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how to make money on youtube uploading simple videos

How To Make Money On YouTube Uploading Simple Videos

So you want to start a YouTube channel, but maybe you don’t want to be the star of the show and prefer to be off-camera?

Well, that shouldn’t stop you from being able to build your own successful YouTube channel, and in this post, I’m going to give you a full step by step guide to show you how to make money on YouTube uploading simple videos.

This channel does the method I am going to explain, and it’s making $200k, and potentially lots more.

example channel making money on youtube

This channel does it and it’s making over $130 (and potentially lot’s more)

example channel earning money on youtube

This channel does it making 100k… and as you guessed – potentially lot’s more…

example channel earning money on youtube

Keep reading to the very end, your going to learn:

  • Example channels that are proving this works
  • How this technique can be used for many niches & not just meditation channels
  • The best websites and software to use
  • The best way to earn money on youtube

I am going to break it all down for you, step by step, by the end of this you will be able to upload videos that someone else has created and apply your magic touch and earn money on Youtube

If you prefer to watch the accompanying video for this blog post then here it is:

Without further ado, let’s jump into it:

Step 1 – Audience & Niche

Before we can even consider how to make money on Youtube uploading simple videos, we first need to go back a few steps!

The first task is to figure out WHO you wish to create content for and WHAT type of content.

choose a niche on youtube

Try and consider what people like to watch, but also what problems people have. Because becoming a problem solver can be the key to growing a youtube channel

Where people have problems, they need help, that makes them a more qualified audience – hungry for that information that can change their life.

If you can fit this in with something you’re passionate about, or have existing skills in, then even better!

For example, 3 big niches that stand the test of time are:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Relationships.

I mean they are very high-level niches, you can still drill down further 2 or 3 steps and uncover some gold.

  • Top Level: Health
  • Level 1: Diet & nutrition
  • Level 2: Keto diet
  • Level 3: Keto diet for diabetics

health wealth relationships

Channels that do well in this strategy are spiritual and mindset channels – such as law of nature, affirmations, motivational videos, meditation.

But honestly, there are tonnes of different subjects you can use – for the sake of this tutorial lets use something a little bit different, and a niche that you won’t see many other marketers demonstrating…..

We are going to use a dog channel, to be specific, a dog facts channel just like this one – dogswiz

dosswiz youtube channel facts about dogs

Can anyone make money on YouTube uploading simple videos?

So I hear what you’re saying….

But Jon, why choose this channel, yes it’s making money, but there are so many huge channels, and I want to be huge too. Dogswiz is a decent size but it’s not breaking records is it?

Well you might be surprised

Dogswiz are following a proven formula – a process that shows exactly how to make money on YouTube uploading simple videos.

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watering the money tree with legit passive income ideas

What I love about this channel is that they are showing you exactly what’s required and they are only a few steps ahead of me and you.

Unlike the big channels who can now build a production team and can leave you feeling deflated and inferior.

Dog whiz is relatable, I mean if they can do why can’t we?

You just have to be single-minded, consistent, and willing to put the work in. (Can you do that?!)

how much dogswiz make on youtube

Now the reason I am highlighting them is that Dogswhiz are earning money, uploading simple videos. Copy and pasting if you like.

They should show you exactly what is possible if you work hard.

They started just over one year ago, and they are already earning…..$37k the average wage in the us, Each time they create a video, that’s another video that’s running ads and making money on autopilot, in a years time this potentially could be a 6 figure channel.

But what if I told you that is only a fraction of what they are earning? There is another way, and this could work for you too.

Unlike running YouTube ads where you need 1000 subs, 4000 watch hours, and have to live in fear of youtube changing the rules on you. You can use this strategy to make money from day 1 by just uploading simple videos that someone else has created.

All the details about this are coming up so make sure you keep reading.

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But first, we need to decide what your first video is going to be about?

youtube monetization requirements

Step 2 – Video

Ok so for this you’re going to need a basic video editor. Don’t be alarmed, these are really easy to pick up and learn. I use filmora, but you can use davinci resolve for free, or even some of the free movie maker applications.

Next up we are going to find some videos that other people have created that we can use, after all, we aren’t creating these videos – we are simply uploading them. This means we can cover almost any niche, as it’s not reliant on us filming them.

filmora video editor

But you need to tread carefully – we can’t just reuse any video we like as it’s not legal or ethical.

Now if you want free videos then look at pexels and pixabay who both have royalty-free video that can be reused for commercial use.

The downside though is that they don’t have large collections, so if you have the cash I would probably spend a little and sign up for a site such as Envato or Storyblocks who have tonnes of music, sound effects, photos and video available for a monthly subscription.

sites to download free non commercial video for youtube

One ninja trick you could also do, which works great for a dog channel in particular…..

Go into the thousands of dog groups on Facebook and ask if anyone has any footage you can share. Tell them you are creating a video on a particular dog breed and you are happy to credit them.

I reckon you would be inundated with happy dog owners!

