate marketing course

As an affiliate I firmly believe that you should have seen and experienced the product. You should be willing to pay for it out of your own product rather than give out recommendations based on nothing but speculation.

Zach Crawford knows this too and so he restricts access to his affiliate program to course owners.

The Dream Car program is similar to the one clickfunnels run. If you create enough sales and qualify for the Dream Car Program, then Zach will pay $500 or $1000 per month depending on the level you qualify at.

This is an extra bonus on an already excellent affiliate offer – explained below.

zach crawford secret affiliate

What is the affiliate program for SAMH?

Firstly, as stated above, you have to own the course in order to promote it. I mean, that’s just the right thing to do, isn’t it?

This no doubt costs Zach sales, but it stops the spammers and the unethical promoters. It keeps quality around his product and brand.

He doesn’t believe in promoting products purely to make money, it’s misleading. Instead a business is based on helping people and solving problems, and the product is a vehicle in that process.

The commission level for Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is 50%, but don’t see this as the opportunity. For most of us students it’s an additional bonus on top of the skills you will develop. I know that this course can help so many people, in the way it has helped me, if the commission was ZERO I would still recommend it.

Watch Zach’s Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Webinar Now

who is zach crawford affiliate

Is there a refund guarantee?

Yes there is a refund guarantee.

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks has a full 14 day money back guarantee. Zach wants people who are here to put the work in and chase their goals, if your not happy then you aren’t the right fit. All he asks is that you actually complete the first 2 modules and do the assignments.

In fact, now is a good time to quote him (He will send you this anyway):

Meaning you go through the first two modules, you do the steps I laid out for you, you post in the group and ask a few questions if you’re having trouble and you reach out if you’re struggling.

If you do those things and you’re still not happy, we will give you a 100% full refund guaranteed as long as you request it within 14 days of the purchase. I don’t care if it’s 13 days 23 hours and 59 minutes. You will get a refund.

Check the terms when you purchase though as clearly this blog post can be outdated the moment I hit “publish”.

how old to join zach crawfords course

What age do I need to be for this course?

Age is just a number. There are students in Zach Crawfords’s course of all ages, backgrounds, nationalities. Diversity is great as we all resonate with different people.

Everything is broken down into manageable sections, so it’s beginner friendly or someone who already knows their way around the basics of affiliate marketing.

The only requirement is that you have a laptop or computer, an internet connection, and the ability to use Google.

Don’t worry about your age, technical know how, or previous experience. Just approach the course with the ability to listen, learn and take action. As long as you are coachable then you will be fine.

Watch Zach’s Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Webinar Now

Is there a payment plan?

Again, check the terms when you sign up for the free webinar and training but, no, I don’t believe Zach offers a payment plan. One thing to consider is that this is Zach Crawfords life’s work.

Everything he has done right or wrong. His wins and the moments he fell on his face, are all used to create this blueprint.

start creating affiliate content

You aren’t buying a quickly thrown together guide, your buying everything he has in his head through his experiences… plus the community, live training, feedback and support.

Whilst the price may seem high to some, I don’t think you will find many students of Secret Affiliate Market Hacks that wouldn’t invest in Zach again. We appreciate the value that is provided.

There is everything you need to start your affiliate marketing business and be successful in your chosen niche.

Done For You Funnels, email swipes, social media posts are all included. Zach wants you to be able to create your own and replicate what’s provided, but he also appreciates after an investment you want to get up and running quickly. That is the aim.

i need help

I am not sure I can do this

And breathe…..

You can. You absolutely can. If you have read this far then I know you have the desire, you just need the tools. The knowledge and the support. Zach Crawford’s affiliate marketing course can provide this.

It has done for many people so far, including myself.

If you don’t know my story then let me keep it brief….I am a dad of two, husband of one. An introvert, and an IT geek. I have zero knowledge in sales and marketing. never quit affiliate marketing

I joined Zach’s program to create my own online business, to pursue new purpose, help others, and ultimately make enough money to show my family the world.

I am a cynic at times. I lack trust in people and fear failure. Zach and his course has given me a new lease of life. I have a new found belief and work ethic. I know my business is going to grow from success to success, and I have witnessed it with others in the group too.

If you want to hear more about some of the people Zach has helped, as well as receive some free training (no obligation) that will help decide if you are the right fit for Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks, then sign up now.

You have nothing to lose other than a tiny bit of your time. So record your favorite TV show tonight and watch the webinar instead.

Before long you won’t have time for TV…you will be sat writing blog posts, recording YouTube videos and generally pushing your comfort zone to greater things.

Watch Zach Crawford’s webinar now

Watch Zach’s Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Webinar Now

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