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6 Best VideoScribe Examples

Whiteboard Animation YouTube Channels

Whiteboard Animations are a great way to create high-impact YouTube content that not only earns you some money, but can also be done without showing your face and fits around your busy lifestyle.

But maybe you are worried about the ninja-like skills needed to create videos in this style, or you’re not sure what software you need, or maybe you don’t believe me and surely no one is making bank doodling little animations?

Well, guess what, they really can be a great way to create YouTube content.

In the video below, I’m going to show you 6 YouTube channels that are absolutely killing it with whiteboard explainer videos using Videoscribe, including one that has had so much success he is now working with MrBeast arguably the king of YouTube.


What Is A Whiteboard Animation Video?

Before we jump straight in with the success stories and best Videoscribe examples for whiteboard animation videos, let me very quickly explain what a whiteboard explainer video is and why you should start one.

It’s when we use software to create very simple but fun illustrations. They’re typically short videos that introduce new concepts or processes in a highly engaging and easy to understand way.

People love to watch and create these videos because they:

  • Simplify information which makes them ideal for educational videos
  • Tell a story so that everyone can visually follow along
  • They are a great way of presenting data and statistics and a low-cost way of creating content
  • Plus Videoscribe itself is really easy to learn and use which means that anyone can create this type of content, even a thicko like me.

So let’s kick this off with one of my favourite YouTube channels – Paddy Galloway.

Paddy Galloway – YouTube Growth Expert

Paddy is perhaps one of the most modern twists that I’ve seen on the whiteboard explainer video, as you will see later on these are often in the education sector, and I guess you could say so is Paddy.

See what Paddy does is, he analyses YouTube growth and strategy and blends that in with what we call hero videos. He rides the tailcoat of fame by running a deep dive into popular YouTubers and shows us smaller YouTubers how these people created their success.

Paddy is so good at this he is now working with leading YouTubers like MrBeast to help improve their content. Paddy is using explainer videos to illustrate the story so that we can easily follow along, and then mixes that up with some screen footage.

At no point does Paddy sit down and talk to the camera, yet look at how successful he is with over 200k subscribers and he hasn’t even hit 25 videos yet.

Amazing stuff.

In my opinion, using this video style allows Paddy to focus more on the delivery, tone, and copywriting that makes his channel so good.

paddy galloway youtube channel

2 Minute Classroom – Education Power

2 Minute classroom creates videos about science and maths for high school students. He is tapping into one of the most important features of whiteboard animations – simplicity.

So take note as this will really help you with your own channel.

This creator is producing videos that explain a subject or concept in a quick and efficient way. No high school student wants to watch a 45-minute scientific breakdown when it could be delivered in 2 minutes, and when it’s done via illustration our brain learns much quicker.

This is why these type of videos work really well with informational content.

2 min classroom youtube channel

Practical Psychology – It’s All In Your Head

Checkout channel number 3 whose got close to 2 million subscribers. I kid you not.

These videos have been viewed over 100m times. This channel creates videos usually around 5-10 minutes long and they are in-depth on the subject of psychology and personal development, they are using Youtube to not only earn money through advertising but also link to multiple courses that they have created. These courses are making them passive income from the millions of viewers on their channel.

It is safe to say that this channel owner doesn’t have any need to ask his boss for a raise this year!

practical psychology youtube channel

The Art Of Improvement – Gets Better Every Time

The fact that you are watching this video now tells me two things, firstly that you are frickin awesome, and secondly that you are looking at ways you can improve yourself.

This may be with new skills, by taking the leap and starting a YouTube channel or even that you wish to make more money.

Well, guess what, Youtube is the go-to place for anyone looking to learn something or solve a problem, which is exactly why the art of improvement channel has so much success. They focus on personal development and give clear guidance and inspiration by using videoscribe animations.

the art of improvement youtube channel

Now I’m not sure if you have tried videoscribe yet, but you may look at some of these videos and think, well I’m ok with the scripting, and how to share my knowledge but the animation part looks way too difficult.

Listen buddy, using Videoscribe is crazy easy. Just look at how simple it is to add images and text, and then all you need to do is change the timings so that they fit with your audio.

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Teachings In Education – Teach The Teachers

Teachings in education is an upcoming channel that focuses on the teachers rather than the students. Covering a broad range of subjects that help educators from around the world.

If you are struggling to think what your channel should be about then have a think about what you are good at teaching or explaining.

Personally, I think that’s why there are so many good examples in this niche, teachers are good at breaking a concept down and explaining it to their audience, with animation added on top they have the perfect combination to be successful on YouTube.

So this channel is sharing their knowledge and making a nice little side income from YouTube, and the best part is that they don’t need to show their face, they can remain completely anonymous, and they can create these videos around their busy life as all you need is a laptop and videoscribe.

teachings in education youtube channel

The Swedish Investor – Making Bank

If you want a YouTube niche that makes money then one of the biggest is the finance niche, whether that’s how to make money online or personal finance or investing, it’s very lucrative. This is why this channel has nailed it with its content choice.

The Swedish Investor goes against the norm when it comes to video length, they actually create really long form and detailed videos but i want to reiterate the point they make in their own about page:

I will share with you the most successful strategies for taking your personal finance and investing to the next level, in a SIMPLE and ENJOYABLE way.

You see those keywords, don’t you? Simple and enjoyable.

For me, the key to a good whiteboard animation channel is all about taking a concept and presenting that in a simpler way that is also easy on the eye and simple to follow along and understand.

Anyone can do this. Often we get carried away and geek out on things we are experienced and knowledgeable about, when we talk to beginners we melt their brains with terminology and assume that they know the basics.

Remember that we all start somewhere, and to put yourself in their shoes and simplify everything.

The Swedish Investor youtube channel

So that concludes my 6 best Videoscribe examples who are really standing out in the whiteboard animation scene.

I hope that gives you an insight into what is possible with whiteboard explainer videos using Videoscribe. For me, if you have something to teach then this is a great way of doing it, and with enough consistency and effort you can build a money-making youtube channel that you don’t need to show your face on.

Want to learn more about VideoScribe? Checkout this video that shows you how to create a whiteboard animation video from scratch………….

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