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Why You Should Start A YouTube Channel In 2021

Hey! This is a video post from a YouTube video I created covering Why You Should Start A YouTube Channel In 2021. So check out the video just above this, and for those of you that prefer to read, the script is below. Let me know in the comments if you are ready to get started on YouTube – if you are then this guide may be of use too.

Should You Start A YouTube Channel?

Maybe you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge for a while, but something is stopping you from starting your own youtube channel?

It could be that fear of being ridiculed by your friends or worrying that you don’t have all of the kit you require, maybe you just arent sure on what you need to do technically, or are you a perpetual learner who thinks they will start any day now but you just need to learn one more thing before you are fully ready?

Well, great news my friend, it’s your time to shine, so mute your phone, grab a snack, turn off the tv and sit back whilst I tell you WHY you should start a youtube channel in 2021.

You should know that for many of us, there are a number of reasons why we start a channel and not just one, and I would love to hear what reason resonates most with you. So when you’ve listened to them all, leave me a comment and tell me which category you are in.

The information you are about to hear isn’t just my opinion and thoughts, nope, on this post, I have actually put some effort in (I know, hard to believe isn’t it) and spoke to YouTubers of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Covering the full range of channel types, some are beginners and some are well established and experienced youtubers, and these are the reasons why they started a youtube channel and why maybe you should too….

Reason #1 A Challenge

Why do people climb mountains? Why do they train day in and day out to become the best athlete they can be? Why do people want to write books? or dedicate their lives to help others?

Often it’s for purpose and meaning to their lives.

By doing what others won’t they get what others don’t.

I am going to be straight with you. Building a YouTube channel is not an easy task. It’s tough at times and will really test you. And some people thrive on that. They don’t want easy, they want a sense of achievement, to be able to climb and conquer that mountain and show the world what they are capable of.

So maybe if you want to add some purpose to your life, and build something that is your achievement alone then maybe youtube fits that gap?

Reason #2 Make Money

It’s OK, we’re all friends here, you don’t have to be ashamed to admit that you want to make money on YouTube. You’re allowed. It doesn’t make you wrong or greedy.

Let’s face it, whilst money isn’t everything in life it can definitely give you opportunities.

My own channel started purely to make money. I’ve had a few harsh lessons over the year’s that made me appreciate how short life is. So I want to use the time I have to create experiences and memories for my young family. I want to show them the world and the people in it. And let’s face it, that cost money.

Now don’t get me wrong, I now have other important reasons I create on YouTube, and we will cover more of them in a moment. But money definitely helps.

Whilst most people assume the only way to make money is ad revenue there are actually ways that are way more profitable such as affiliate marketing. If you want to learn more about how even small YouTubers can make money on YouTube then check out the free training below:

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Reason #3 Helping People

A high percentage of people open the youtube app and type in their search criteria because they need help.

It’s an amazing platform because no matter what your issue, there’s probably someone who offering advice or a step by step tutorial. Youtube gives us instant support… Whether you’re trying to get over your ex, learn how to apeak Tagalog or trying to design a business logo. It’s all on YouTube.

The person that’s helping others could be you, and if it is, then I applaud you for being a damn good person!

By creating content that helps people we can easily establish a reputation and grow our brand. As we do, then we are rewarded in the process with other things like revenue and channel growth. A perfect reason why you should start a YouTube channel in 2021.

But seriously, look around and check out how many videos start with the words “how to” and that’s because people are searching with questions about their problems, you could be the one that answers them and makes their day.

I can tell you firsthand it’s an amazing feeling when people say they started a channel or fixed a problem thanks to you. Is there a better reason why you should start a YouTube channel in 2021?

Reason #4 Creative Expression

So this is an interesting one and often comes down to what peoples lives are like outside of youtube.

Some people including me have very logical day jobs. Things are very black and white with little room for creativity… But life in my opinion is about balance and YouTube provides that.

It gives people a platform to express themselves with words, images, music and anything you can be creative with.

It’s a blank canvas waiting for you to start painting.

If you have a stressful job, and no real opportunity to be creative then look at starting a YouTube channel and giving your brain that change of pace and direction. It may just surprise you with how satisfying it is.

Reason #5 Make Friends

No not the popular sitcom that ran for about 300 seasons… The most excruciating “will they won’t they” TV romance in history. Not that.

This is about connecting with like-minded people who share a passion for your channel topics.

Your normal friends may not understand your hobbies and interests. They could be blissfully unaware of your fascination with star wars, cowboy music or living off the land.

And whilst you keep this a secret to save them laughing at you, it doesn’t stop you from finding people who also love these subjects. Youtube provides that. It’s the people’s platform with channels for everyone.

So if you want to connect with similar minded people then why not do it on YouTube?

Before we cover the next reason why you should start a YouTube channel in 2021. Why don’t you drop into the comments and tell me hobbies or interests you have that are a secret from your friends and family? I promise I won’t tell them!

Reason #6 Leave A Legacy

I’m not sure if your a parent or not, but if you are then this one could be relevant to you. It’s definitely up there on my own personal reasons.

You see when you have kids, everything changes. You quickly become aware of what matters and the responsibilities you have.

Time becomes precious and you want to do all of the right things.

That includes inspiring the next generation and showing them there are opportunities in the world if your willing to go and get them. But equally a lot of YouTubers are creating content that could be around when they aren’t.

A legacy that can serve people close to them, or even strangers for time to come. That’s an amazing thing.

And whilst I don’t think I could run a family vlog channel myself, you have to admire how many memories these families have documented forever. This is why I am launching a 2nd channel with my kids, to share the experience of being a YouTuber with them.

Lastly and importantly….

Reason #7 Have FUN

Yes, it’s as simple as that.

Fun could be doing something crazy, challenging yourself, connecting with cool people, or even making a little money.

But honestly, YouTube is a roller-coaster of emotions at times and most definitely it’s fun.

I hope that gives you a little inspiration as to why you should start a YouTube channel in 2021 yourself. Like so many others who create video content and proudly call themselves YouTubers.

If you need any help getting started or learning to make money on YouTube then check out the videos on screen and in the descriptions as they will really help you.

If you want to know how small YouTubers are earning money then check this out….


Content Creator
  1. Hi Jon,
    I’ll be posting my first YouTube video soon, but first, I would like to know the following: Should I create my YT Channel first and then post my video in my Channel, or should I just post my video, and a few others, and then create my Channel? So far, I haven’t been able to find an answer to my question.

    1. Hey Wally, well done on taking action with Youtube. So when you post a video you have already got a channel. It could just be your standard Google account channel.

      If your asking if you should create the banner, avatar and about page so it looks like a channel. Completely up to you. Youtube is a long game, so if you would sooner get that video up and out of the way then you can, then circle back to making it look like a channel.

      I would highly recommend using canva. There are loads of templates you can use and repurpose, and done is better than perfect when your starting out. Always best to be producing videos instead of channel banners.

      Good luck with your channel!


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