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Dream Car Profits Course – How Jacob Won The ClickFunnels Dream Car

Replicate the EXACT strategy that won the clickfunnels dream car with jacob caris dream car profits review
Dream Car Profits Review
Should You Buy Jacob Caris Dream Car Profits
Absolutely! Jacob breaks down EXACTLY how to be an effective affiliate marketer and make passive income. He has learn this in just a couple of years. I have followed his progress closely and this guy is going places. He has just finished top 12 Affiliates for the Brunson/Robbins/ Graziosi course, netting over $250k profit in less than 40 days work. Get your social media accounts honed in on this guy as his success is sky rocketing at the moment! Buy the Dream Car Profits course whilst he is still pretty much giving it away.

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💯 Jacob Caris delivers his 5 PROVEN strategies that helped him win the ClickFunnels Dream Car and kick start his career as a Super Affiliate.

Jacob Caris gives us the affiliate marketing advice that made him over $200k in a matter of months. These strategies can be used by anyone just starting out in affiliate marketing looking to make an extra few hundred dollars per month, through to people serious about building a full time 6 figure super affiliate income online.


Video Transcript

Hey i am Jon Davis and today i will be reviewing Dream Car Profits. An affiliate marketing course from click funnels dream car winner Jacob Caris.

I am not a digital guru, or entrepreneurial success story (not yet anyway).

I am a dad of two, working a normal 9-5 job, and a cliched glasses wearing Englishman but without the Hollywood English accent (aka Hugh Grant).

I am an aspiring affiliate marketer.

Over the years i have tried to supplement my income with various side hustles – dropshipping, merch, amazon arbitrage. But the one passive income stream i love and I am passionate about is affiliate marketing.

I started up in affiliate marketing a few years ago. When my second child was born, with two careers on the go, we realised we had no work/life balance.

Childcare costs were more than my wage and me and my wife barely saw each other.

We took the decision for my wife to step down in a career she had built through determination and hard work.

Our lives became much more balanced as a family but we had given up a large amount of our income.

I dont know about you but i believe life is for living, not working. The world is a big place and i want to show my family as much of it as possible without waiting until i’m ready for retirement.

This is when i started side hustling.

Now through various twists and turns i have ended up as clickfunnels affiliate amongst other products. If you have never heard of clickfunnels, its kinda like building websites but with more focus on customer acquisition and conversion.

The training and mindset they provide is frankly amazing and has changed my outlook completely.

Whilst learning the ropes and becoming part of the clickfunnels community i have inadvertently stumbled across some huge success stories, and it was this particular person that struck a chord with me.

Who Is Jacob Caris

He is a young australian by the name of Jacob Caris.

He has managed to create a hugely successful affiliate marketing business that has allowed him to retire from his finance career, and become a multiple 6 figure super affiliate before the age of 30.

If you get inside the community and Jacobs personal facebook groups you quickly realise this guy is the real deal.

Genuine and talented, always willing to offer advice and help other people try and achieve the dream he is living.

He is no nonsense and to the point but only in a good way.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing Strategy That Works

Jacob Caris Dream Car Profits is the blueprint he created to talk us through step by step how to win the click funnels dream car

You see at click funnels they offer one of the best affiliate schemes.

40% recurrring comission for any referalls. and Bear in mind the cheapest subscription is $97 a month, so thats a potential of almost $40 for 1 person. Likely more as the subscription can go up to $297 and there are multiple high ticet packages on top of that.

As an extra incentive they will pay $500 towards your dream car if you have over 100 active affiliates or $1000 for over 200 subscriptions.

If you had 100 referrals, then your likely making at least $4000 a month plus the dream car bonus. All for referring software and training that stands out as a top level product anyway.

Jacob was the 53rd person out of almost 60k affiliates to achieve this.

I look at people like Jacob and think I could never do that, he must have got lucky with something, he must have some secret squirrel skills that i couldn’t do.

I always have an excuse as to why i cant do it.

In this training Jacob takes my excuses and wraps them up into a ball and drop kicks them 500 mile out of the park.

There are no excuses anymore. Seriously.

What Is The Dream Car Profits Course?

He has created a mini course that precisely tells you how he won the dream car. How through Blogs, Youtube, Paid Ads and social media he smashed the clickfunnels referral system and created a new life.

He did this with no list, audience or experience.

Jacob had been an affiliate marketer for roughly 18 months and i can assure you that is no time at all when your learning the ropes.

I worked through this course by Jacob Caris and i was amazed how achievable I realised it is. It dawned on me straight away, there is nothing here that i cannot do, only strategies I choose not to do.

I get distracted easily and move onto the ext thing too quickly.

I love the quote:

“I don’t fear the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks. I fear the man who practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

Bruce Lee

It is the same with affiliate marketing. Find your strategy and master it, once you dominate move onto the next.

Jacobs dream car profits course goes into 5 core strategies that he used himself.

Key Takings from Jacob Caris Dream Car Profits Review

He teaches

  • ‘Blogging with a Twist’ His personal Method To Drive Tons of Free Traffic
  • Huge Video Opportunity That Hardly Any Affiliates Are Leveraging
  • Step By Step Adwords & Bing Training To Scale with Paid Ads
  • Tricks & Hacks To Start & Grow A Super Engaged FB Group
  • Get Tons of ClickFunnels Sign Ups With A Unique Coaching Funnel I Created That No One Else Is Using

I have seen courses from other award winning marketers before and trust me they hold back on the secret sauce at times.

Many are happy selling their training but withoit mentioning the key ingredients. Jacob doesnt, he puts all the marketing tips on the table.

He gives you the golden nuggets that you can achieve affiliate marketing success with in any market.

It doesnt have to be clickfunnels – though that car would be sweet! It can be any topic, product you like. If your passionate about it then even better!

So buy Jacobs course today, you wot find one that gives you such precise details on affiliate marketing success at such a ridiculously low price.

Jacob Caris knows his stuff and he’s passing that on step by step in a way anyone could understand and implement.

How Much Does Dream Car Profits Cost?

At the time of writing the course is $97

It is perhaps the cheapest Affiliate Marketing course I have seen. It doesn’t require 60 days to complete. It is to the point and only contains value.

$97 is an absolute steal as I know from experience there are courses being sold for much much more without the information that actually works!

Follow the link on my site and get Jacobs training today. Don’t delay though, I know for a fact that other people keep telling him to increase the price as it doesn’t reflect the value hes giving. Hopefully he doesn’t listen!

For peace of mind too, as i know from experience how it feels purchasing online at times, Jacob is a stand up guy and offers a 30 day money back guarantee with his product.

Not that you will need it for second. I am confident that anyone with the right commitment can earn a second income from affiliate marketing.

That concludes my Dream Car Profits Review.

Jacobs dream car profits course would suit an affiliate marketer at any stage of their journey, and whilst it is perfect for budding clickfunnel affiliates like me, it can be applied to any other product too.

Learn from those that walk the walk, try and emulate and then beat ther success.

Good luck, if you have any questions then drop me an email. I will only ever back products and people that I truly believe in so I am always happy to discuss.


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