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youtube channel ideas without showing your face in 2020

10 Amazing YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

Every day people watch over a BILLION hours of video on YouTube.

It is the go-to platform for many people looking to expand an existing business or start a new one, but there is one thing that stops new YouTubers in their tracks.

The ultimate creator killer – that keeps most people as YouTube viewers instead of video producers.


Specifically fear of showing their face and being on camera.

Good news, this post and the accompanying video are here to help you defeat those worries and give you some example YouTube channel ideas without showing your face.

i need help

Don’t Be Scared

Now as a YouTuber that isn’t blessed with Brad Pitt looks, I would urge you to push past this and face your fears.

The beauty of YouTube is there is a space for everyone, especially if your content is good.

But I know that won’t change everyone’s mind, so this post is to show you some successful youtube channel ideas without showing your face.

And to prove a point I created a video that discusses all of these points using some fancy pants animation software that anybody can learn (this is my 2nd video).

This is what we are going to cover:

  1. The best YouTube Channel Ideas without showing your face
  2. The software you can use to grow a faceless youtube channel
  3. Examples of big earning youtube channels that don’t show their face
  4. An additional way of earning money via your youtube channel (whether you show your face or not)

Let’s jump straight into it.

The best YouTube Channel Ideas without showing your face


5 Minute Crafts is a great example of dominating YouTube with faceless videos.

It is the number 1 “How to” Site on YouTube.

Social Blade predicts they are making almost £7 Million in advertising revenue alone. An absolute beast for such a simple concept.

successful youtube channel that does not show their face

The key to their content is showing you how to do something without overcomplicating it with peoples personality. Less distraction and more about how you achieve something.

There are other successful channels such as Ventuno Art with over a million subs!

These are all big channels, so my advice would be to pick a subcategory, something more unique and build from there. The riches are in the niches!

Unboxing & Suprise Videos

Who doesn’t like a good unboxing video – whether it’s a mystery toy or the latest iPhone XXIVX.

We love to unravel the mystery of what’s inside the box – even when it then takes the shine off our own experience.

I have a child who is guilty of this – for birthdays and Christmas she wants mystery toys. Not for the toy itself, just the joy of opening them.

A couple of big-name examples of unboxing channels that don’t show their face are:

TheRelaxingEnd – Over 5million subscribers and a focus on gaming and technology – they are consistent with their branding and those slightly sinister white gloves.

unboxing video on youtube the relaxing end

Software Tutorial & Demos

One of my passions is affiliate marketing – promoting something through your content and earning a commission when someone buys.

[Free Training Here – How to start earning $3-5k promoting other peoples proven products]

Software for example, is a great way of making money on YouTube using affiliate marketing.

Think about creating content, and recording your screen (using a basic editor such as Filmora).

Is there any software that is particularly relevant to your channel?

You don’t even have to be an expert – you can start with the basics and learn as you go. As long as you are a step ahead of someone then you will find your audience.

For me, I use ClickFunnels to create webpages, so I create “How to” videos and show people the capabilities.

If anyone clicks on my link and also thinks it would help them then i get a commission.

It is such a great and legit way of helping people and earning an income at the same time. I would encourage any content creator to go watch the training above.

zach crawford secret affiliate

Gaming Channel

“Pick a game, any game”.

Now, Create content that shows the game inside out.

Every tip, trick and easter egg.

Look what other YouTubers are creating content on that is popular and improve on that.

Some gamers like to show themselves in the corner but you don’t need too. People are watching to see the gameplay.

Home of Games is a great example of how to do this.

home of games youtube channel


This is one of the most popular YouTube channel ideas without showing your face in 2020.

This category blows my mind.

Not only can they be faceless but they can be voiceless too.

Think about relaxation, meditation, and emotional wellbeing.

These videos are often just a few static photos or stock video that you can download free here – then with some audio dropped over.

The audio could be relaxing music or it could be a voiceover, for example, repeating some affirmations.

