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clickfunnels platinum review cost

ClickFunnels Platinum Review [2020]

🎵🎵 Happy Birthday to ClickFunnels, Happy Birthday to youuuu..🎵🎵. Russell Brunson celebrated 5 years of ClickFunnels with an announcement and offer of a new package in their line-up – ClickFunnels Platinum.

ClickFunnels Platinum is the next step up to the ClickFunnels Basic subscription. Extra bells & whistles that we haven’t seen previously from Russell and the team.

In this ClickFunnels Platinum review we are going to look at exactly what you get, and at what cost to yourself.

Ultimately, is the ClickFunnels Platinum package worth buying? Let’s dive into the review and find out!

ClickFunnels Platinum Review
⭐️ tl;dr Summary <\b>

ClickFunnels have refreshed their packages to squeeze in the extra touches to help develop your skills & knowledge of Sales Funnel Building. If you are new to ClickFunnels be sure to grab the 14 day trial and immerse yourself in the training to understand how funnels can benefit almost any business. Use the wealth of knowledge that has been included in FunnelFlix – a superb addition to the ClickFunnels Platinum Package.

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clickfunnels mission statement

The ClickFunnels Birthday Announcement

A few weeks ago Russell Brunson started getting a little cryptic with his messages via email and social media. Alluding to the fact that times were changing and people were going to ask questions.

The rumor mill kicked into overdrive:

  • Is Russell Brunson stepping down from ClickFunnels?
  • Are ClickFunnels being sold?
  • Is there a merger going on with ClickFunnels and <insert rival company here>?
  • Has Russell gone mad?

He thrives in this kind of thing. Generating traffic and talk with careless chatter. Building interest and playing into his genius marketing hands…

As it turned out, the BIG ClickFunnels announcement on the 23rd September 2019, was to cover several items on the agenda.

This ClickFunnels Platinum Review has been written to try and give you the overall picture so you can decide if this package is the right one for you!


Category Kings

Firstly, he admitted that they had lost their focus and whilst trying to be good at everything they were losing their grip on being great at their core offering – sales funnel builders.

Focusing on non core products and the sheer growth of ClickFunnels had left them over committed to development and support in other areas.

He is determined to focus their efforts again and become category kings in what they do best – Funnels & Follow Up Funnels.

With that in mind they have sunsetted Actionetics and Actionetics MD. Current subscribers to the Etison Suite (Inc Actionetics) will go into maintenance mode, but new users won’t be able to sign up for them.

A bold move and refreshing when someone admits what they got wrong – an honesty I always admire.

It is early days however the intention is that ClickFunnels will look to acquire and collaborate with industry leading tech companies in order to provide the best integration tools, instead of building their own.

Try ClickFunnels Platinum for 14 Days FREE

clickfunnels members

ClickFunnels Packages 2020+

So the biggest announcement was around the ClickFunnels product refresh, the shake up of the packages on offer.

The $19 shared plan is no more – as you can read in this blog post. Hardly a surprise, it was always a little backdoor discount trick rather than something they shouted about. Clearly it doesn’t mine up with their new catalog.

You can still share funnels and get people to sign up – but they will have to pay the cost of $97 p/m for ClickFunnels Basic Plan.

What is ClickFunnels Basic Package?

Basic is probably not the way of describing such a good piece of software. It still gives many people what they need and is a great way of establishing how sales funnels will work for your business:

  • 20 Funnels
  • 100 Pages
  • 20,000 Visitors
  • 3 Custom Domains

The ClickFunnels Basic Plan still costs $97 p/m and has had a few little extras thrown in too. Notably, FunnelFlix and Funnel Hacker Forum (More on these later in this ClickFunnels Platinum Review).


What is the Best ClickFunnels Package?

Drum roll please… 🥁🥁🥁

Introducing the latest offering, ClickFunnels Platinum…..

The replacement to the Etison Suite and the answer to making ClickFunnels category king again.

ClickFunnels Platinum is the all singing and dancing “unlimited” version of ClickFunnels.

  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Follow Up Funnels (Rebranded Autoresponder/Actionetics)

No more worrying out and archiving funnels off to make room – a potentially great option for agencies?

clickfunnels platinum unlimited funnels

On top of that there were 3 key additions:

  • Daily Virtual Hack-a-thons
  • FunnelFlix
  • Funnel Hacker Forum (community)

This wouldn’t be much of a ClickFunnels Platinum review if i didn’t elaborate on these new features – even though they have launched a day or two ago.

Try ClickFunnels Platinum for 14 Days FREE

ClickFunnels Platinum Feature #1 – Daily Virtual Hack-a-Thons

One of the ways I prefer to learn is by doing. I have always been the same – no amount of reading a book will prepare me in the same way as a practical assignment. I want to see the real world example – what do I click on – what option do I choose – and best of all, can I ask questions?

The virtual hack-a-thons are brilliant for these. The ClickFunnels team will host live displays where they build a funnel and you can follow a long and build your own.

