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top tools for youtube channel without showing face

7 Top Tools For YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Face

In order to start a youtube channel.

Many people assume they need expensive photography equipment, a team of assistants, and bucket fulls of confidence.

Not so.

There are tonnes of hugely successful YouTube channels out there that just use a mobile phone and a video editor.

Start a YouTube Channel

Don’t underestimate the power of simplicity. Many channels are shot looking down at their hands using only a camera and tripod. In this blog post I am going to tell you the top tools for YouTube channel ideas without showing face.

youtube channel idea without showing face

The technical aspects don’t have to be complicated, just always bear in mind your audience and what they are on YouTube for.

As this chart shows, generally people watch YouTube to solve problems, learn something and be entertained in the process.

Give them what they want in the most effective method you can manage.

This post is about showing you “The HOW” instead of “The WHAT”.

If you want channel niche ideas go check out this post for some top YouTube channel ideas without showing face, but, if you want to know what tools and resources creators are using to make those amazing videos, then read on or watch the video below.

The aim of this post is to fill in the gaps, and show you the technical side. You can then choose whatever works for you and go apply that to any niche that interests you.

Video Editor

This is where you assemble your videos.

A place to cut out the bits that didn’t make the final shot, and add any special effects that enhance your video.

Don’t worry if your not technical, most of these are super easy to learn, and if you get stuck there are is an abundance of tutorials on youtube.

Personally I like to use wondershare filmora, it cost me something like $70 as a lifetime purchase, and it’s great.

But there are free options such as Davinci Resolve

editing youtube video on laptop

Audio Programs

A lot of YouTube channels that don’t show face are created by people who also don’t want to use their voice. Instead, they have 3 options

  1. Pay someone on fiverr or upwork to do voiceover work
  2. Just use music and grab your royalty-free audio from sites like bensound or use the youtube audio library which is pretty extensive.
  3. Or if you need an actual voice then use an automated voice.

There are questions over whether youtube is clamping down on the old fashioned robot voice, and in my opinion, generally, it sounds awful. But luckily the software out there is improving constantly.

If you haven’t already then go check out Speechilo which is probably the best I have seen so far.

It has a range of voice types and is far more realistic than the usual methods.

record audio on cellphone


Formerly known as Content Samurai, Vidnami is a great tool that can be used to automate video creation. It is as simple as pasting your script in and it will go look at its video library to find useful stock video and photos, and then display on-screen text.

Simple and effective.

You do have to play around with it a little to make it look just right but again, it takes a lot of the hard work out of creating YouTube videos for you.

Ultimately it’s the age-old question – do you have more money or time?

There are loads of tools out there that can help you create videos quickly, but they come at a financial cost.

Click here if you wish to trial Vidnami and see its capabilities yourself – this is exactly how sites like natural cures have grown to be a huge youtube channel that doesnt ever sho their face.

watch youtube on laptop

Stock Footage

I have just shown you a way of creating automated videos, but what if you want to do the same thing for less cost?

This is exactly how some of these mindset channels are creating YouTube videos without showing their face.

If you have plenty of time on your hands you can do this manually just using your video editor. You’re going to need some good stock footage.

If you’re a canva pro subscriber then they also have tonnes of really good video footage as well as all the other great features you get with canva pro.

My favourite free sites are Pixabay and Pexels, where you can download free stock footage and upload to your chosen video editor – then process exactly how you like – adding your music, audio, on-screen text

lady creating youtube video


There are some great options when it comes to animated video.

Personally, I have tested Doodly and Videoscribe and that’s what I am using for my videos, I really enjoy the creative aspects.

There is other software out there, but generally, they require a monthly subscription.

Animations can be a great way of telling stories and keeping people entertained. There are also a lot of people that sell their animation skills on the various freelance sites so you could try and cover your expenses by doubling up as an animator for hire

editing videos on a laptop


Again Canva is a great option and has tonnes of ready-made templates, but you can also use keynote or google slides which are free. Add your info and facts about your chosen subject and off you go.

Remember how people use youtube to learn something and solve problems – so bear that in mind

You can create your slides and then maybe mix them up with some stock footage, music, voiceovers. Anything that enhances your YouTube video.

record youtube video with no face

Screen Recorder

My channel is becoming more tutorial-based, like a lot of other YouTubers.

There are so many different apps and software available, people will often choose one and then create videos based on that software. You show people how to use it, and potentially also earn additional money by using affiliate links to the software (Learn how that works here)

To achieve this you will need a good Screen Recorder – my video editor, Filmora, doubles up as a screen recorder, however, OBS is an extremely powerful open source app that will cost you nothing.

There is a steep learning curve initially but it is extremely capable and a free way to record your desktop

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Chrome Extension Bonus

As a little bonus here’s A little chrome extension that can really help with YouTube channel ideas without showing face.

It is called Page Marker, and is a great little tool that allows you to draw on your screen. It overlays whatever you are on, such as an internet explorer page, and allows you to draw.

It can be very effective for your slide shows and tutorials, and enables you to interact and draw on the screen as you go

youtube app on mobile

Final Thoughts

Often we get hung up on the niche and the subject without thinking about the technical aspects.

However, with YouTube, the world really is your oyster, and if you really don’t want to show your face that shouldn’t stop you from becoming a YouTube creator

It’s a real shame that some people are stopped in their tracks, because YouTube is a great platform for creating additional income streams.

Whilst getting monetized for ads isn’t a quick process, there are other ways to make money with YouTube – as outlined in this free training from a guy that’s been there, done it, bought the T-Shirt.

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