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get over your fear of starting a youtube channel

Get Over Your Fear of Starting a YouTube Channel [Shy or Introvert]

Before I tell you how to get over your fear of starting a YouTube Channel, I want to explain a little background.

3 year ago we were on a family holiday / Vacation.

A little sunny beach resort in the Canary Islands – Fuerteventura. The place was beautiful (but sooo windy), food was unreal, the beer was cold and thirst quenching. It was amazing.


I never used to like beach holidays when I was in my twenties but now with my young family in tow, its so nice to do NOTHING for a week.

So the first day we got there, we hung around the pool and ate, drank…. ate some more, and swam around until the kids had literally drank half the pool.

At night it was time for the traditional cheesey family disco. You know the ones, they sing all the classics from around the world such as this !


(not sorry). That tune will be in your head for weeks now.

Anyway back to the disco.

All the families are there, taking the kids to sing and dance. One last final burst of energy before they crash for the night.

Adults that have spent two hours getting ready knowing that there night is over by 9pm as they have the responsibility of parenthood now.

Feel the Fear

The resort entertainer comes out, the music starts… I look at my kids. They both have an expression like the bogey man is running around the room.

2 minutes ago they were high on slush puppy, running around the room and playing together.

Now they are frozen to the spot.

man get over your fear of starting a youtube channel

All the fun has gone. They do not want to go near that stage and join in with all the other kids.

But kids, all of the other kids are having fun and singing and dancing. Why don’t you just go up together and make friends with someone. You will enjoy it.

NO. No dad, I don’t want to. Can we go home?!

All of a sudden I realize, they are just like me. It was fun and relaxed until the focus went on to that group on the dancefloor.

The whole energy of the room changes, and all of a sudden doing the “Hokey Cokey” seems intimidating, because its a group thing.

You have to go and participate and maybe just maybe they might speak to you and everyone will stare! They cannot overcome their shyness & fear.

youtube headphones start a channel

Recalling Painful Memories


It all came flooding back. All the memories of being an awkward teenager. Finding comfort in my closest friends but never relaxing in a group of new people. At work or socializing. I cannot relax and just be myself.

This has been a theme all my life.

i need help

Last year I went on a training course with my work colleague’s.

There was lots of audience participation and having to answer questions, get up and give demonstrations. I sat there, sweating and worrying that it would be me next.

Absolute fear.

I had worked with these people for years but I don’t want to be the centre of attention, I don’t want to have to give unnatural conversation in an unknown environment.

Its irrational fear, but that doesn’t help me. Maybe, If I could drink 10 pints of beer like when i was younger then I would get through it.

In my twenties I would use beer to lose my inhibitions – dance on the dancefloor, speak to strangers. Always amazed by people that could do these things sober

stop scared holding hand fear

Coming up, I am going to explain how I am learning how to get over your fear of starting a YouTube channel (Especially, If you are an introvert like me), and how I used that to launch my own YouTube channel.

(despite the fact I won’t stand in a room of my colleagues and speak).

To achieve this and push my fears back, I have 3 main techniques.

1. Just Take Action (Yeah Yeah I Know)

I know – cliche.

I am not Gary Vaynerchuk – this isn’t going to be an over emotional rally call, dropping the F Bomb x500, to try and get you to take massive action.

Its simpler than that, and here’s why.

One thing my mentor taught me was the “Circle of Awesomeness (or Success)”

Belief – Action – Results.

circle of success awesomeness
💎 Belief – This is that little moment where your trying to convince yourself that you can do something, i.e “OK so I can see people having YouTube success and I know I have something to offer, I think I could run my own channel”

💎 Action – This can just be those small steps, that tiny but significant effort. Creating your channel, your first video, sharing it on Facebook, Creating a thumbnail..

💎 Results – A win, even a small one. The significance of every little step forward should not be underestimated. Personally I aim to get 1% better every day.

Your first like, your first subscriber, your first 100 subscribers, and so on..

how old to join zach crawfords course

The circle is complete and now it starts again. A never ending loop.

This triggers belief again, you think “Wow, I did it!”, Now you know you can do it and so you do it again. Do it a little bit better – maybe improve the thumbnail or make the video longer / shorter.

Constantly re-triggering your belief system

Over the last 8 months, I’ve got over 200 subs. Made my first $1000. Added 100 people to my email list and started a Facebook group for introverts interested in starting their own platform.

All from this method.

“Just do it” – seems flippant, but honestly its true. You have to push yourself to act out of your comfort zone until the belief builds. You will not regret it.

facebook group for digital introverts

2. Engage With People

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you are a recluse.

You can still have friends and enjoy socializing, but generally its with the people we are really close too.

I find talking to new people really tough, because I am not a huge fan of small talk, I overthink what their reaction will be.

So I am a little all or nothing.

In order to get over your fear of starting a YouTube channel or any digital platform is slightly different.


I have connected with tonnes of people, many of which I call friends. They live very different lives in different parts of the world.

I email them, message them, I communicate in written form without having to open my mouth and without having to put myself out there.

My fear is put at ease, because my brain knows I have that safety net, if need be we can block them, cut off from them, I don’t have to see them in person or face them every day.

This allows me to be a braver version of myself.

I am at ease connecting with people.

It’s these people that encourage me, push me, advise me, allow me to express myself. A huge part in overcoming shyness and fear.


3. Find Your Reason Why

Many of us will start our venture with no conviction, no real will or desire to succeed. (I know I did anyway).

It’s a side hustle (and a secret one at that).

We don’t tell our friends, we don’t mention it on Facebook, its something we keep hidden so we don’t risk humiliation if it doesn’t work out.

This is where a reason why has helped me overcome my fears.

I think about, write down, talk about the things I want to achieve.

👊 Family – More time with my wife and kids.

👊 Financially – not to have to worry about things breaking or the cost of a vacation.

👊 Future – Being able to provide them every opportunity.

I break them down into smaller goals and objectives. Create a vision board if you like visual reminders. Write a list of how you see your dream life. Think about it, talk about it.

Have that vision present and take steps to achieving it.

my reason why


Ultimately its up to you to achieve this. No one will do it for you. You are more than capable but you’ve got to find that extra level.

What better way than using what motivates you the most?

It could be family, it could be to escape a job you hate, it could be to see more of the world.

I have two little kids that remind me every day of the opportunities I want to give them and the family experiences we can have together.

My family is my reason why. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

woman get started with youtube channel

In Conclusion, How to Get Over Your Fear of Starting a YouTube Channel

So, I am not a psychologist. I am not a motivational speaker.

I am a 40 year old dad of two, husband of one. A geek and an introvert. If i can start a channel, a blog, a group then so can you.

As discussed above, with the Circle of Success (Awesomeness) – take action, enjoy the results, and gain belief.

Keep building that momentum.

This video below will show you exactly how to Start a YouTube Channel – If you need any advice just give me a shout in the comments.

I was Jon Davis, the digital introvert, every time someone likes and subscribes to my channel you give my belief system a boost – so thank you

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