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Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks: The Best Affiliate Marketing Course Available?

the best affiliate marketing course

So you are on the lookout for the best Affiliate Marketing Course you can find….but is Zach Crawford’s Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks in the running for that title?

In a nutshell….


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Ok Ok, I appreciate that doesn’t really help you, but I am about to explain how and why I believe this is true and that Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is the REAL DEAL.

My name is Jon Davis. I am a father of two, husband of one 🙂

As a geek and an introvert I have stepped out of my comfort zone and I am looking at using Digital Marketing to build my own social channels and business.

My aim is to make enough money as a side hustle that I can fund amazing family experiences.

Life is short.

Being shy and nervous has held me back for far too long.

This blog, and my YouTube channel are all about my new commitment. How I am trying to beat fear of failure and looking silly in front of people.

jon davis youtube channel

All my life I have worried more about what others think. Now I am trying to change that.

Let me tell you, after 6 months of being open and honest with myself and everyone on Facebook. By sharing my YouTube venture and by talking about things like affiliate marketing.

I really feel like I am becoming a new confident version of myself.

I will always be an introvert. It’s in my nature.

However I am learning when to push through, and how to harness these superpowers that us introverts are best at, to build my own additional income stream.

A huge part of this journey is thanks to the teachings in Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks.

A course that contains all you need to know about Affiliate Marketing Success.

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Affiliate Marketing Explained

Affiliate Marketing is the process of recommending a product/service using your secial URL (Weblink) and getting a commission should someone use it to purchase.

It is a multi billion $ industry and monetization method used by large multi national companies and Mom bloggers alike.

Affiliate Marketing in my opinion is the best way to Monetize Social Platforms such as:

  • YouTube
  • Blogs
  • Facebook Groups
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

If you have an audience. An audience that needs a problem solving or has a pain point or desire.

Your recommendation to that audience could put money in your pocket.

If your new to this (like I was not too long ago) then you need to know what products to promote, how to build an audience that trusts and likes you, and so much more.

The good news is… anyone can do this. The even better news is… the step by step course has already been created.

Let me explain a little more about Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks (SAMH).

If you want the full Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks review then jump into this post here.

What is Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks?

It is an online Affiliate Marketing Training Course by Zach Crawford. It is the next iteration of Zach’s huge selling course – Top Earner Mentor.

It is a comprehensive, step by step, programme that shows you hit to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

Aimed at beginners and experienced affiliates alike. For anyone like me that knows the concepts of Affiliate Marketing but want the advanced strategies and guidance to take it up a notch – then this course delivers.

Who is Zach Crawford?

zach crawford clickfunnels affiliate course

Zach is a down to earth, straight talking guy. He has shared affiliate leaderboards with the likes of Russell Brunson and made a fortune over the years.

It isn’t all glamour – Zach HAD to make it work with his Affiliate business. His back was to the wall after racking up $50k of debt in medical bills when a drunk driver almost killed him.

He has overcome the physical and mental injuries and created a life where he can now help others succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

Watch Zach’s Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Webinar Now

Is Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks the Best Affiliate Marketing Course Available?

Back to the original question.

In my opinion it is and I am going to give you 8 reasons why I would highly recommend you invest in this course today.

Alongside the One Funnel Away Challenge by Clickfunnels / Russell Brunson, It is the most life changing course I have purchased.

READ NOW | FAQ Zach Crawford’s Affiliate Marketing Course

Here is why….

8 Reasons Why Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is the Best Affiliate Marketing Course You can Buy

Reason #1 – Bang Up To Date

Zach Crawford’s Top Earner Mentor was a huge collection of resources and training that he had put together as his life’s work.

He has ripped up the old brand, updated the content and added new valuable training to succeed in affiliate marketing in 2019 and beyond.

Zach Crawford doesn’t build once and move on. He keeps on improving until hes created the best work possible.

His dedication to his craft is inspiring.

Reason #2 – It works

Zach has many previous students that have carved out new lives for themselves. Taking the skills and knowledge that they pick up in the course and using it to springboard their own businesses.

