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VideoScribe Review best whiteboard animation software

VideoScribe Review – The Best Whiteboard Animation Software Available?

VideoScribe Review – The Best Whiteboard Animation Software Available?
VideoScribe delivers everything you need and more from a whiteboard animation software. Create explainer videos with ease, whether it's for your company or your Social Media & YouTube audiences. Simple to learn, feature rich, and great value for money. Want the finer details then read the rest of this VideoScribe Review.
Good Things
Flexibility to upload your own images, fonts, music
Great way of telling stories
Value for money
Easy to learn
Bad Things
Cannot import videos
Voiceover audio is basic
Rendering is slow
Give VideoScribe a FREE trial yourself (No risk, no credit card)

In this post, I am going to give you an open and honest VideoScribe review.

I have been using this whiteboard animation software for around 3 months for my YouTube channel. In that time I have experienced exactly what this video editing software has to offer and where it can improve.

Ultimately, by the end of this VideoScribe review, you will know exactly whether you should try it yourself and whether I believe it’s the best whiteboard animation software you can get.

On top of that, I have created a video of this review and a quick VideoScribe tutorial so you can see exactly what your getting. You can watch that below:

What is VideoScribe?

Videoscribe is one of the leading whiteboard animation packages out there, used by a host of different people:

  • Marketers
  • Designers
  • Teachers
  • Content creators.

You install the application locally and get to work creating videos that are perfect for explaining your message and telling stories. Visual storytelling at its best.

It is a great option, no matter whether your target audience is the corporate world or the millions of people logging into Youtube every day.

It’s believed that in comparison to a talking head video, a whiteboard explainer video is 15% more likely to get your message across. Visuals can be extremely effective in helping people understand.

videoscribe review 2020

VideoScribe Facts

Facts fans, here are some numbers that help explain a little more about VideoScribe and whiteboard animation videos in general:

  • 4000+ Videos created daily in VideoScribe
  • 2 million VideoScribe users worldwide
  • Whiteboard animations videos are 2x more likely to lead to a sale
  • 6000+ Images in the VideoScribe library
  • 52% of VideoScribe users, use it for marketing
  • An animated explainer is 3x more likely to be shared

videoscribe facts and stats

Does VideoScribe work for YouTube?

I’ve been building my channel for the last year, testing different video styles and strategies, trying to find something suited me.

In all honesty, I prefer the process of creating whiteboard explainers than talking head videos.

I think in my case, they stay more engaging – which leads to better YouTube metrics and channel growth.

Some people base their entire channel on VideoScribe, some do their entire channel talking head. Me personally, I like a mixture – more strings to my bow.

jon davis youtube channel

VideoScribe Good Things

So let’s talk about all the juicy goodness of VideoScribe and why you may want to consider buying it.

Let’s start with the positives and all the pros of VideoScribe.

Simple to learn

VideoScribe uses a drag and drop editor, but its incredibly simple layout makes it easy to familiarise yourself and start getting faster at creating videos.

You don’t need any prior experience or technical know-how in order to get started.

videoscribe is simple to learn

Powerful Storytelling

Whiteboard explainer videos are a really effective way of teaching by storytelling – they are proven to kees people engaged longer.

The scene and visuals are constantly evolving and that helps reinforce your message.

videoscribe included images

Design Flexibility

VideoScribe doesn’t impose some of the same restrictions that alternatives do.

For example, font choices. As VideoScribe uses locally installed fonts it means that you have the option of important whatever is installed on your PC or laptop. Unlike many other animation software where you are limited to default fonts.

videoscribe custom fonts

This flexibility also applies to images and music.

Whilst there is a really good selection available, they also give you the ability to upload your own images and gifs.

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Value for money

VideoScribe is a pretty reasonable price for the features you get, I’ve paid much more for software that does a lot less. In term of subscribers and watch time its already been a great investment for me.

If you want to know how much VideoScribe is, then keep reading this VideoScribe review and I will tell you shortly.



Camera Movement

Lastly, and this may sound odd, but I love the fact that you manoeuvre around a canvas.

That effect of camera movement far exceeds the page just being wiped, which was one of my negatives when I trialled doodly – it just felt much more static.

speed favours fortune

VideoScribe Bad Things

Some blogs will tell you everything they think you want to hear and leave out the negatives. In this case, I am a VideoScribe user, YouTuber & blogger, and I want to make sure that if there are any downsides, then they covered in my VideoScribe review.

Voiceover Audio is Basic

This isn’t the worst thing in the world but when it comes to audio, I think VideoScribe does a job but it’s not perfect.

It pretty much has one option – record. You cannot record in chunks or sections, or even carry out any basic editing.

Generally, I will create my audio in another application and then import it into VideoScribe.

