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13 Best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face 2021

And now, from the makers of 10 YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your face 2020 we bring you 13 YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face 2021.

Let’s get ready tooooooo…….. oh screw this.

It could be age, religion, shyness, strict parents, fear, cost, tech experience, or just the fact that your boss told you “I don’t ever wanna see your face on YouTube son”.

Whatever the reason is that you don’t want to put your big beautiful face on YouTube, just know that I am here for you, and I want to help.

That’s why in this video I am going to give you 13 YouTube channel ideas without showing your face in 2021.

All of these are proven and working and I will give you an example for each one, but not just that, I will go one step further and give you some of the best tips and tricks, and tell you exactly how these channels are achieving their success so you can too.

This post is a transcript from a recent YouTube video, if you would prefer to watch it then check it out below:


Let’s do this

YouTube Channel Idea #1 – Gaming

Number 1 has to be a Minecraft channel just like Dream. Now the reason I’m starting with this one is because the last time I created one of these videos, I didn’t include him, in fact, I was the only person on the planet to never have even heard of him.

Look I’m old and I’ve already forgotten what I had for breakfast today so gimme a break. So this is for the 8 trillion comments that asked where Dream was. Well, here you go! alright? Happy now!?

Remember, YouTube gaming channels are massively popular, with over 80 thousand channels passing the 100 thousand subscriber mark, so there is huge demand for your button bashing talents, but it may be best jumping on new games and trends where there’s less competition

dream youtube megastar

YouTube Channel Idea #2 – Horror Story Animation

So a shoutout to one of my viewers Kawai Chan for number 2, who suggested IAmRocker, which if you didn’t know is a really random but pretty cool niche of animated horror stories.

They have close to a million subscribers and they are making a pretty decent chunk of cash every month.

Socialblade suggests they could be earning up to 140 thousand dollars a year.

Now, something to point out is that social blade always has 2 figures that are way apart and this is because youtube advertising revenue is determined on so many factors, such as audience location, niche, relevant advertisers. But I always lean towards the higher end, because Socialblade is bang on the nose with my own channel, and I’m yet to see another YouTuber that doesn’t say similar.

So if you are the creative sort and like to write horror stories then maybe this is a profitable niche for you. And if you are worried that you don’t know how to create animations then fear not because you can learn that kind of thing right here on YouTube, which takes me seamlessly into number 3….

YouTube Channel Idea #3 – Tutorials

Nick creates amazing tutorials on Inkscape (which is photoshop for poor folk like me). Logos by Nick does a few things really well, and you should write these down as they are key to your new channel.

1) He doesn’t show his face, he just uses a screen recording app to record exactly what he does. There are tonnes of options for this at all different price levels. So Nick doesn’t have to worry about the lighting, how his room is staged, or even whether he’s having a bad hair day. He records his screen and goes for it.

2) Nick knows his audience and he creates content that is extremely helpful for them. The Inkscape community, is full of designers that prefer free open-source software instead of expensive adobe offerings, and if you have ever used a good graphic tool like Inkscape then the learning curve is steep, the first place you look is YouTube for some visual learning.

You can apply this same principle to any piece of software out there so the opportunities are endless

youtube logo on stand

YouTube Channel Idea #4 – MrMoney

Make money online is channel idea number 4, So this is a niche that I dabble in too, and I won’t lie, it’s a tough niche, because it’s so lucrative.

Ad revenue is usually pretty high because there are big-spending advertisers trying to solve one of life’s biggest problems, money, or lack of it.

But competitive doesn’t mean you should always steer clear. It just means there is proven demand and you are best looking for the smaller sub-niches where you can get some traction and build your subscribers. SO bear that in mind whatever niche you’re in.

MrMoney is an established name in this niche and he has a great style that you can easily replicate, he does feature in some of his videos but most are faceless, he uses a lot of stock video footage, assembles them together in a video editor, and adds his voiceover.

mrmoney youtube channel

This is something you can do too. You can download the footage from free sites like pexels or pixabay, or even pay and get access to a wider selection by using sites like storyblocks or envato.

