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video ranking academy review sean cannell

Video Ranking Academy Review 2022 (VRA by Sean Cannell)

Do you want to be a successful YouTuber?

Someone who earns an income by creating powerful video content that impacts your viewers?

Video Ranking Academy Review
Video Ranking Academy 2.0 is a comprehensive course by renowned YouTube expert Sean Cannell that will teach you how to start & scale your YouTube presence
If so, it’s time to get serious and take action. It takes more than just blindly posting videos on YouTube for your channel to grow in views, subscribers, and authority.

Every YouTuber needs the right tools to help them rank better and make more money online.

This is where Video Ranking Academy 2.0 comes into play!

In this Video Ranking Academy Review, we look at whether Sean Cannell has managed to create the #1 YouTube course on the market.

Or whether you are best reinvesting your hard-earned money elsewhere.

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Why Is It Important To Succeed On YouTube?

Google processes 3.5 billion searches each and every day – a staggering amount! But here’s the really interesting part.

After Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world – and guess who owns them?

You guessed it – Google.

By creating video content on YouTube we have the ability to rank for keywords and search terms that people are tapping into their phones and laptops the world over.

Video has become the king of content and is growing by the day – look yourself – when you search in Google, how often does it present the results in video format before all of the well-established blogs in the same niche?

As a YouTuber, our aim is to grow our audience – through likes, subscribers and viewer engagement.

That growth leads to opportunity and reward.

This is where Sean Cannell comes in…….

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What Is Video Ranking Academy?

Video Ranking Academy, or VRA for short, is a place where people can learn the skills and techniques necessary to succeed on YouTube.

It is a comprehensive, step-by-step online training course by YouTube success story Sean Cannell.

Each consideration is covered within the training, from mindset, equipment, video structure to optimisation strategies that will earn you money on YouTube.

You may see that I refer to VRA as Video Ranking Academy 2.0, this is just to emphasise that it’s the second iteration of his hugely successful course. When 3.0 is ready you will get that too – updated with any new strategies or techniques for YouTube.

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Later in this Video Ranking Academy Review, we will go in-depth on what you get as part of this YouTube training course.

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Who Is Sean Cannell?

sean cannell youtube thinkmedia presenter

Sean is a YouTube veteran.

He has well over a MILLION YouTube subscribers across his channels (Think Media / Video Influencers to name just two) and has also amassed over 100 million views.

It is fair to say that Sean knows to succeed on YouTube and now he teaches others to do the same.

On top of this, he’s a best selling author and public speaker, expanding his YouTube ventures into live conferences like “Grow With Video Live”.

All of which contribute to the multiple 6 figure income he is earning online.

What I like about Sean personally is that he is endearing and transparent. He doesn’t try and fill your head with woo woo fluff!

He is open about what it takes to be successful on YouTube, and that you are going to have to put the work in to reach your goals – and once you do, the rewards will be so worth it.



Who is Video Ranking Academy For?

You know what, this is the beauty of YouTube. Anyone and everyone can get started with a channel. Regardless of our expertise levels, interests or skills.

It’s an exciting platform that has a little bit of everything – hence why it’s so popular.

Whilst your friends may not appreciate your bizarre hobbies and interests, there most definitely will be a global audience out there that does.

All sat waiting, patiently, for you to find your voice and courage to start that YouTube channel.

VRA is for:

  • Existing YouTubers looking to level up their skills, strategy and influence
  • People looking to make money online using video
  • Beginners unsure how to brand themselves and become the “expert”
  • Entrepreneurs looking to grow their business impact
  • Leaders and influencers looking to spread their message
  • Anyone who wants to help others

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Personally, I started on YouTube out of FEAR.

I have had various side hustles in order to earn additional money and show my kids a little more of the world. This has led to various opportunities utilising digital marketing – YouTube, Facebook, Blogging (hence this Video Ranking Academy Review!)