Maybe they are playing to their strengths here and sticking to the visuals, however, not everyone will want to extend their workflow and record voiceovers separately.

videoscribe voiceover issue

Rendering times are slow

This is probably a gripe of most animation software too, but rendering times are not fast at all.

If you have spent the time creating a 10-minute video be prepared to walk away for a while whilst it exports into a format you can then upload.

In my own whiteboard animated explainers, I tend to import a lot of my own images and I have no doubt that this also contributes to the slow rendering times.

Ultimately though, you are getting an awesome looking HD whiteboard video, so you have to decide if the wait is worth it?

slow rendering videoscribe

Video Importing

It would be a nice feature if we could import video into VideoScribe, but it just isn’t possible (and this would only cripple that rendering time further).

You can work around this by using a 3rd party editor, to blend video into your explainer videos. Maybe it’s that mindset that you don’t have to put the entire video creation workflow into one application.

youtube channel idea without showing face

Features of VideoScribe

Before we talk about VideoScribe pricing let’s have a quick look at some of the key features. I cover these in the video too right at the end of this VideScribe review, but let’s talk about the main ones just so you get a feel for the capability:

Drawing Hand

There are 13 different hand types that you can select, as well as some more random options – seasonal and pens, where you can select color crayons if required.

If that isn’t enough you can also upload your own option in PNG format and choose whether you want it to write from in front or behind the glass.

videoscribe feature hand types

Color Control

Whether its text or customisable images, you can either select a default color from the range provided or just type in a HEX code for any color you choose.

Some of the 6000+ images you can choose also have a little icon on the preview (3 colored sliders), this means that you can change the color of that image too.

videoscribe feature changing the colour of an image

videoscribe feature change color of image


There is a selection of royalty-free audio tracks that you can overlay your videos with, and it only takes a few simple clicks of the button.

videoscribe feature music


I mentioned this in the benefits but you really shouldn’t underestimate how flexible VideoScribe is. The fact that they allow you to import your own local fonts is brilliant in my opinion.

But they repeat this with hands, images, music. Always putting the power back into your own hands for added customisation.

Charts & Graphs

Simply input your labels, Axis and data and you can create graphic visualisations which are superb if you’re trying to tell a story using numbers and data.

videoscribe feature charts

Background Options

As you would expect, VideoScribe allows you to change the background color but they don’t stop there. You can Vignette or even add a texture style such as a paper effect too.

videoscribe feature background options

VideoScribe Example Video’s

Here is a couple of video’s that I have created using VideoScribe which should give you an example of what’s possible. There are far better creators out there than me but as someone who has only used this for a few months it gives you a good example of how fast you can pick up the skills.

Is VideoScribe Free?

This is a question I have been asked a few times, and there are two ways to look at this.

Firstly, yes, you can get it for free.

But obviously there is a catch. They are a software development company with overheads, wages to pay, and a desire to improve their products.

That isn’t achieved with free software – unless like on mobile applications they burden them with adverts in order to drive revenue.

So the free one has quite a few restrictions – all of which can be seen on their website here

remove watermark free version of videoscribe

The main restriction is that you cannot remove the VideoScribe watermark so doesn’t look great.

But, why not just buy it? It’s a tool that can drive people to your business and grow your social media channels.

In my opinion, the price is pretty good for what you get.

free vs pro videoscribe review

How Much Is VideoScribe?

At the time of writing this VideoScribe review, the costs are as follows:

  • Monthly subscription: £25 / $25
  • Annual cost: £120 / $168
  • One-off cost: £500 / $800

Personally I bought the annual licence for VideoScribe, as it works out much better value than the rolling monthly cost.

At some point, I may buy the one-off cost but I don’t think it’s priced attractively enough currently.

Software changes fast so whose to say that VideoScribe will be as good in 2 years and then I could be forking out money for another product too.

videoscribe pricing options

Can I Trial VideoScribe?

Absolutely, you can get a 7-day trial here – no risk, no credit card required. I would urge you to check it out first.

If you can’t do something within the software don’t be put off. There are some great courses on Skillshare and VideoScribe tutorials on YouTube that can help you.

Sign Up For The 7 Day FREE Trial Now

VideoScribe Review Summary

I think VideoScribe, is a really fun and effective marketing tool.

It’s a great way to connect with your audience – who could be colleagues, customers, suppliers, YouTube fans or anyone that you are creating content for.

Whiteboard animations can be used to tell powerful stories or just explain to a potential customer exactly what your business is about.

There are lots of great features and from what I can see, a team that is working hard to keep improving VideoScribe.

For me, it’s well worth the investment, and remember if you want to see a little more of how it looks check out the video which I’ve added below and gives you a VideoScribe example.

I hope this VideoScribe review has helped you reach a decision if you’re ready to give it a try and get that 7-day free trial then click here and get started with VideoScribe today.

Let me know below how you get on.

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