One thing I would personally avoid is using other YouTube videos.

A lot of people are teaching this where you search for creative commons videos and download them to reuse, but I honestly think that’s a fine line for being demonetized and never being able to run ads.

dont use creative commons for youtube

That’s just my humble opinion though, it works for some, and even if you go down that route and lose your ability to run ads then I’m going to show you another way to earn money anyway but I would think of this as a long term play – we want to be making money through different business models just by copying and pasting videos.

Step 3 – Music

Music is powerful – it can be relaxing, stir up emotion, remind you of moments in time. Different music will suit different videos

I mean for a dog fact channel – music isn’t essential, whereas for a meditation channel it’s much more important

music options for youtube videos

Yes, you can find some great paid options, and as mentioned Envato is a good choice with a wide selection, but if you’re on a budget you can do it for free – you need royalty free or creative commons music but just check what type of creative commons it is, there are different types i.e non-commercial use, use with attribution, etc

But remember, Youtube provides an extensive selection of audio you can use themselves, but there are also other options which I will link below:

Step 4 – Script & Voice

Ok so this is where some gurus tell you to download famous speeches, or rip the audio out of videos, or even use archive.org and find audio samples you can reuse.

Don’t bother.

make money uploading videos on youtube

Whilst there is some good audio in archive.org, a lot you still cannot use as it may be creative commons but it’s for non-commercial use and everyone else is doing the same thing.

You can do this if you like, but I want to show you the way of least risk.

Yes it may take a little more effort from you but hey this isn’t a get rich quick scheme its a genuine channel idea, and a legit way to make money on YouTube uploading simple videos – that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put the work in!

One option is to research and write your own script.

Look at the top blog posts on your video subject – because they are clearly the ones people prefer to read. Let’s say your video is about “Interesting facts about german shepherd dogs”, who doesn’t love dogs right!.

facts about german shepherds

Get the facts ready and write a rough script.

You don’t need to be a genius, the script doesn’t have to be long, you can write a list of facts or just stick to the main points people want to know.

A small amount of research goes a long way but remember, people go on YouTube to learn things and solve problems.

what people use youtube for

If your content can do that then you are on the right track.

Now for the audio, you have 4 choices:

  1. Don’t use audio – instead just write them out and add the text in your editor – make your channel an entirely visual one. word of warning , some niches such as mindset, motivation, people prefer to listen to the words
  2. Use your own voice – create a voiceover – just read your script you wrote
  3. Pay someone – Hire someone from fiverr/upwork to do the voiceover – but again this comes down to budget
  4. Software – Or you could Use automated voice software to generate the audio automatically. Whilst these aren’t perfect they are actually much better than they used to be – I would recommend this one.

voiceover options for youtube channel

Step 5 – Monetize YouTube Videos with Affiliate Marketing

Now we add all the components together – and finally, figure out how to make money on YouTube uploading simple videos.

Video + Music + Audio.

Assembled together using some very basic editing – then publish the video.

Remember earlier I mentioned dogwiz will be making serious money, and not through adverts.

They are making money uploading simple videos to youtube, by using a business model called affiliate marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing works like this….

If you recommend a product and someone buys through your link you will get a commission. A referral system used across the internet.

affiliate marketing on youtube

So we need to find a product that is aligned to our content, something that our audience may find useful, and could help them.

One of my favourite affiliate networks to look is Clickbank, but there are alternatives such as Digistore24 and Maxbounty

…. or even just type in a product that can be used by your audience and append “Affiliate” to your search.

find affiliate products in google

Once we have identified a good product (choose one that is genuinely helpful and you would use yourself)

We then apply to be an affiliate, in some cases this is automatic, but sometimes we need to supply details about our channel or website.

Now each time someone clicks on that link and if they like the product and buy it, you get a commission

Example channel that makes money on YouTube

So let’s go back to Dogswiz, who for me are the perfect example of how to make money on YouTube uploading simple videos.

Each video they create they link to a product called “Brain training for dogs” and remember their audience are dog enthusiasts, probably who have searched their favourite breed, and have an emotional attachment.

link to affiliate product on youtube video

Dog owners are generally good buyers because they love their fur babies – so if they see products that can help their dogs why wouldn’t they buy them?

Now affiliate products can usually convert between 1 and 5%, but let’s do some math, and let’s be really critical.

They have had 6 MILLION views, let’s not go with 1%, let’s say even just 0.1% of their viewers buy that product, that would be 6,000 buyers of “Brain Training for Dogs” which pays $31 commission.

In other words, $186,000 in affiliate marketing commission

affiliate marketing commission example

It could be less it could be much more, but hopefully, that shows you the potential of a good channel and earnings through affiliate marketing

There are thousands of youtube channels that are earning money using this method. I have simplified the concept of affiliate marketing just to get you started.

But for those that are serious about creating passive income then follow this link to hands down the best affiliate marketing coaching program available, that has helped change my life.

make money with affiliate marketing


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