At one point I decided to go all-in on a platform, and as a shy and introverted family man, with barely any time left in the day – I went for the platform that scared me the most.


I had more to gain than lose.

It was the best decision I have made. I now make money on YouTube, but more importantly, I am levelling up my skills, connecting with awesome people, and I’m able to create content that truly helps others.

For me, there isn’t a more rewarding platform out there.

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Do I Need A YouTube Training Course?

Have you heard of the expression “You need skin in the game”?

skin in the game quote

This is what I have found over the last few years when it comes to training and levelling up your skills. The moment I started paying to invest in myself was when I saw real growth, and I have since spent thousands improving my core skills.

That financial incentive can really help you find a new level of motivation to succeed – especially if you are like me and hate spending money on yourself! (Seriously, my clothes are old and full of holes lol).

Of course, you can do it all for free. You can watch what others do, try and model what works, and figure it all out for yourself.

The information is out there usually. You just need to search through the millions of search results, videos, communities and put them into some meaningful sense.

Or you can invest in a course where someone documents their lifetimes learning (Success and failings) and creates concise actionable modules for you to follow along.

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Can I Create Videos Without Showing My Face On YouTube?

I am asked this question all of the time so wanted to touch on it in this Video Ranking Academy Review.

No. You do not have to show your face on YouTube.

Sure it can help around personal branding, but VRA will teach you how to grow a YouTube channel regardless, so don’t let that put you off following your dreams.

Shyness, religion, employment rules, anxiety. Whatever the reason you are holding yourself back, don’t worry, there are tonnes of faceless YouTube channels out there.

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What Are My Favourite Things About Video Ranking Academy?

This wouldn’t be much of a Video Ranking Academy Review if I didn’t give you an honest assessment of the good and bad parts of VRA.

Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why you may want to invest in Video Ranking Academy by Sean Cannell.


The best part about this course is that it’s not just theory – Sean walks through every step of the process from start to finish and creates actionable checklists for you to follow along.

He shares his most successful strategies so you can replicate them too! With these insights, tools, and techniques at your disposal, there’s no reason why any aspiring YouTuber couldn’t succeed online.

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You may be an established YouTuber already or you may be an absolute beginner, the good news is that he’s structured this course in a way that everyone benefits. This stops you from being overwhelmed with all of the things from day 1.

Follow the framework and take your time. What seems a steep learning curve at first will become second nature.

VRA 2.0 features


Case studies

I don’t know about you but in my college days I would drift off only moments after the teacher would start talking. Too much theory and not enough evidence or examples. Well in VRA 2.0 they use case studies and examples in order to break down their systems and lessons – this really helped me apply what they are teaching.


Do you want to improve? One way is by surrounding yourself with people who are like-minded. These individuals will help push your boundaries with their advice, inspiring stories, and relentless pursuit of common goals.

As part of the course, you also get access to a private Facebook community with fellow YouTubers all following their dreams.

video ranking academy what you learn

What Do I Dislike About Video Ranking Academy?

Honestly, there is little to dislike about this YouTube training course, but if If I dig deep this would be it.

Results Only

Some people don’t want fame, fortune, or even much success. They just want to be creative and learn ways to express themselves via video.

VRA is focused on building traffic and using winning strategies – such as search engine optimisation. YouTube channels that make random content and don’t use keywords, tags, impactful thumbnails, are going to grow much slower. It’s the nature of the YouTube beast.

The big channels (that have made it) can publish a video titled “I pooped” and still get viewers, but you won’t. Not yet.

So if you want to create content for creating sake, that’s cool. You will still learn tonnes from Sean. But this course is about growth strategies and appreciating that YouTube is a search engine.

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More on the Video Ranking Academy pricing in a moment, but I did want to include it here too.

A lot of people want to succeed on YouTube, but without the investment, and that’s fine. You can watch a lot of great content on YouTube itself and learn as you go. I will happily share what I learn on the way.

