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Make Money Online With SAAS Affiliate Programs

Is it possible to promote software and make money online fast?

Can anyone become a SAAS affiliate? (Software As A Service)

Well, turns out that’s a big fat yes. I’m going to show you how to promote software and make money online fast by using affiliate marketing. This is going to be beginner-friendly and break it all down for you so you can get started fast.

[ Here is the accompanying video if you prefer to use your ears rather than your eyes ]

SAAS Affiliate Marketing Explained

Now, we are going to be using affiliate marketing in order to make that money, which is basically where you promote a product/service and if someone signs up via your link you get a commission.

I am going to tell you why software is the perfect opportunity to make money, how to achieve this, and one technique to make recurring commissions on autopilot

When it comes to affiliate marketing, software can be one of the best things to promote. Here are 3 reasons why I believe software is such a great opportunity

1. People tend to need software more than they desire it

For example, a blogger may need an email autoresponder software in order to build their subscriber list.

An online seller may need an eCommerce suite in order to run their store, fulfil orders, manage customers.

A photographer may need an online platform to sell their digital products or even software to edit and process their images.

An entrepreneur may need a funnel builder to create a landing page, host their digital products, and much more.

2. Business buyers are more willing spenders

Secondly, these people, are usually purchasing for business purposes so are more willing and able spenders. I know personally, I don’t pay for any software juts because its fun, yet for my online business, I pay for 3 or 4 different software because they help me with my business needs.

3. Recurring and high ticket commissions

Lastly, a lot of these products in the software category will pay recurring commissions, in other words for as long as the person you refer stays a customer, they will pay you an affiliate commission. Many businesses will start using a particular software and then when it’s ingrained into their processes they are unlikely to change it unless the quality really deteriorates or it no longer does what they need.

It’s simply too much hassle and they build habits around that software, which then becomes a long term earner.

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How To Make Money With SAAS Affiliate Programs

The key to making money with software is to show people the benefits of that software and the reasons why they need it.

First, I would always recommend signing up yourself. Figuring out all the good and bad parts, learning how to use it and really understand the reasons why a business should use it.

  • Does it help them make money?
  • Does it help them create quicker?
  • Does it add quality to their products and services?
  • Does it generate customers?
  • Does it help increase profits?
  • Does it help them stay organised?

Each piece of software will have its benefits and most of these you can probably work out just from their sales pages, which also giveaway their ideal customers. Use these SAAS sales pages to your adventure and find your angles, pain points, common language that you should incorporate.

I would also keep an eye out for new software that is less competitive, for example, Groovefunnels, is a new all in one marketing suite. It’s competing in a market that has established spenders and is kicking up a storm, with over 100k people in the Facebook group already, all interested and looking to know more about how Groovefunnels works and why they should consider it. You could be that person.

With Groovefunnels, every person that buys through your link would earn you between 20-40% commission depending on whether you are a paid member yourself.

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But there are tonnes of other SAAS affiliate programs, one place I like to look for ideas is on Capterra. Browse through the software looking for ideas that suit your niche or knowledge and then google that software with the word “affiliate” appended – it won’t take long to find something to promote.

In a moment though I will give you one super simple technique to make more money with software tutorials.

What’s The Best Platform For SAAS Affiliate Marketing?

Personally, in order to achieve a long term business, I would create two things – a blog and a youtube channel.

Combine the two in order to maximise your chances of ranking on google.

But if you just want to start with YouTube then that’s fine – because it’s likely to be the best place for people looking for help with software, as people want to visualise what they are getting.

Now you may wonder what content should you create?

Sure tutorials can work, how-to videos that demonstrate how to perform a certain task, but these often appeal more to current users and you are looking for those who don’t know they need this software yet. So my advice would be to create broader content.

In other words, instead of creating a video that says “How to publish a form in Getresponse email autoresponder” create one that says “How to build an email list from your blog”.

By generalising the topic of the video it gives us a chance to address a problem that a particular audience has, and then we can show them step by step how to do this, but first they should sign up for the software we recommend.

It also allows us to target a much wider audience. If someone is searching for GetResponse tutorials then chances are that is a much smaller and specific audience.

Best Way To Promote SAAS Affiliate Programs

Now I promised you one particular technique that is really effective for this type of SAAS affiliate marketing. It’s a strategy that I have seen leading marketers turn into 6 and 7 figure businesses.

And it starts by giving away your knowledge for free. Seriously.

Each video that you create on youtube, you are going to send back to simple sales funnel, a landing page. On that page, you are going to offer some free training to get started for free.

So if your audience is aspiring bloggers you can create a free training course on “how to grow your blog and build an army of email subscribers.”

If your audience is course creators or coaches then you can create some free training on “how to sell digital products on autopilot.”

The way you do this is by using something like Groovefunnels or Clickfunnels, and build out a membership site, in there you create some different lessons, by looking at what people are searching for on google and youtube. Then you just create a series of 5-10 minute videos showing step by step how this is done.

In between these lessons in any of the whitespace you have, you tell them that step 1 is to signup to the software, so they can follow along with you.

Its as simple as that, yet its a hugely powerful strategy.

Find a way to convince them to sign up to the software as its the route to answering all their questions and problems, and achieving the results they desire.

After all, if you are promoting good software that you believe in then this shouldn’t be so hard.

I know of several people that have created youtube channels and blogs, centred around a particular piece of software and have gone onto make 6 to 7 figures. So I know it can absolutely be done.

If you hadn’t guessed already, my hottest tip at the moment is GrooveFunnels. It’s a blue ocean. Has huge potential to many different business types and one of the best SAAS affiliate programs.

Let me know in the comments what is your favourite software to promote?

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