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wpx hosting for wordpress

Migrating to WPX Hosting | Are They The Best Web Hosting For WordPress?

In this post, I want to tell you why I have just “splashed the cash “on new WordPress web hosting with WPX, ….. in order to take my blog to the next level….

Now, before I spill the beans, something you need to be aware of are all the different decision points you should consider when choosing the best web hosting for WordPress.

WPX Hosting - How Good Are They?
Blogging is competitive. In order to succeed you need to look at what the best bloggers are doing. Taking every little win and gain that you can. One key area is WordPress web hosting. Freeing up your time by not having to worry about speed, malware, unseen costs. Which is why I made the move to WPX Hosting, and maybe you should too? Below I will explain my reasoning.

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This isn’t a task that we do often, so let’s take the time now to carefully considering where the best place to host our blog actually is!

wordpress for bloggers

I guarantee, when you start to research the best web hosting for WordPress, you will find biased reviews and fanatical opinions. Blog hosting really creates a tribal culture and people take it very seriously.

So in this post, I am not going to ram it down your neck that “WPX is the bestest!!”

Instead, I am going to simply explain why I chose them, and why you should consider them too….

Who Is WPX Hosting?

Anyone who gets started with blogging, and does the research, will see the usual suspects mentioned time and time again.

One name I don’t see often enough is WPX Hosting. But why?

Honestly, I think they are more low key than some of the other providers. I get the feeling they shout less about themselves as they cater to a different part of the market.

writing a blog in wordpress using laptop

Many of the hosting providers sell low and aim for quantity. WPX seems to know WHO it wants, and goes about appeasing that type of blogger – this will make sense when I tell you the benefits shortly.

WPX Hosting are the premium provider – not too big – not too small. But are they worth it?

[ If you would rather WATCH why I moved to WPX Hosting then check out this video ]

Key Factors When Choosing the Best Web Hosting For WordPress


I am not brand new to blogging, but i wouldn’t also say I’m a vastly experienced blogger. I am somewhere in between.

I understand the technical aspects – SSL, Hosting, DNS, Caching plugins and page builders….and I have several blogs.

But I am not a prolific writer, i haven’t cracked a full-time income from my blogs and have a long way to go.

get started with blogging

How does WPX fit into this?

For me, it was a statement to myself. I spoke to some of the people around me that are earning big money from blogging, people way beyond my expertise, 8/10 of them use WPX.

One thing I have learnt over the last year, look at what successful people do, are they scrimping around trying to save $20 or are they investing in themselves with the best possible tools?

Sometimes we need skin in the game to help push us on to the next level. To make us work harder to pay that investment off

Fast WordPress Hosting

Speed, my current hosting is UK based and sloooooow for any traffic that isn’t from these mighty shores.

We have learnt from Google that speed is a huge factor and a slow site will affect:

  • Lower search page rankings
  • Increased bounce rates
  • Lower conversions

Today’s consumer wants everything INSTANT and NOW, and we aren’t willing to wait the 3 seconds it takes to load that page.

fast wordpress web hosting

Renowned internet marketer, Matthew Woodward carried out extensive testing across various hosting providers including the big-names that are often recommended in blogging circles.

And hands down, WPX was the winner and crowned “Fastest web hosting for WordPress”

Sign Up With WPX & Migrate Your Existing Sites FREE

If I want my blog to improve retention, climb the rankings, and generally perform better then I should start with one of the fastest hosting providers I could get – without selling a kidney.

Thankfully WPX ticks both boxes, more on costs in a moment

wordpress web hosting

World Class Support

This post isn’t a review (I haven’t been with them long enough yet), it’s my initial experience and my personal reasons to migrate to WPX hosting….but, when I signed up (which is easy), the first thing I had to do was contact their support.

Something of legend amongst the bloggers I speak too!

Now I work in technical support, but was still dreading having to migrate my blogs – would I lose everything? What details do I need to give them?

My fears were not needed.

fast support wpx hosting wordpress

I logged in, clicked on migration request, filled in a few short answers….whilst on the site I had a few questions so I pressed the chat button and got a near enough instant answer. They beat the 30 second response time they proudly boast at WPX.

The WPX support is extremely responsive which for me is a key factor when deciding on the best web hosting for WordPress.

You will have questions, that’s normal. WPX Hosting assure you that they are there to help, no matter what the issue.

Many of the big hosting providers let themselves down with poor support records. Whereas WPX hostings reputation is as good as you will find.

laptop blogging in wordpress

WPX Hosting Costs

Without doubt, WPX are more expensive than my current UK hosts.

They are not the cheapest and not the most expensive.

Surely that’s a negative?

Well not really no.


You see most hosting providers will tie people into an initial offer, knowing that people are probably unlikely to move from them, they then bump up the year 2 costs – when us bloggers then feel free trapped, or wondering whether it’s worth the efforts (Year 1 as a blogger is TOUGH!).

So whilst WPX don’t discount, they appear to have enough going for them that they don’t feel the need to discount.

They include premium features at the cost, and that wouldn’t be viable if they were running low intro offers and appealing t the masses.

I like that confidence!

If they charged $10 for year one, they would likely be flooded, overloaded and have consequential knock-on effects with some of their best features, which I am covering next.

Ultimately I’ve paid $250 to host 5 blogs for a year. An amount I don’t see as unreasonable to run various income streams – some of which are already earning more than that.

life of a blogger

Simple WordPress Migrations

Hosting providers are not soft, they know the average person isn’t going to want the hassle of migrating a site and risk losing all of their hard-worked posts.

They want you as a customer for life. But very few hosting providers will help you migrate your site for free, and the ones that do often cap it at one blog, which is no good for me.

WPX Hosting allow me to migrate ALL my sites, and it’s such a simple process. In fact, I’ve created a video below that explains exactly what is involved.

Blog Security

Have you ever had a WordPress site hacked?

I have, my own fault, poor management of plugins and one of them was compromised.

They ripped my site apart, had it ranking for Ukrainian football, adult material, and car parts, all in a matter of days. They embedded themselves deep into my WordPress site.

wordpress malware protection

My host disabled my site as it was risking their service and I had to start again.

Sign Up With WPX & Migrate Your Existing Sites FREE

WPX provides a free malware removal service should the worst happen. They protect you with various layers of security, including free SSL certs, and are on hand to assist if required.

This peace of mind is exactly what I wanted as I never want a repeat of a hacked WordPress site again

I love the fact that they don’t leave you high and dry.

wordpress security


Are WPX Hosting The Best WordPress Web Hosting?

Time will tell if choosing WPX is the best decision, and whether it ultimately will be the best web hosting for WordPress – for me anyway.

But when it comes to ticking the boxes they were certainly the best option for me, even if I did wince a little typing my credit card number in πŸ™‚

WPX Hosting cater for those that have danced around blogging for a year or so.

Bloggers that have enough insight to know whether they wish to take their craft seriously, and now realize how important it is to have good support, speed, and security.

WPX position themselves perfectly for serious bloggers and come highly recommended from many top earning bloggers that I know.

What about you? Do they tick enough boxes then why not add them to your shortlist.

If this post or videos were any use to you, and you are kind enough to consider using my link (click here) then that would be hugely appreciated πŸ™‚

Any questions – then drop them below or reach out to me

Thanks for reading.

Sign Up With WPX & Migrate Your Existing Sites FREE

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