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13 Best Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

13 Best Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs [2020]

Affiliate Marketing is a beautiful thing.

An industry worth over $12 billion. Yes Billion. In the US alone retailers are expected to spend $6.8 billion on affiliate marketing.

Over 81% of brands have adopted affiliate marketing as a monetization stream and strategy to spread their message and product awareness.

In this blog post I am going to discuss my 13 best recurring commission affiliate programs available in 2020.

So if you’re looking to get started and build your own online business – look no further than using affiliate marketing to monetize your online business.

What Platform Is Best For Affiliate Marketing?

Almost any social platform can be used for effective affiliate marketing. Especially the big boys:

  • Blogs
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook

Realistically though, if you find a place with an audience then chances are you will find a way of using affiliate marketing to make money.

Personally, I am investing a lot of time in YouTube and I think it has the most potential. It gives people the chance to listen and see you. Resonate with the real you and build a relationship and trust.

YouTube is also a great platform because we are consuming video like its going to run out tomorrow. Every day a billion hours worth of YouTube content is watched by people of all ages and nationalities.


What Makes A Great Affiliate Program?

When I first started with affiliate marketing I used to promote a lot of Amazon affiliate niches. One of which was Adult coloring books – used mainly for stress relief and mindfulness.

I spent an absolute age designing logos, color schemes, learning WordPress, and then creating written content.

Yes it was an emerging niche and had potential but i was trying to make 1-3% one off commission on products that sold for $5-$15.

That was not a get rich quick scheme!

The niche had potential but the products were not right.

After a lot of learning and training (I signed up for Zach Crawfords Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks – Click for the Review) I eventually realized how to choose my niche and product.

This is now what I look out for when choosing a core product to promote (not necessarily all of them).

That’s my checklist to a good affiliate program to promote.

checklist affiliate program commission

Why I Like to Promote High Ticket Items


It is easier to sell 1 product that earns a $500 commission than it is to sell 500 products that earn a $1 commission.

Yes its a harder task to convince someone, as its a large amount of money. Yet, if the product is good enough and can really help people and improve their lives then maybe its not that hard after all?

I mentioned earlier that I promote a course on affiliate marketing (Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks).

The reason I promote this course is two fold.

  1. If you click on the link and buy it – I will make almost $500
  2. I signed up for the product myself and I absolutely love it. It is a genuinely brilliant product and affiliate marketing training course. It can literally change lives if you follow what Zach teaches and put the EFFORT in.

There you go. I do believe in honesty and openness when it comes to affiliate marketing – I never promote products I don’t believe in and would spend my own money on.

secret affiliate marketing hacks commission

But wait… Is that example providing a recurring affiliate commission?


Why Choose a Recurring Affiliate Commission Program?

Not all affiliate programs are high ticket. Sure the ones that are can be the most lucrative but they can also be out of financial reach for your audience.

So you may need to analyse and look at what your audience needs and any products you can recommend that require a monthly payment.

Generally the best recurring affiliate commission programs are software subscriptions – where the end users business requires the ongoing payment for that particular service.

This is often your best angle as an affiliate.

Find a software or monthly membership that your audience can use, then promote the benefits and opportunity of that software.

This all depends on your niche but for example sake, let’s pretend you are a Mom Blogger.

a cup of jo mom blog

You create content and talk about your daily life and hopefully one day how blogging has enabled you to quit work and be in charge of your own time and fortune.

But how?

How did you go from working a full time job to now spending as much time together as you want as a family?

This is where you tell your story.

People will resonate with you and learn to trust you – if you are providing value and helpful information. Help people solve problems and ease their pains.

Speak out through your blog posts to other mom’s. Desperate not to go back to work after maternity, to the career that once made their heartbeat with adrenaline every day as they rose through the corporate ladder.

Yet that musky meeting room now seems a million miles to how they want to spend their Tuesday afternoon.

Tell those wannabe mom bloggers… “How I started my Blog” or “How I used Sales Funnels to Grow My Blog x100”.

This example isn’t meant to be patronizing. It’s my own real life experience.

The reason you are reading this now is because when we had children our lives changed. I am trying to do everything in my power to allow a better work / life balance for my family.

the reason why i created my own online business

That is why I myself choose recurring commission affiliate programs as well as high ticket affiliate programs.

Recurring programs are exactly what they sound like. A repeated commission for as long as the membership is valid.

Let’s look at some of the best ones for people getting started with their own online business.

13x Best Recurring Affiliate Commission Programs [2020]

Email Service Providers

Anyone building an online business should hopefully appreciate the power of the email list.

Many companies will sell at a loss or break even just to get people on that email list. Why?

To sell to them again down the line. The barrier has been broken with the first sale so the second will be easier.

Email Service Providers enable companies to build an email list, create email sequences, analyse statistics around email marketing campaigns, and more.

I find that most people I know will choose an Email Service Provider and stick with them – deeming it to difficult to move (it generally isn’t). So although the commission may not be high, it can be regular.