Some of you will be willing to invest financially as you realise it’s often the quickest way to achieving your goals.

However VRA is a substantial chunk of money to some, and whilst there are payment plans available, I would make sure that you are ready to commit. That you understand what YouTube can offer and your willing to go all out to get it.

If this is beyond what you can justify spending then he does have other courses that are will still teach you something, but without the same level of depth that VRA offers.

You can check them out here, but remember that there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

video ranking academy whats included

What Will I Learn With Video Ranking Academy?

Maybe I should title this part of the Video Ranking Academy Review – What won’t you learn!

With multiple videos in each module, plus downloadable checklists and study guides it’s probably the most comprehensive YouTube training course you can buy.

video ranking academy review summary large

It’s a pretty exhaustive list and you can learn more on the VRA Sales page here, but here’s a quick breakdown of the high level modules.:

  • Module 1 – Getting Started – Why YouTube is the most powerful content platform and how to 10x your results using VRA
  • Module 2 – The 7R Framework: Learn each step needed to created ranked videos on YouTube.
    • Reverse Engineering: Start with the end in mind and clarify your revenue.
    • Research: Research before you press record.
    • Record: Content is king.
    • Release: Optimize Your Video to Rank and Make it Public on YouTube
    • Rocket: Launch Your Video & Rank It In Search
    • Review: What Gets Measured Gets Improved
    • Repeat: Slow & Steady Wins
  • Module 3 – The 10 YouTube Commandments – Maximise views and grow your channel using these guidelines to the YouTube algorithm
  • Module 4 – Make Money On YouTube – Learn the different ways you can start making money and create a sustainable YouTube channel
  • Module 5 – How To Succeed – Learn from your peers and celebrate the success stories (that one day could be you)
  • Module 6 – Future Success – How to implement VRA and achieve your YouTube goals

It doesn’t stop there either, you also get access to VRA v1 (and any future updates) plus a number of additional bonuses (below).

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video ranking academy 2 bonuses

Video Ranking Academy Bonuses

Video training is just one component when it comes to online education. Sean covers every angle with is excellent bonuses that you get if you sign up today.

  • YouTube Hypergrowth Blueprint
  • Bonus Shows, Breakout Sessions and Group Coaching
  • Confidence on Camera
  • Video Ranking Academy Workbook
  • Grow With Video Course
  • Grow With Video Live 2021 Premier Ticket
  • 51 Money-Making Ideas
  • Monthly Group Q&A Sessions with Sean and the Think Media Team
  • Lifetime Access

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Video Ranking Academy Pricing

At the time of writing this review – Video Ranking Academy 2.0 (the latest version) is priced at $997

One thing I like is that they offer a price plan if you need it where the costs are spread out into $97 payments (You will pay more over the term).

Also included is a 30-day money-back guarantee, should that buyers remorse hit you in the gut and you realise actually YouTube isn’t for you.

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Final Thoughts Of This Video Ranking Academy Review

I firmly believe that YouTube is the most powerful content platform out there. It is only going to become more popular as tech develops and our consumption habits grow.

People are realising the business, financial and personal rewards of becoming a YouTuber which raises the standards required.

To stand the best chance of success I recommend investing in yourself and learning a proven framework and strategies to shortcut the steep learning curve.

Video Ranking Academy delivers this (and more) in a concise and actionable way, and in my opinion, is a worthy purchase for anyone who wants to grow on YouTube.

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What did you think of this Video Ranking Academy Review – are you already a student? How have you found it so far? Drop a comment below as it would be great to hear your opinion.

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Video Ranking Academy Review 2022 (VRA by Sean Cannell)
Video Ranking Academy is a treasure-trove for anyone looking to grow their presence on YouTube. It has everything from structured training, proven frameworks and actionable checklists. It's aim is to prevent overwhelm and achieve success in less time. And if it’s not enough – Video Rank provides helpful community support through live workshops, Q&A sessions and more!
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