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GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program: First Impressions?

Have you heard about the new and intriguing product in the website/funnel building market?

This post is a glimpse and first impressions of the GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program and software.

I have a habit of jumping into things too late, just as the opportunity has passed and everyone has filled their boots and started packing up, ready to move onto the next shiny thing.

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride.

One of the reasons for this is because I like to be thorough.

I like to know everything 100% before I jump in.

But in digital marketing I now realise that sometimes it is better to act too quickly than it is to wait too long.

Speed works in your favour.

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The Next Big Affiliate Opportunity?

So this post is about an opportunity for any of you aspiring affiliates.

One that removes the excuses.

A product type that is proven to work.

The chance to get in early and stamp your authority.

It is not a recommendation – not YET anyway.

I have said before, I like to promote products I love and pay for myself.

At this point, I am not far in enough to do that, not today anyway, as I signed up for the FREE account about 19 hours ago!

But I want everyone to be aware of new opportunities, and to learn to analyse and test, and see whether they can work for you.

So let me explain.


Perhaps one of the oddest product names I have heard but here is the deal.

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What is GrooveFunnels?

It is a suite of Digital Marketing tools – designed to help entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes.

Tools to convert leads, increase profits, and nurture customer relationships.

This is a competitive market (Clickfunnels, Kartra, Convertir, Builderall…) and so the owners know they have to enter the market fighting, what better way than to give value for FREE.

So at the moment, they are offering a lifetime free account that gives you access too:


Allows you to sell your own digital products…free

Unlimited products and funnels
​Flexible pricing structure​
Dynamic thank you pages
Powerful checkout options
Upsells, downsells, order bumps
One-Click Upsells
Use your own ​Paypal, ​​Stripe, braintree, ​Authnet, or NMI
Dynamic exit pop-ups on checkout
Zero monthly fees
Zero transaction fees
​100% Free

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This is part of GrooveSell but basically allows you to build your own affiliate offer.

Recruit your own army of affiliates to promote your own digital products and manage that relationship.

GroovePages LITE

A drag and drop page builder, that allows you to build landing pages, funnels, websites.

It is beginner-friendly and template rich but also has enough to satisfy those CSS geeks amongst you 🙂

The free version lets you build 3 sites but with GrooveFunnels branding visible.

Sign Up For A FREE GrooveFunnels Account

Is GrooveFunnels Completely Free?

There are paid upsells if you want more options, such as custom branding and unlimited funnels, but the above is FREE for life, from what I can see.

You have enough functionality here that you can familiarise yourself with, create blog posts, youtube videos. Play around and test.

Rule it in, or rule it out.

It may become your core product to recommend.

get groovefunnels for free

I know there are already people making significant amounts in the GrooveFunnels affiliate program – as there is rapid growth and uptake for their products.

People are intrigued – I am!

We want the benefits of funnel builders but with an ever-increasing eye on the costs – human desire of wanting more for less.

What Is The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program?

Even without paying a single penny, in the Groovefunnels affiliate program – you qualify for 20% commissions (40% if you upgrade), as well as second tier commissions of 5%-10% – for that lemon-fresh MLM feel 🙂

It does have potential and its low/no risk to go exploring NOW.

There is also a paid lifetime membership offer, which they describe as a “kickstarter”.

The platinum option.

For a one-off fee they are offering lifetime membership to current and ALL future products.

Given the monthly expense of funnel builders this is definitely tempting and worth having a good test of the software.

is groovefunnel an opportunity

So how can I become a success story of the GrooveFunnels affiliate program?

This is simple.

First of all, once you sign up for a free account, you’re now an affiliate – congrats!

But look at what the successful people in the Clickfunnels community have achieved. All those 2 Comma Club Winners.

Model what they did – but without the fierce competition.

Don’t know where to find them?

They are everywhere – I know of one huge clickfunnels success story in my tiny facebook group alone.

Look at the 2CC list, at the free Affiliate Bootcamp, or the names mentioned on the Clickfunnels blog.

clickfunnels platinum package russell brunson

Find an audience that would benefit from GrooveFunnels

  • Ecommerce
  • Brick and mortar business
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Network marketers
  • Service providers
  • Coaches & Consultants
  • Anyone that sells a product or service.

Now create content that helps those people, and shows them that GrooveFunnels is the vehicle that will help them get more leads, bigger profits, a better life.

If you believe it will 🙂

Introduce them but build a relationship too – via a Facebook group, an email list, or any method you prefer.

Nurture that relationship and as GrooveFunnels grows, so will you.


Final Thoughts On GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program & Product

GrooveFunnels is new, it’s raw, it’s a work in progress, with components left to build…. but that can also be part of the appeal.

That could be the OPPORTUNITY.

Over the next few weeks I will be diving in and taking a look, checking all the pro’s and con’s, and seeing how it can help people.

How about you?

Click the link below if you want to jump in and take a look – as I start to learn more you will be the first to hear about it.

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