This is one of the best products for recurring commissions so I am going to hit you with 3 of them 🙂

✅ Aweber – This is who I use & recommend for my email marketing – 30% recurring commission affiliate program

✅ Convertkit – 30% recurring commission

GetResponse – 33% recurring commission

Watch this video if you want to know more about the importance of list building:

Landing Page & Funnel Builder

There are numerous funnel builders out there, continually pushing each other to improve their offering.

A funnel is an automated web page that guides a lead into a customer in the most streamlined and effective way.

It is like a web page but better. Usually much more simplified and direct on what it is trying to achieve.

Many businesses can benefit from sales funnels. If you need leads then you can use a funnel!

Bloggers, coaches, consultants, ecommerce, small business, affiliate marketers, personal trainers, almost anyone.

Funnel builders such as Clickfunnels (One of the core products I promote) are excellent for affiliate marketers and one of the few that tick all boxes. They offer high ticket AND recurring commissions and almost everything they do is BRILLIANT.

Kartra is the feature rich alternative to ClickFunnels that is attracting many of my marketing peers.

Clickfunnels – 30-40% recurring commission affiliate program

Kartra – 40% recurring commission


Shopify is a platform where you can easily create your own eCommerce store online. Design your store, add your products, find your customers. May not be quite as simple as that but many people are creating additional income streams using drop shipping via Shopify stores.

If you can prove this works to your own audience then you can get recurring commissions from Shopify for signing other store owners up.

Shopify – 20% recurring commission


This is a Digital Marketing super tool. It has many feature to help marketers grow their websites and online businesses. Tools & analytics capabilities for SEO, Paid Ads, Social Media & More.

Semrush – 40% recurring commission

semrush screenprint

Learning Management System (LMS)

These two options are leading LMS providers. What does that mean?

You can create and sell your own digital courses. You don’t have to be a career trained teacher, you can use these platforms to share your own expertise with the world.

Create a course on dog training, setup your own membership site on Etsy selling, and more. Whatever your passionate about and think you can help others with. These platforms give you the tools to get started.

Teachable – 30% recurring commission affiliate program

Thinkific – 20% recurring commission

LMS teachable thinkific


It isn’t a huge earner but for anyone looking to create their own YouTube channel then TubeBuddy is a brilliant tool. It is a plugin that delivers tonnes of useful information and analytics around your YouTube channel.

Keyword analysis that can be used to create tags, descriptions, titles and even help shape the future of your content planning. The free option is pretty good too but if you want to promote those advanced features then set your channel up, use the features, and tell others why they should too!

Tubebuddy – 50% recurring commission

Thrive Themes

I love WordPress. Yes, that is perhaps the geekiest thing that could come out of a persons mouth (or thoughts, as i am typing this..). Its true though, WordPress is a great way of creating your online presence through a blog or website.

When you setup a WordPress site you install a theme. WordPress itself is the bricks and mortar house whereas the theme is the decoration and contents of that home, the hardwood flooring and the fitted kitchen with all the nice features.

Thrive themes is one of the strongest WordPress themes you can choose, it is jam packed with tonnes of features and add ons that are designed for marketers, with the aim of converting leads to customers.

Thrive Themes – 25% recurring commission

thrive themes affiliate program recurring commission


If you are looking to use Pinterest as your main social platform for your digital business then Tailwind could be the perfect companion.

Pinterest suits visual niches and products and is used by affiliates in many industries but especially Home Decor, Arts & crafts, Travel.

Tailwind is an app that helps schedule, analyse, and create engaging posts on both Pinterest and Instagram. Its a solution to help you scale faster and more efficiently. Document your journey getting started as a Pinterest newbie and show everyone how Talwind is helping you hit your goals and build your business.

Tailwind – 15% recurring commission


This website can tie into many forms of Digital Marketing. I have seen YouTubers use Snappa to create custom YouTube end screens, thumbnails, channel art. Equally there are other templates on Snappa too allowing you to create a variety of images for use across any of your social channels.

The Pro features of Snappa are pretty extensive – tonnes of templates and an extensive stock photo library. It isn’t a huge earner and definitely doesn’t class as “high ticket” however it is an easy one to sell as its such good value. It all stacks up!

Snappa – 30% recurring commission affiliate program


Affiliate Marketing is a balancing act. I have learnt that focus is key.

Choose your niche.

Choose your platform.

Choose your core product.

jon100 affiliate marketing explained for beginners

I will always try and promote high ticket affiliate programs (only good products!) however there is a place for recurring commission affiliate programs too.

Take the small wins and promote products that can really help larger numbers of people. Show them how their businesses can grow, their pain points eased, their lives improved.

Maybe look at reinvesting that regular repeat income to pay for your own subscriptions and services – reinvesting back into yourself and your business.

Thanks for checking out my 13 Best Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs. If you have any great programs not listed here then let me know in the comments.

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