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CSS clickfunnels change font

ClickFunnels CSS Guide

If you have been watching my YouTube Videos you will know that I try and bring you little hacks and tips for editing in ClickFunnels.

This is my CSS Quick Guide. Why don’t you create a blank funnel today and start playing around, making and breaking your funnels – from someone who has worked in Technical Support for the last 20+ years – it really is the best way to learn!

This post is a work in progress and any new CSS hacks will be added as I go.

Add Additional Fonts in ClickFunnels

@font-face {
font-family: ‘Circular’;
src: url(‘asset file link’);
font-weight: normal;
#headline css ID * {
font-family: ‘Circular’, sans-serif !important;

Jon Davis
Digital Marketing Introvert
    1. Hey Nolan, what font did you use? No idea if it lets you add them in the comments but if not just email me a copy of the CSS you used, and screenshots of the uploaded font/path, and the CSS ID selector for that heading. One thing i have found with a few. If the text was already there it may be worth retyping. Im no expert but happy to take a look – would need to see all the code though.

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