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Ultimate Canva Tutorial For YouTubers 2021

In this post I am going to show you how to create a YouTube channel, and whilst there’s nothing fancy about that, we are going to do this a little differently.

Instead of video editors and fancy pants software, we are going to use Canva, the popular graphic design software, for the entire thing.

Banners, intros, avatars, thumbnails and even the videos themselves.

Yes – this is the ultimate Canva tutorial for YouTubers.

Let’s call it a challenge, to see if we can simplify the whole process and show how to create a YouTube channel using only Canva.

My intention is to demonstrate that anyone can do this and all they need is a computer, internet connection, and a free canva account.

Why Canva?

As a digital marketer I seem to have collected a small army of software subscriptions. Every month I’m paying out on web hosting, sales funnels email marketing, animations and video editing software, copywriting.

You name it, I’ve probably got a subscription for it.

In all of that software there is one that I absolutely love, it’s a go-to resource for so many things that I need to do, and that’s canva.

It’s incredibly versatile, has tonnes of integrations and features, and whilst i use the paid version, the free account is still pretty freaking awesome.

Most people use it just to create social media posts or graphic design, but is it powerful enough to build and run a YouTube channel?

Well that’s what we are going to find out in this ultimate Canva tutorial for YouTubers..

The Ultimate Canva Tutorial For YouTubers

This post is based on the recent YouTube video that I created that shows you each and every step. It’s by far the best way to learn as you can pause – try yourself – carry on.

In each section, I will explain what I was creating and link to the video and that very specific timestamp so you can press play and not have to watch the full video.

How To Create A YouTube Channel

If this is your first channel then the process is really easy, you just need a Google account to sign up.

Create A Second YouTube Channel Using The Same Email

What if you already have a YouTube channel and you want to add a second channel or maybe even more? Again it’s really easy and just takes a few clicks by going through the YouTube settings.

Watch how to do this below.

How To Create A YouTube Profile Picture In Canva

Otherwise known as your avatar image, the profile picture is that teeny tiny image of yourself. It’s small and circular and is what displays when you leave a comment. Let’s face it, this part is very small so keep it simple. No text, just some nice crisp clear image.

Watch the Canva tutorial here:

How To Create A YouTube Banner In Canva

The banner is the image that covers the top of the YouTube channel page. Generally, it will show an image of yourself or your logo and will give an indication of what your channel is about as well as the publishing frequency i.e “New Videos Every Monday”.

The ideal dimensions for a banner are 2560 x 1440 however there is something important you need to consider – which I have highlighted in the Canva tutorial.

How To Create An Animated YouTube Intro In Canva

YouTube introductions aren’t for everyone.

Let’s face it, we have the attention span of gnats, so often the intro is just prolonging the viewers appetite for information

On the other hand, they are a great way to tell people who you are and how you can help them. A perfect way to build your brand.

Make sure you test the effectiveness of an animated YouTube intro.

Either way, I am going to show you in this Canva tutorial how to actually make them.

How To Create YouTube Videos In Canva

This is the biggest problem to solve.

We know that Canva is awesome and has all these premade templates to create just about any graphic you require. But can you actually create YouTube videos in Canva? Surely not. Surely you will need a video editor.

Well, guess what….. you can.

Here’s how.

How To Create YouTube End Cards In Canva

The shows over and the times nearly up. The important part now as a YouTuber is to try and steer your viewer to one of your other videos and keep them binge-watching Netflix style!

One technique for this is by using YouTube end cards.

These are the screen placeholders where you can add video links or even a subscribe button.

Whilst the links themselves are added when you upload a YouTube channel, you may want to know how to easily design the end card itself.

Watch this Canva tutorial for YouTubers and find out.


How To Create YouTube Thumbnails In Canva

Last but certainly not least – YouTube thumbnails.

These are ridiculously influential for your YouTube success. Alongside your titles they are responsible for the magical CTR figures (Click Through Rate).

In other words, YouTube wants you to do two things with your videos.

  1. Get people to click on them
  2. Get people to watch as much as possible

These are key factors that help YouTube decide what traffic to send your way.

YouTube thumbnails are important, and the great news is that Canva is a great place to create them.

Final Thoughts: Ultimate Canva Tutorial For YouTubers

Look, if you want my thoughts on Canva as a tool, it’s quite simple….

It’s absolutely brilliant.

One of my go-to resources.

This blog post explains why I think every marketer should purchase it: Is Canva Pro Worth It? [12 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade]

But for the purposes of this blog post, let’s reflect on the videos.

Can you create a YouTube channel using only Canva?

Actually, YES.

There are sacrifices you may need to make when it comes to creating the videos themselves, but the main tutorials are all really simple and effective. It only strengthens my belief that Canva is one of the best tools on the market.

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