Lead Funnel, Survey Funnel, Summit Funnel, Book Funnel, Webinar Funnel, High Ticket Funnel. There will be an opportunity to pick up and follow along with any funnel building example you like.

clickfunnels daily hackathon platinum

ClickFunnels Platinum Feature #2 – Funnel Hacker Forum (community)

If like me you may already be in the Clickfunnels Official Facebook page. I am going to be honest with you (as that’s the whole point of a review huh!). I don’t like it.

There is the odd bit of gold but ultimately I feel like it’s just a swarm of people looking to prey on newbies to soak up that sign up commission. I would prefer to give it to someone who helped me rather than some of the disingenuous practices i see in there.

It is also a trolling ground of people who prefer to use Kartra, LeadPages and other Funnel Builders.

There is nothing wrong with variety but they use the group to pick people off the second they show some kind of issue or problem with ClickFunnels.

I think ClickFunnels have seen this too. In my opinion that is why they have created the Funnel Hacker Forum. A controlled environment only open to paid members.

Try ClickFunnels Platinum for 14 Days FREE

I know I will be spending some time in there. Whilst using a forum feels a little “2005” it also provides a bit of assurance and safety that i can ask questions without feeling like i will be ridiculed.

Likewise I can offer help and opinion to others in an open and encouraging environment.

After all, I may not be an expert, but i could be one step ahead of someone out there. Fellow FunnelHacker Forum members all have paid subscriptions and skin in the game.

ClickFunnels Basic subscribers – you also get access to this – however ClickFunnels Platinum users will get VIP access.

clickfunnels funnel hacker forum

ClickFunnels Platinum Feature #3 – FunnelFlix

clickfunnels funnelflix logo

This is Russell’s cherry on top. This is a very clever way of trying to push some of the basic subscribers up to the ClickFunnels Platinum Package.

If you are a never ending learner and have real issues with consuming too much then you will love this!

It is the Netflix of ClickFunnels

Russell Brunson has added tonnes of training packages from ClickFunnels and partners such as Tony Robbins and Garrett J White.

You login to the site and stream any of the programs you wish. Again, this is open to a limited level to ClickFunnels Basic subscribers.

At the time of writing you could access the following:

FunnelFlix for ClickFunnels Basic Subscribers:

30 Day Challenge
Affiliate Bootcamp
Ecommerce Live Event Training (Available Soon)
Brick & Mortar (Available Soon)
10X Documentary
Operation Toussaint
Funnel Hacking Live
Funnel Builder Secrets
Product Secrets
Money Mindset Training
Tony Robbins Private Collection

FunnelFlix for ClickFunnels Platinum Subscribers

One Funnel Away Challenge
Funnel University
Funnel Agency Secrets
10X Secrets
High Ticket Secrets (Available Soon)
Funnel Hackathon
Traffic Secrets
Youtube Traffic Secrets (Available Soon)
John Reese’s Outsource Force
Course Secrets (Available Soon)
Offermind (Available Soon)
Jay Abraham – The Anthology (Available Soon)
The Warrior’s Way Doctrine
The Collective Trainings

When you consider how much some of these training courses have sold for individually this is unbelievably good!

There must be thousands and thousands of dollars worth of value in FunnelFlix.

clickfunnels platinum upgrade now

ClickFunnels Platinum Review Summary

I think there are a couple of things to consider when deciding if ClickFunnels Platinum is the best package for you.

Do you need the follow up funnels and also an abundance of top class training?

Do you need ClickFunnels unlimited and the ability to create sales funnels without any constraints?

If so then ClickFunnels Platinum may be the right option for you, but it does come at a cost, $297 per month to be exact.

For many of the 95,000 registered ClickFunnels users it is worth every cent. ClickFunnels is a tool that can do so much for your business it can be minimal in comparison to other business costs.

I love some of the improvements they have made. I think adding a forum is a great way of trying to create a safe space and an environment that is more focused on helping fellow funnel builders.

If people will use the forum is another question – let’s face it, we love the convenience of Facebook groups.

FunnelFlix is also a fantastic addition to the subscription – considering the cost of these packages alone, if your an avid learner, then combined with the virtual hack-a-thons you should be a sales funnel master in no time!

I hope this ClickFunnels Platinum review was of use to you, hit the link below if you want to give ClickFunnels a 14 day trial yourself and make sure you binge on that expensive training at FunnelFlix!

Try ClickFunnels Platinum for 14 Days FREE

clickfunnels platinum package russell brunson

ClickFunnels Platinum Review [2020]
ClickFunnels have refreshed their packages to squeeze in the extra touches to help develop your skills & knowledge of Sales Funnel Building. If you are new to ClickFunnels be sure to gran the 14 day trial and immerse yourself in the training to understand how funnels can benefit almost any business. Use the wealth of knowledge that has been included in FunnelFlix - a superb addition to the ClickFunnels Platinum Package.
FunnelFlix - Netflix for Entrepreneurs
Funnel Hacker Forum - Safe space among the other 95k members
ClickFunnels Unlimited - No need to worry about hotting any limits!
Cost - $297 is cheap for some businesses but a stretch for startup affiliates and some industries
Forum - It remains to be seen whether a forum has the same pull as a Facebook group
$19 Shared Funnel Plan - Removing this scuppers some of my side projects
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