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Best Paid YouTube Training Course For ANY Budget

In this short post, I’m going to talk about the best paid YouTube training courses you can buy, and I will cover every budget, so it doesn’t matter if you are a broke beginner who doesn’t have 2 pennies to rub together, or if you’ve just won the lotto and have money burning a hole in your pocket.

I will explain how much each course costs and give my honest opinion on each one, and why it may be the one for you.

At the end of the post, I will reveal 3 bonus tips that will help accelerate your YouTube journey fast and explain why I think you should put your hand in your pocket and invest in a paid YouTube course.

Alternatively, you can watch the accompanying video here:

What To Consider

Before we jump into it, I need to point out that I only ever recommend paid courses that I have seen myself and also that any prices I mention are obviously relevant to when I record this video.

But if you are looking at paid YouTube training courses and you appreciate the huge opportunity and potential that YouTube gives you then I really don’t want you to focus on costs, instead decide on what would benefit you the most.

Let’s start with the premium offering.

Video Ranking Academy

Video Ranking Academy is a popular training program from Sean Cannell – who knows just about all there is to know about YouTube.

Sean has multiple channels including his own, video influencers, and think media who have almost 2 million subs. This will be a long video if we talk about Sean’s resume so instead, let’s focus on the course.

At just shy of one thousand dollars, this course is well polished and has everything you need. The information in there is high quality, and it’s easy to follow along, with plenty of homework and checklists so you can apply what you learn. It’s everything you would expect from a big name in the YouTube scene, well polished and informative, but it does come at a price that many Youtube newbies probably wouldn’t be willing to spend.

But if you are willing and able to flash the cash, it’s a great option and you won’t regret it.

If a large initial outlay isn’t possible then stay tuned as option 3 will be perfect for you – trust me.

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Cost: $997

Click to learn more about Video Ranking Academy

tube rank ritual youtube course

Tube Rank Ritual

Next, we have Brian G Johnson coaching program – If you have seen Brian’s channel before then you will know that he brings a bit of character to youtube.

He’s quirky, a little odd, but more importantly, he really understands YouTube and how to succeed.

In terms of personality, Brian and Sean are very different people, and this is important because ultimately you want to learn from someone that you really resonate with as you are putting faith in their teaching.

I joined Brians coaching program, not only because of his training material but because it was on a smaller scale than VRA. Which means you get access to the man himself. He’s present to answer questions, and in the regular coaching calls, he will share his thoughts and opinions and even call you out when you need it.

Brian has a knack for making you think about what’s truly important.

The cost is around $500 and with that, you get access to a members-only group, this is so much better than free groups where every post is asking for thumbnail ratings.

In Brian’s small but powerful community there are people willing to invest in themselves and get some skin in the game. Many of them are full-time YouTubers and surrounding yourself with successful and ambitious people can help elevate your own knowledge and belief.

Cost: $497

Click to learn more about Tube Rank Ritual

primal video youtube course

Primal Video Accelerator

Option 3 is fantastic if you just don’t have the opportunity to pay an investment up front.

You can read an IN DEPTH REVIEW on Primal Video Accelerator on this page

Mike and Justin at Primal Video have created their flagship course which you can join for a monthly fee, at just over a dollar a day.

There’s no commitment, if you just want to binge their entire catalogue over a month or two then you can. So it’s probably the most affordable option out there, but also that monthly subscription means that the guys keep the course constantly evolving and updating with the latest strategies.

Again you get the community aspect, and I’ve got to say, everything is presented really clearly and concisely and overall is a really good option, especially if you want a paid youtube course on a budget.

There is one catch when it comes to Primal Video Accelerator, they only open the doors every now and then, so if you follow the link above and it says that you need to join the waiting list that means they aren’t taking in new members at this time so make sure you get your name down for when the doors reopen.

Cost: $49 a month

Click to learn more about Primal Video Accelerator

skillshare courses


Skillshare is a paid online learning platform, which has a tonne of different courses all created by talented content creators. You may find that some of your favourite YouTubers have courses on skillshare such as Ali Abdaal and Marques Brownlee, and that’s because skillshare rewards creators and pays them when their content is consumed.

This means you can learn really niche and specific skills like how to use adobe after effects, or how to create your thumbnails in Canva.

Sadly you don’t get that coaching factor or community, and it’s not as Youtube focused as some of the other options, you do get access to a broad range of courses, and at around $100 a year it’s very good value for money.

Even better, if you want to binge-watch everything for 30 days then I will leave a link below that gives you a 30 day trial to premium content.

Cost: $100 a year

Click here to learn more about Skillshare

follow on youtube

Jon Davis YouTube Channel

And lastly, for those of you that don’t have a magic money tree, and have no expenses you can cut back on like dropping that toffee latte every week, then instead of a paid YouTube course you can always subscribe to my channel, I help content creators maximise their impact and income using proven strategies and tech.

I share and teach my experiences and anything I learn, directly on this channel.

Bonus Tips To Grow On YouTube

Now I said at the start of this post that I would give you 3 reasons why I believe you really should put your hand in your pocket and invest in a paid youtube course and here they are.

Proven Processes

YouTube is an amazing resource and there’s so much value on there, but often you bounce from one video to the next, and just delay creating your own content. The more you watch the more impossible it feels to get started. Paid courses often use frameworks or processes where they simplify everything for you. They tell you what step 1 is so you can focus on that before having to figure out what step 8 is.

how do people make money on Youtube

Team Strength

YouTube evolves and its algorithm changes. By establishing yourself into a community of fellow YouTubers, or having access to a coach, you learn about any new strategies earlier. You get to discuss with others what worked for their channel and what didn’t. All of a sudden you are part of a team rather than flying solo.

Skin In The Game

I spent a long time not willing to spend a single dollar on myself, in the last few years I have spent thousands on training, not just YouTube, but also blogging and affiliate marketing.

Paid training has been the biggest key to my progress, all of a sudden you realise what you can achieve and the steps you need to take to get there. But importantly it also makes you have skin in the game. You are invested and have an interest in making it work, don’t underestimate that feeling as it’s a great way of driving you on to your goals.

I hope you enjoyed this post and give you a quick insight into the best paid YouTube training courses, I would love to hear your thoughts. What courses have I missed and what did you think of them? Let me know below

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