Many of the channels in the make money online niches won’t be focused just on ad revenue, they will be making serious money using affiliate products, where you get paid a commission if someone buys through your affiliate link – for me, this is the best monetisation strategy on the internet and if you want to know more about it then check out this free training.

make money with affiliate marketing

YouTube Channel Idea #5 – Psychology

The next channel example is Practical Psychology, and before I show you their channel you should realise that the strategy they use works really well for any kind of informational and educational content.

Practical Psychology have been on Youtube for 5 years so it’s fair to say that they put the work and time in. They create quality content without showing their face, and the technique they are using is whiteboard explainer videos.

In particular, they are using a software called videoscribe, which by some amazing coincidence I also have a video explaining the entire process (check it out here)

Whiteboard explainer videos are a fantastic way of keeping people watching by using visual storytelling, combined with some expertise in a certain area you have a powerful combination for a YouTube channel, and you too could be creating videos that rack up millions of views just like Practical Psychology

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YouTube Channel Idea #6 – Drinks

If getting absolutely smashed out of your head at 8 in the morning, and getting paid for it is your thing then you’re going to like youtube channel idea number 6.

Now ok this one is a bit of a curveball, it’s a cocktail making channel. Most of these channels do actually show their face and are usually all about the bartender sharing their skills and expertise, it’s a niche that has really grown in popularity.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t work for faceless channels too, its a similar concept to the many cooking programs out there where you just have that camera lined up nicely on a nicely set backdrop and just show your hands. Twisted Bar is a growing channel that does this well and if you like a tipple and it’s a subject you’re interested in then maybe one for you to consider too.

[https://www.youtube.com/c/TwistedBar/videos](https://www.youtube.com/c/TwistedBar/videos) Niche / Channel / Insight

YouTube Channel Idea #7 – Cooking

Number 7 is short and sweet just like the food that they are cooking over on the food wishes channel.

Cooking and recipe channels are exactly the same premise as cocktails, you just need a well-positioned camera to show how you prep and cook your delicious meals.

This channel is a bit of a beast, according to social blade they are almost in the top 1000 YouTube channels in the states. One of the best parts about food, and cooking channels is yes it is competitive, but you can niche down. One way to niche down is to specialise in foods and recipes from your part of the world where there may be less competition.

food wishes youtube channel

YouTube Channel Idea #8 – Animals

YouTube channel idea number 8 is a tribute to our four-legged friends and one of my favourite channels on YouTube called Animal facts, they who work tirelessly to improve their YouTube channel, let me show you a few things they do so damn well as these could really help you

1) Big bold bright thumbnails that catch the eye

2) They have a strong audience connection, let’s face it, people love dogs more than their own children at times.

3) The type of videos they create, they use all of the winning tactics, top 10 lists, vs videos, highly targeted keywords and they do all of this with stock footage

This is a channel owner that has dedicated time to really learning how YouTube works.

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animal facts youtube channel idea

YouTube Channel Idea #9 – Enthusiast

Now for number 9 on our list of Youtube channel ideas without showing your face, Babbletop, yes, you heard me right, Babbletop is not just a really weird name, its also a massive YouTube channel that appeals to food enthusiasts as well as those of you that love a good top 10 list.

No, it’s not another cooking channel, jeez I’m not that lazy.

Instead, this is a channel that creates all kinds of food-related content, using stock footage, TV commercials, and in some cases footage from TV shows. They then assemble it all together with their own voiceover commentary.

Now one word of warning, when you reuse TV and commercial footage you need to be very careful in how you do this because of licensing implications.

You will notice that Babbletop have a disclaimer on each video that says they are re-purposing the content using fair use. So if this is your strategy make sure you do your research on what you can and can’t do. But don’t just upload an entire TV show, edit it, repurpose it, add commentary that talks about it in a different purpose than it was originally intended.

YouTube Channel Idea #10 – Facts

People go to YouTube to learn things. That’s a fact. And that’s why fact channels are really popular.

