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martin lewis money saving expert

Martin Lewis [Money Saving Expert] – Super Affiliate

Imagine creating a business for £100 and then 10 years later it sold for £87 MILLION. For a second, consider what it must feel like if that was your business…


You just sold for £87 MILLION!!

I know I wouldn’t know where to start with that kind of bankroll, would you?

Now brace yourself…..

I am going to tell you what life changing, groundbreaking, melt your freaking face off gadget/software they created for this business…..



The Business that Sold for £87,000,000

The site was Money Saving Expert, and they provide consumer advice.


Martin Lewis built Money Saving Expert in 2003. As a financial journalist he was already creating tips and advice for a group of friends and decided to start adding these tips to a blog.

Martin used his blog to expand his audience and help a few extra people cut back on their household bills.

He created an online business in order to serve an audience.

All for £100.

Who is Martin Lewis?

Martin is well known in the UK.

He champions financial fairplay, and takes on a Robin Hood style persona, helping the public reclaim false bank charges, missold insurance premiums, cut their household bills and try and raise their income.

I have used the Money Saving Expert website for a few things in the past and his blog posts and forums have helped me reclaim undue charges and also saved me money. Exactly what his site says on the tin.

The MSE blog has grown into an absolute beast.

It is one of the best examples on the internet of how to run forums, with thousands of everyday people looking to for help and advice on a wide variety of topics.

16 million people visit Money Saving Expert every month.

How does Money Saving Expert Make Money?

Money Saving Expert was started in 2003 and sold in 2012 for that £87m, but that wasn’t the end for Martin. He stayed on, and is still to this day the face of MSE.

Amongst other things…

In 2014 Martin was awarded an OBE from the Queen for his consumer and charitable work, he hosts his own TV show, is an author and boasts to host the biggest money site in the country.

Refreshingly Martin Lewis is open about how the coffers are filled at MSE HQ. I guess as a vocal point for ethics he has to be!

The business strategy they use is Affiliate Marketing.

Martin recommends (ethically) the best buys for Credit Cards, Mortgages, Bank Accounts and much more.

Each time someone uses his website (Clicks on a button/link) to then sign up for one of these services, he gets a commission.

Affiliate Marketing is a referral strategy that is used by many websites.

Money Saving Expert use an affiliate network called Skimlinks. An affiliate platform that sits on your website and changes the inks for you, tracks any clicks and handles the payments from the companies you refer too.

Skimlinks is an excellent choice for bloggers and websites that want all the hard work automated.

That is how Money Saving Expert make money.

Whilst £87 MILLION is a pipe dream for most of us, what is an amount of money you would be happy earning?

Key Takeaways from the Martin Lewis Story

Martin Lewis isn’t the first name that would spring to mind when you think of super affiliates however it’s hard to argue against it.

He has created a business and a brand that is known throughout the UK and is reinforced by the vast suns of money they generate.

Here are the main takeaways from the story of Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert.

✅ Takeaway #1 – You have to actually START, before you can sell for £87 Million. What are you waiting for? The concept of Affiliate Marketing is simple. If you need guidance on HOW then check out the free training I have here.

✅ Takeaway #2 – Martin sold the site, but as the peoples person and the reputation and brand he built, it is HIM that has the know, like and TRUST factor. Just a normal bloke, with a geeky interest. Inspiring.

✅ Takeaway #3 – Martin creates content that HELPS people – right’s wrongs, earn money, save money, make the right choices and improve understanding around consumer rights. People want to be helped. Successful affiliates know how to serve an audience and improve their lives. Martin does this in abundance.

✅ Takeaway #4 – MSE prides itself on its ethical standpoint. Only recommend products that are good, or the right fit for that person. This is an ethos I follow. Always ask yourself, would I pay for this product out of my own money? if so, tell others how good it is.

mse money saving expert affiliate

Now imagine if it was possible to start your own business for less than $100….

It is.

💯 YouTube = FREE

💯 Blog = Less than $100

I have started mine….small and consistent steps forward. Learning by doing. Trying to create my own success.

>> Get Started With Your Own YouTube Channel <<

Martin Lewis is one of many people who has monetized their business with affiliate marketing. Yes, his workrate is exceptional, and yes he has mastered his niche, but remember – he started somewhere.

“Looking back, I’m staggered by how it all happened. I wish I’d been clever enough to design the growth with a masterplan, but, in truth, it’s been a gradual instinctive thing over many years.” – Martin Lewis

Start today. Treat it as an actual BUSINESS.

If like me your a little more reserved and introverted, then join my Facebook Group (Digital Marketing for Introverts) and find a community of like minded people using quiet strength to build their £87 MILLION businesses (or maybe less 😉 )

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