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ways to make money with groovefunnels

5 Ways To Make Money With GrooveFunnels

Groovefunnels Info
What Is It?
A full suite of Digital Marketing software
Who Is It For?
Any business type or entrepreneur
How much can affiliates earn?
Between 20-40% (Plus 2nd tier)
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STOP – Please Read. Since writing this post a few years ago, I have been unimpressed with the way Groove have developed their product. It has seemingly hit the rocks and hasn’t progressed in the way they promised. For that reason, I have taken down many of my Groove posts. This one is an exception, everything you see and learn on this page is still applicable, but change Groove to any other sales funnel builder. The message is still the same.


Software is often the holy grail for anyone seeking money-making opportunities, and in this post, I intend to show you why.

In particular, I am going to give you 5 ways to make money with Groovefunnels.

For those of you that don’t know, Groovefunnels is the new kid on the block in the funnel building world. It’s a full software suite, that aims to cut out the numerous software subscriptions you have and put everything in one place.

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Its got massive potential because it could theoretically be used by any business at all. It has functionality galore!

So let’s jump into it and discover the 5 ways to make money with Groovefunnels, if you prefer to watch the video then I have linked it below:

Method 1: Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing groovefunnels

First up is Affiliate Marketing, where we’re going to straight-up promote Groovefunnels and make some money.

If you have heard of affiliate marketing then its basically a referral system, where you promote a product or service using your special link, and if someone buys you get a commission.

Key to this is to educate yourself on how Groovefunnels can help people, what problems its solves, what results it will help them achieve.

Your job is to find the people who could benefit from Groovefunnels and show them why it’s the perfect solution.

what is affiliate marketing

Each vendor will have different affiliate terms, especially regarding the amount they will pay you in commission.

As a Groovefunnels affiliate, you can earn 40% commission, plus 10% of whatever your signups then also earn (tier two commission).

In contrast, if you don’t want to sign up for Groovefunnels yourself, and wish to stay on the free plan, then you can still earn 20% (and 5% on 2nd tier) which is incredibly generous for free.

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Method 2: Shared Funnels

groovefunnels shared funnels

A sales funnel is like a website, but it has more purpose. Usually, there is a sole intent that it tries to achieve – convert a lead, complete a sale, register for a webinar.

Sales funnels remove all of the menu’s and ways to click around and get lost, and they grab the lead and take them directly to the main goal.

What I am trying to say…. sales funnels are great for any kind of business owner and entrepreneur:

  • eCommerce and Retail
  • Coaches & Consultants
  • Service Providers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Anyone

Shared funnels are one of my favourite ways to make money with Groovefunnels, it’s affiliate marketing but with a twist.

groovefunnels shared funnels

I remember seeing a blog once that used a rival software and they basically gave away free funnel templates to anyone that landed on the site.

They had little popups everywhere on their site, which would grab the readers attention and give them some funnels for free (and captured their email in the process).

Everything is ready-made for them.

Each person who clicked on a template, signed up for the software, then earnt that blogger a recurring commission if they didn’t already have an account.

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That blog reportedly sold for 6 figures, plus all of the affiliate commissions they made in the process.

money in the hand

Again, this gives you a new angle to make money with Groovefunnels.

Try creating a sales funnel that works really well for one business type, lets say a dentist. Now offer it to them for free, including some extras on top if needed.

You could even upsell them to some professional marketing services, simplify their life, and do it for them and boom there ya go, money made with Groovefunnels.

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Method 3: Funnel Designer

groovefunnels designer

Design is a huge part of effective sales funnels. Whilst often the strategies are simple, depending on your niche – aesthetically pleasing funnel can make all the difference.

So use your design skills to create the funnel and keep it aligned with the brand and who knows what other opportunities this could lead too.

There are courses out there that teach you the fundamentals of design, but one of the best ways to learn is to get stuck in and learn how to use the software yourself. Try and replicate successful sales funnels that are already out there.

You know what they say, practice makes perfect.

SIGN UP NOW: Join the Platinum Deal to qualify for those 40% commissions promoting Groovefunnels

Method 4: Digital Agency

digital agency using groovefunnels

This is a great upsell if you have gone down the shared funnels route.

You can also try and sell your customers other digital services.

  • Design their funnels
  • Create their membership site
  • Write their email sequences and ongoing broadcasts
  • Manage their paid advertising
  • Run their affiliate scheme
  • Produce their social media graphics

signup for groovefunnels free

Now some of you reading this will say “I can’t, I don’t have the skills.” But I know you can absolutely learn them.

Take the pain away from the business owner.

The average age of small business owners is around 49, they aren’t all as tech-savvy as you may be. But equally, they may just want to focus on what they do best. If you really dont want to do it then outsource it to someone from Fiverr or Upwork, and charge more than you pay.

Method 5: Build A Course or Digital Product

create info product in groovefunnels

The final way to make money with Groovefunnels is based on sharing what you learn and helping people.

There are over 100k people in the Groovefunnels Facebook group, that’s a lot of interested people given how new the product is.

As its early days still, the features change daily as the development team are hard at work. That means it’s hard to stay on top of how to do things.

This creates opportunity, and you could be that person who creates tutorials, helps people, and bundle all of that training into a course.

groovefunnels 6 apps

You can even use Groovefunnels to host the membership site and videos, to take payments, but also, you can create your own affiliate program and other people will promote it for you (in exchange for a commission).

Your own army of salespeople.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities and ways to make make money with Groovefunnels.

Let me know below which is your favourite?

If you want some free training around promoting Groovefunnels plus lots of extras and bonuses, then follow this link to some resources I have created just for you to get you started.

free affiliate funnel groovefunnels

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  1. hi, Jon
    This my second time round to come across your blog. Really enjoyed it and feel ready to start creating and not just consume as an introvert it’s easy to get lost in the noise and stay quiet.

    I sure paid a lot of money for my premium account and have not utilised it but no more wasting time and money start making more. Still have much to learn though.

    Just checked out your youtube channel& subscribed.
    Will be starting my own channel soon too.

    All the best.

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