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Success Leaves Clues, So They Say….

I have nothing to offer that hasn’t been talked about or taught already.

I am only a beginner, whereas some people make a solid living out of this.


This was one of my fears that held me back creating my own platforms.


So many people that are more knowledgeable, intelligent, funny, creative, <insert adjective here>, are already talking about these subjects so NO ONE would watch me.


A little bit of IMPOSTER SYNDROME at its best.


I honestly thought that every successful person brings with them originality.


New ideas. Unique methods. Brand new and shiny ways of making money.


Turns out they don’t, and you don’t have to either.


recommended reading for how to make money writing



Let’s face it, if you are just getting started then there are lots of things you need to understand.


The learning curve is steep.


Bloggers have to learn… writing styles, wordpress, hosting, hyperlinks, content, structure, SEO and so on.


YouTubers have to learn… Planning, recording video, equipment use, editing, publishing, uploading, tags, keywords, and so on.


Lots to learn.


So originality can be the final straw.


The deciding factor that leaves you stuck in perpetual procrastination.




You follow Tony Robbins words.


“Success leaves clues”.


tony robbins success leaves clues


Look at what others are doing and what works for them.


Who are the successful people in your niche (or comparative niches) and what are they doing?



▫️ How do the top google results structure their posts?

▫️ What questions do they answer?

▫️ What lead magnets do they give away?



▫️ How do the top channels in your niche, structure their videos?

▫️ Create their thumbnails?

▫️ What are their highest performing videos and why?


youtube headphones start a channel


Funnel Builders


This is what Russell Brunson teaches! Funnel Hack!


Find funnels that work and model them for yourself. They work already, so save the time of having to find the all new groundbreaking method.


Email Marketers (All of the above!)


Grab a throw away email address and sign up for each and every mailing list you can find. I spent ages unsubscribing and cleaning up my email. Now I do the opposite.


It is like free training.

▫️ See what emails you are sent?

▫️ How often?

▫️ What length?

▫️ What is the CTA (Call to action)?


Model what works, after all…


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.


Here is my disclaimer, though I am sure you don’t need it anyway, but… don’t copy.


Don’t rip people off. Imposter syndrome is one thing to overcome, plagiarizing is another!


Aerial view of a man typing on a retro typewriter


Model them, and be inspired by them, but add your own twist.


This is where the originality comes in.


This is where you push that imposter syndrome back into its hole.


You are the uniqueness.


You are what makes your content different.


Your stories. Your message. Your smile or your frown.




Sure, not everyone will relate to you, but someone will.


Let’s look at YouTube.


There are 7.8 Billion people in the world.


2 Billion of which are registered YouTube Users.


anyone can get started with youtube


Let that sink in.


Out of 2 billion people, you will find your people. The ones that resonate with you.


The ones that appreciate that you are…


Shy and Quiet.

Loud and Confident.

A Student.

A Parent

A Student Parent.

An Australian.

An Austrian.

A Gamer.

A Reader.


The same applies for Blogs & Facebook Groups, and any other digital platform.


But before you find these people.


Before anyone can follow you, subscribe to you, or get to know, like and trust you.


There is one thing you NEED to do…..




Those first few steps.


Pen to paper. Face to camera. Voice to microphone. Fingers to keyboard.


get started with affiliate marketing


If it helps, then start with a proven model in place.


Someone else’s proven model, mixed with a large splash of YOU!


But please for the love of all things fluffy and cuddly.




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