Find out about some of his successful ex students in the FREE Training Webinar here.

I used to hold all good affiliate marketers up on a a pedestal – believing I could NEVER do that.


Anyone can be successful with Affiliate Marketing but you have to learn fast and apply yourself with proven strategies and techniques.

Luckily for us, Zach Crawford shares exactly what has worked and continues to work for him.


Reason #3 – Easy to Follow

The best affiliate marketing courses out there are ones that you can pickup, consume and apply without overwhelm.

Zach Crawford has managed to achieve this with Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks.

It is ridiculously comprehensive however he has broken it down into manageable chunks and actionable content.

The course is accessible online and contains video, MP3, downloadable PDFs.

He clearly explains the concepts and builds on the complexity as the course progresses.

Remember, you don’t have to finish the course before you begin your journey. Leave the advanced stuff until you are ready and have scaled the basics first.

chapter 4 secret affiliate marketing hacks review

Reason #4 – Supportive Mentor

Course creators and guru’s often have a bad name. They lead you into a course full of warm welcoming smiles and then they vanish into the night once the cash register has “CHA CHINGED” at your purchase.

Zach Crawford is different.

When you buy Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks (SAMH) you get access to his Facebook Group.

Got a question for Zach? Just ask him.

He has never left me high and dry on anything. He wants you to succeed. He wants to help you.

If he could turn every person who buys SAMH into a success story then how great would that make him look as the teacher.

Which is why he doesn’t mess around and genuinely cares and wants us to succeed.

Watch Zach’s Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Webinar Now

Reason #5 – Mentality is Everything

Straight off the bat Zach opens up Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks with a full section on Mindset and Mentality.

I have never appreciated this before and instead gave more focus to keyword research as the no 1 factor in being successful.

Which whilst important, it isn’t going to help you with wiring your brain for success.

Zach places so much emphasis on crafting that vision, becoming successful, gaming your life so that you will succeed.

Be prepared to stop consuming and just get sh#t done.

SAMH best affiliate marketing course

Reason #6 – It is About You

No one is making this work on your behalf. No one is going to do this course for you.

It is up to you.

It is you that will pick a profitable niche, learn to tell your story, create hooks, master your social platform, create engaging content that people love.

If you are willing to put the effort in and realize how much potential you have given the right guidance then this could be the best affiliate marketing course for you.

Reason #7 – Community

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks has a family feel to it.

Unlike other communities that I have been part of – wheres its cutthroat and everyone trying to hinder eachother – you just don’t get that with the Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks community.

The group is full of good people sharing their journey and helping and inspiring eachother.

I have met some great people that have also bought into Zach and they are really helping me build my own business – going out of their way at times.

Watch Zach’s Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Webinar Now

Reason #8 – The Full Package

This isn’t just a course. It is a lifetimes work from someone that has been there, done it, got the t-shirt.

For a long time I refused to spend money on training.

Why bother – most of the info is out there in YouTube, Facebook groups etc.

But, so is a lot of wrong and unhelpful info too.

It took me a long time to appreciate that by buying Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks I am getting the summary. The shortcut. The blueprint to what actually WORKS!

Zach’s experience and success laid out for me to learn from – in what i firmly believe is the best affiliate marketing course currently available.

secret affiliate marketing hacks review main image

On top of that he also includes the extras. The little finishing touches that allow you to promote products fast.

I got Zach’s social media posts, a done for you sales funnel, proven email swipes, and much more.

READ NOW | FAQ Zach Crawford’s Affiliate Marketing Course

Basically if you want to implement fast then he gives you all the extras you may need.

More importantly he teaches you how to create them yourself and build your own affiliate marketing business.

I have seen and purchased other courses and there are some good ones out there. There is also some rubbish.

If you want to invest in yourself and develop the mentality needed for affiliate marketing success then I would look no further than Zach Crawford Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks.

In my opinion it is the best affiliate marketing course that you can buy.

Watch Zach’s Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Webinar Now

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