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Best Affiliate Marketing Course You Can Buy In 2021? (Why You NEED One!)

Hey! This is a video post from a YouTube video I created that talks about what I believe makes up the best affiliate marketing course you can buy in 2021, and why you really need to consider investing in one.

So click on the video below for an in-depth look at each thing you should be considered when assessing the best affiliate marketing courses around, and for those of you that prefer to read, the script is below.

Let me know in the comments whether any of the reasons I go over resonate with you?


I wanted to create this video to help all of you aspiring affiliate marketers out there that are sick of wading through treacle trying to get your online business off the ground and make some worthwhile money.

You might be a step away from quitting and trying something else. If that’s you then stop, hold on and wait to see what I have to say.

Deep down, You know that its time to invest in a course but there’s so many, so how do you separate the best affiliate marketing courses from the outdated spammy crap that you’re terrified of buying? How do you know which one is best for you?

Don’t worry, this post is for you, I’ve spoken to hundreds of people trying to make money online, some who are brand new to affiliate marketing and some who are seasoned veterans looking to stay on top of the latest strategies, I know exactly what people need and by the end of it, you will know what to look for in an affiliate marketing course (as well as my own top recommendation)

First, if you’re new to my channel then I’m Jon Davis, I help people make money using legit strategies and digital marketing skills that anyone can learn.

Over the last few years, I have been sharing my own journey, the wins and the failures, and that’s helped me build up a nice additional income through affiliate marketing.


What Is Affiliate Marketing

If you are brand new to affiliate marketing then the concept is simple, its a way of promoting products online using your unique links, if someone uses your link to buy that product then you make a commission.

Think about every website you’ve ever read where they have links to products, they will more than likely be affiliate links that earn them money.

This isn’t some two-bit scam either, this is a multi-billion dollar industry that most of the big retailers and service providers participate in – Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Nike, TripAdvisor, you name it.

This is a genuine monetisation strategy for content creators. And the best part is that anybody can become a content creator given how much access we have to social media platforms.

One thing I notice a lot in the affiliate community though is what I call the failed affiliate lifecycle – this is where people quit and turn their back on the opportunity, and run away to pursue another strategy like MLM.

Let me explain, and show you how investing in a good affiliate coaching program can help prevent this from happening to you.

I will go over all of the problems I see people face and then tell you what I think is the best option out there in 2021.

What Makes The Best Affiliate Marketing Course In 2021

Problem Number 1 Is Expectations

This is a big industry, and there are people having crazy success, they make money as affiliates and then go onto release their own digital products, and live a life that undoubtedly they wouldn’t have managed working their 9-5.

A lot of people see this, but they don’t see the years of hard work and pain. They just see the shiny part, unfortunately, this gives unrealistic expectations.

Two months into their venture, and after posting about 12 Facebook posts, or writing 4 blog posts they will be the ones stood there telling anyone willing to listen that “affiliate marketing is a scam, I’ve been at this a solid 2 months now and I’m yet to quit my job!”.

affiliate marketing on youtube

This is reason number 1 as to why you need a good coaching program, and you need one that is realistic, that will focus on the mindset that you require and the attitude you need to develop.

I mean, seriously, you show me one success story that isn’t working their backside off creating content.

The fact is, easy sells, and the thought of hard work doesn’t. But if you are like me and need the truth, and the motivational support then you need to find a program that delivers this, either through the community, the strategies, or the coach themselves.

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Problem Number 2 Is Fear

Look I get you.

I’m an introvert, ever since my first day in school and now many years later:

I don’t have a presence in a room. I don’t put my hand up to answer questions or introduce myself to strangers because I don’t want to be wrong, I don’t want to look silly or embarrass myself.

I never even liked having my photo taken. Yet here I am, sharing my thoughts and showing up on a YouTube channel for the world to see.

Again, its mindset.

It’s having the right people behind you and supporting you. Telling you what you need to hear, and sadly you don’t get this with some of the more mainstream affiliate training programs, they are lightweight and centred around strategies or social media hacks that can quickly outdate.

Learning how to reprogram your belief system and develop that success mentality sounds like woo woo to some, but I promise you, the ones that I see winning are the ones that get this just right.

make money with affiliate marketing

Problem Number 3 Is Putting Money Before Time

Social media platforms are largely free, so anyone can get started, and try and build an audience and make some money. Plus there are so many good tutorials out there on the likes of Youtube that it’s easy to think, what’s the point in paying for training when it’s all out there for free.

This is exactly how I used to feel.

I became a ninja of building playlists and saving little screenshots of what I thought I needed to know. Yet it took me absolutely ages to make any real progress.

All my time was spent bouncing around groups, getting distracted by each post and not doing the most important part – creating content, not consuming.