You can even use public domain interviews and speeches to sync over some stock footage – one fantastic channel that does this is BeInspired with over 6m subscribers

Or if you prefer a more basic approach to your videos then here is a great example of a wellbeing channel – Meditationrelaxmusic

meditation channel on youtube that doesnt show teir face


My wife works in the beauty industry and she can sit mesmerised by Nail Polish videos all day – it’s like therapy for her to watch each brushstroke.

The best part is the simplicity – set a camera or your phone up on a tripod, point it over your shoulder and record.

Some basic editing later – speed it up, overlay your music, and “Hey Presto” you have a YouTube video without showing your face.

Yes – it does depend on what area of beauty you want to cover, but there are lots of successful beauty channels out there.

READ MORE: 13 Best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face 2021


In the same way we used crafts and beauty to show only your hands, do the same for a cooking channel.

Picture the scene – a chopping board, some vegetables, and your hand slowly chopping the onions with a clean sharp knife.

Simple yet effective.

Cooking is a very large niche so look at narrowing down into a specialist category – tempura, fresh food for pets, keto recipes.

Or my new personal favorite and absolute genius YouTube channel – Miniature Dream Cooking

Social Blade predicts they make 500k a year by showing the world how to create teeny tiny litlle meals.

Love it!

Timelapse Photography

Are you a photography fan?

Timelapse is when you take the same photo (same position and subject) many times over a period (10 hours or 100 days etc).

Next, you stitch those photos together and it shows a long process in a short period of time and can be a fascinating way to see the world.

Again, timelapse photography can be a great idea for a YouTube channel idea without showing your face or using your voice.

Completely anonymous.

If you want an example checkout this fascinating, but slightly macabre channel that shows decaying foods – Temponaut

timelapse photography on youtube

Listicles and Top Tens

The staple format of many successful blogs but in video.

These are generally compilation videos of anything and everything, you know the ones:

  • Top 10 moments movies to make you cry
  • The worlds best sporting achievements
  • Top 10 ways to cook an egg

Mix up the techniques (which we will cover in a moment) and create videos on any subject you choose.

My only word of caution for these ones – make sure you’re aware of any copyright considerations before cloning videos.

Techgumbo – almost a million subs and they cover tonnes of different subjects

Animation (My favorite)

Youtube is a showcase for some highly skilful people like Jaiden Animation

Now I know what you are going to say – but Jon, I’m not an animator. I can’t draw with a pencil never mind create animations.

Don’t worry I have got your back. Neither am I.

My daughter is 5 years old and can draw better than me (true story)

There are tonnes of excellent animation channels that aren’t experts or cartoonists

So what a lot of them do is like I have in the video at the start of this blog, they use animation software that is designed for anyone to master.

There are several options but the one I use is called VideoScribe.

VideoScribe is 1) Awesome 2) Well priced 3) Easy to Learn

Channels such as:

Better Than Yesterday (2 million views in the last 30 days!)

Paddy Galloway (Over 100k subscribers from 14 videos)

Both are using software like VideoScribe and thriving.

The Heath Nerd is a great channel and whilst it has its own style now – he started off with the same thing – using whiteboard animation software.

Video Techniques Used By The Succesful Channels

All of the channel ideas above have something in common, they are all YouTube channel ideas without showing your face.

Each one in their own right has created a successful and yet anonymous channel.

What are the techniques they used to create this success?

Let’s recap:

  • Camera pointing over the shoulder (on a tripod) and filming just their hands
  • Screen recording using a video editor such as filmora
  • Repurposing stock videos or public domain footage again using a video editor
  • Use Google to create basic slide shows and add your voice over the top
  • Animation videos created with simple to learn software

These are just a few suggestions – if you have any more than I would love to know them – drop a comment below.

Finally, once you have your channel setup then you can earn an income via your YouTube in two ways:

  1. Once qualified you can apply to run display ads (you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours)
  2. Use affiliate marketing where you promote products and get paid a commission (check out the free training below)

I hope this helps get you started on YouTube. If you want more ideas then checkout the video below which shows 13 YouTube Channel ideas without showing your face 2021:



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