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russell brunson traffic secrets book

Traffic Secrets Book By Russell Brunson – Brilliant or Boring?

The Clickfunnels community sits waiting… in anticipation of Russell Brunson’s NEW Traffic Secrets Book.

The final chapter in the trilogy that has quite literally changed entrepreneurial lives.

Book #1: DotCom Secrets
Book #2: Expert Secrets
Book #3: Traffic Secrets

I still remember those first few chapters of DotCom Secrets. I had no clue who Russell Brunson was, and what Clickfunnels is.

I was recommended the book in order to learn a little about marketing, as I was trying to help my wife launch her own business.

My background in Information Technology was serving me well for technical aspects such as website creation, hosting, DNS but “Marketing” was a distant and creative dream for my logical mind.

russell brunson book trilogy boxset

DotCom secrets and Russell’s ability to explain his strategies and frameworks through the power of stick figure drawings, drew me into his world.

I am now firmly in the “If Russell writes it, I am buying it” camp.

That is why I am eagerly awaiting the Traffic Secrets Book by Russell Brunson.

win copy traffic secrets russell brunson

What Is The Traffic Secrets Book About?

Not to be mistaken with an older training course that Clickfunnels used to up sell, this is Book 3 that he has written.

This Traffic Secrets Book Review is more of a preview of what is to come. The moment I get my hands on it I will update this in full.

For now, let’s look at what Russell has written in the synopsis:

Traffic Secrets is the fuel. The biggest problem that most entrepreneurs have isn’t creating amazing product or service. It’s getting the future customers to discover they even exist. Every year tens of thousands of businesses start and fail because the entrepreneurs don’t understand this one essential skill, the art and science of getting traffic or people to find you.

Once upon a time, we weren’t so reliant on social media to get eyes on our business. It has been a revelation, but not without its issues either.

generate traffic for your business

I know several people who are having their Facebook accounts shut down, their YouTube channels demonetized, and worse.

Whilst the social media giants give us amazing opportunities to grow and showcase our businesses they also pose a threat, make no mistake…they make the rules!

The Traffic Secrets Book is intended to teach us about the tried and tested principles of generating traffic….leads….customers, without that fear of Facebook retribution.


When is Traffic Secrets Book Available To Buy?

The book launch begins on March 17th, which will initiate 6 weeks of heavy promotion from some of the big hitting Clickfunnels affiliates and fans.

The book will then ship on the 5th May, so stand by the door 🙂

lead generation funnel

Traffic Secrets Book Review

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner then you have products and services to sell. Either your own, or like me you promote other peoples as an affiliate marketer.

Traffic is key.

You could have the finest conversion process, the best products, the most breathtaking service a customer could wish for.

But if they don’t know who you are then you are nothing.

russell brunson book trilogy

Traffic Secrets Book aims to fix that and transform your business.

It has been written to showcase Russell Brunson’s strategies to allow your business to thrive under an ever changing landscape of digital platforms.

So if the worst happens and Instagram suspends your life’s marketing efforts then you can survive.

The moment I get hold of the book myself I will be updating this Traffic Secrets Book Review.

buy the traffic secrets book by russell brunson

Is the Traffic Secrets Book Worth It?

I am going to let you make your mind up on this one.

Every business needs traffic. This book is about traffic, and strategies to help your business reduce risks and prosper..

No doubt that Russell will have taken some long standing proven strategies and added his own twist, in order to create his unique “stick man” frameworks. In the same way he did with Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets.

The Traffic Secrets book is over 320 pages and 98,000 words direct from a powerhouse of sales and marketing.

Is it worth it?


thumbs up all round good job

In fact, I have heard that he has remastered the original books, added tonnes more up to date content (around 100 pages to each book), and they will be released as part of a box set upsell.

Given the impact these books have had on me so far – I will be buying the rumoured box set and the latest iterations.

In fact, what if I bought you a copy of the book too?

Sign up here to the Traffic Secrets Waiting list and I will be drawing people at random to receive free copies of the book from myself

win copy traffic secrets russell brunson

What Has Russell Brunson Said About The Traffic Secrets Book?

Russell seems to have more hours in the day than your average entrepreneur, and despite saying he will never write another book, he did.

I have been watching his announcements closely and he seems more than happy with himself for the release of Traffic Secrets.

Over the next few weeks we will hear more from Russell and I will update this post to reflect that.

How Much Is The Traffic Secrets Book?

Russell Brunson ClickFunnels

If they follow the lead of the other books in the trilogy then it is likely to be free.


But don’t forget the shipping 🙂

The previous books have been $7.95 shipping to the US, and $14.95 ROW.

Worth every penny and more.

Review Summary of Traffic Secrets Book

Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets Book is poised to be the missing component. A possible solution to one of the biggest pain points in business, regardless of whether you sell your own products & services or your own as an affiliate.

In my opinion, I would be very surprised if there isn’t enough nuggets of information to justify the low cost.

Traffic Secrets Update 1 (15/3/20)

I have had a sneak peak into the upsells that Russell & clickfunnels are offering, and there it is…the boxset.

It also looks like they are throwing in an exclusive book for the deal – “Unlock the Secrets”. A mammoth 600 page walkthrough that shows you exactly how to make the most of the books. A step by step guide to getting your business online, becoming an expert, and building an audience. A blueprint if you like.

If you are an affiliate yourself then the links are now on there too – but they won’t be live until the 17th!

Get your copy of the NEW Traffic Secrets Book here

buy the traffic secrets book by russell brunson


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