Body hub has around 900 thousand subscribers, and they create great content on anything and everything to do with the human body, even the squishy and wrinkly bits. But the genius is in how they do this.

body hub youtube channel idea

A lot of the channels I’ve shown you so far will use stock video, a voiceover, maybe some music, and some graphic overlays and then blend all that together in a video editor. Well, Body hub is one of the channels using an even easier method. They are using software called Vidnami to automate the entire process.

Here’s how it works:

  • You write your video script
  • Signup and login to Vidnami
  • Choose your video template
  • Paste your script and then work through the short wizard.

Vidnami will automatically pull in any stock videos or photos that it thinks are relevant, it will apply transitions and effects. All you have to do is give it a little cleanup at the end where you think you could improve it. It really couldn’t be any easier.

Click on this link to go test Vidnami yourself and secure a discount

YouTube Channel Idea #11 – Gacha Life

Now, I’m not saying I’m old, but I was talking to a dinosaur yesterday and he was telling me all about Gacha life videos.

Now I’m not gonna lie to you, I’ve had to do some googling on this one, and I hope I’ve got facts for you and not the cringe-worthy ramblings of an old man.. Apologies in advance young people

So Gacha life is a role-playing game where you get to customise characters and scenes. So what some incredibly patient people do is that they screenshot their phone to capture that frame, then they may edit an eye movement and screenshot again. It’s like a modern version of when you used to draw in the corner of a notebook and then flick through really fast.

But that’s how some people have created pretty decent YouTube channels like this one by itz lindy gacha.

Now before you run off and get started, just do your research. If your goal is just to have fun, connect with people, and improve your skills then you’re good. If however, you want to make money then you may run into issues running ads as technically a large percentage of the audience may be kids and so there are rules and stuff that YouTube puts in place.

Take a look though, because Lindy is running ads and social blade suggests that they make more than most people do in their 9-5 job.

gacha life youtube channel idea

YouTube Channel Idea #12 – Student Support

Mega marketer Pat Flynn’s first online business was creating tips and advice for people studying an architecture exam.

Ali Abdaal is a YouTube phenomenon that created much of his content about medical school and all that it entails. Both of these show their faces, but the point is they also built credible audiences and income streams by helping students or people trying to achieve qualifications.

This channel is called Respiratory Therapy Zone.

Not the eye-catching, super sexy content that’s likely to hit the trending page, yet here they are, with 250,000 subscribers and millions of views. They have identified an audience, which in their case is respiratory therapists and students, and they create content that supports them in their studies and career, and they are making around 8 thousand a month in the process.

This is a great channel idea, and you can do exactly the same for the thousands of career and qualification paths out there.

And look, just like I promised you, no face!

Instead, they are another channel using our old friend Videoscribe…. did I mention I have several other videos that go into this technique, sat patiently for you to finish this video. Yeah, I did.

YouTube Channel Idea #13 – Experiments

Number 13 on our list of best YouTube channel ideas without showing your face is one of those classic binge-watch niches. The ones where curiosity gets the better of you. That’s right, it’s an experiment channel. and the best part about these is that usually, all you need is a camera, some music and a way of creating intrigue.

True or false experiments post much more frequently and they follow a model, they use a particular bit of machinery and either squash, pour, grind or whatever to a variety of objects like firecrackers, nails, sweets, coca cola, but do you know what the crazy part is, they are earning between 250 thousand and 4 million dollars a year.

Other channels also follow this concept, often by cutting objects in half or crushing things with high powered machinery.

true or false experiments

Disclaimer – don’t do this if you cant do it safely, or you’re not qualified, this video is not advice I’m just showing what others are doing. So if you copy this and lose an arm that’s on you numbnuts. Seriously though, experiments don’t have to be dangerous, look at some of the kids channels that literally mix slime or just chop plastic toys in half, so stay safe


That brings us to the end of this 13 Best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your face video, I hope that has given you an insight into some of the possibilities, but more importantly that you can see how you can start one yourself. What software and equipment you would need.

Its surprisingly simple to build a YouTube channel but often we just need some inspiration, which is why if thee 13 aren’t enough, you should go check these posts out too:


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