It took me a long time to start valuing my time over money, and let’s face it, time is the greatest leveller. We all get the same number of hours in the day even if you’re a millionaire you don’t get any bonus time.

the best affiliate marketing course

So if you take one thing from this video its to start valuing your own time. Learn to use it wisely as you only have so much of it.

One way an affiliate coaching program helps with this is that you don’t need to bounce around every channel, blog or group.

Instead, cut them off and remove the distractions. Focus instead on the program.

My own coach has spent a lot of time and money making mistakes, learning from them, reinvesting in themselves, and ultimately creating success.

A training or coaching program is the summary of this, the highlights and the parts you need to focus on.

It’s all of the knowledge and guidance you need, and its in one place. You will get more done in a week than you have in the last 3 months if you can narrow down your focus. Which in turn gives you chance to make that money back faster.

My biggest regret is not jumping in sooner as I know I would be much further down the line and closer to my vision of the future.

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Problem Number 4 Is Around Strategy

I mentioned at the start of this post what a simple concept affiliate marketing is. But many people mistake simplicity for easy and that’s where the issue lies.

Look, I wouldn’t be far wrong if I told you at a 30,000-foot overview, all you need to do is:

  • Choose a niche
  • Choose a platform
  • Create content that helps people
  • Suggest the products that will help solve their pain points and problems

There you go, that’s Jon Davis affiliate training program v1.0 and you can have that for free, keep your money.

But it’s not that simple, is it?

Now some of the affiliate marking courses will fill the modules with hacks and short terms techniques that quickly outdate. This leaves the program stale and worn to death by the time you jump in. Eventually, they will try and sell you version 2 of the course.

You don’t want to be buying these programs.

Instead, you want one that teaches you the core skills around sales and marketing.

The concepts that stand the test of time, and when a new social media platform comes along, you can dive straight on it and apply these same strategies.

It may not be as sexy as what some of the more specialist training is teaching but it’s about giving yourself the long term skills to succeed.

passive income through affiliate marketing

Problem Number 5 Also Relates To Money

I’ve just told you the benefits you get from the best affiliate marketing courses and coaching programs. The support, the mindset, the focus, the skills. Yet because its something we can start for free, a lot of us choose not to invest the money.

It’s scary paying some internet dude a load of money for something virtual, a product we can’t pick up or touch.

I had cold sweats and was shaking when I signed up with my coach.

My wife forced me to in the end and threw my credit card at me.

It wasn’t a trust thing though. I had been following and talking to this guy for months before. I knew he was the real deal, not full of bull and would tell me what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear. And that’s great, but typing your card details in to a website is another matter!make money with affiliate marketing

Especially if like me you never spend money on yourself. I mean, all my clothes are full of holes as I hate to spend!

But here’s the truth, that I can happily say in hindsight.

Signing up for an affiliate coaching program was a game-changer. Not just for all the reasons I’ve told you so far, but also because it was a huge step in believing in myself. It gave me skin in the game.

If your tight-fisted like me then investing financially is surprisingly motivating.

Once you have skin in the game your desire to succeed levels up fast, and that was the case for me. You also have to remember that this is someone’s lifetime’s work – they are 20 steps ahead of me and you and have that proven success.

We are paying to be able to tap into that and use it ourselves.

Look, some of you watching this genuinely won’t have the funds to afford a leading coaching program, I get that, and for you I would say, start creating content now, you will learn with action and subscribe to this channel as I always try and share what I learn if it can help someone.

Yet some of you watching this will say you don’t have the money, but are you being real with yourself?

I know if you want it bad enough you will find a way.

Look around you now, seriously, what do you have that you don’t use? What can you sell? What do you spend on coffee every week? Where can you cut back on luxury spending and instead invest in life-changing skills?

This Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Course You Can Buy In 2021

I hope that explains some of the biggest reasons why investing in a good coaching program can be the best decision you make, I know it was for me.

Now my own personal coach is a 7 figure affiliate marketer working hard to build his own brand and help as many people as he can. This is a key point.

who is zach crawford affiliate

There are a lot of affiliate courses out there that have big names fronting them, I’m not going to name names or say whether they are good quality as I don’t know, I haven’t bought them all, so it would be unfair to judge.

But what I will say, is check that they are present in the communities. If you ask a question in their buyers Facebook group, do you get a response or is it all run by other members?

For me, if you are investing in yourself you want a coach that is present, there to give you that one to one advice that you cant get out of the video training. Someone who doesn’t want you stuck and unsure where to go next.

That’s what my favourite program is all about.

Its called a coaching program for a reason and not just a giant ebook or video training library, he provides everything else you need on top of that too.

If you want an in-depth dive into the program then check out this post where I review everything you need to know.


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