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The Definitive GrooveFunnels Review (2021)

Definitive GrooveFunnels Review
tl;dr Summary
GrooveFunnels hit the scene with an ambitious goal to become the market leading all-in-one-software-suite for business owners and entrepreneurs. GrooveFunnels are an option you shouldn't ignore depending on your business needs and goals.
4 / 5
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GrooveFunnels is a complete marketing suite that aims to help businesses build successful and profitable online sales funnels. It covers everything from landing pages, websites, email campaigns, lead magnets, and more. With so many services offered in one package, it’s no wonder GrooveFunnels has become an increasingly popular option for entrepreneurs looking to start their own online business or take their existing business to the next level.

In this definitive GrooveFunnels review, we leave no stone unturned and answer all of your questions, so you can decide if this is the right software for your business.

What Is A Sales Funnel?

Before we dive deep into GrooveFunnels itself it’s important to understand what a sales funnel is, as that’s the core of what GrooveFunnels does.

A sales funnel is a marketing strategy that takes people from being complete strangers to becoming paying customers, and it’s made up of five stages:

Awareness -> Interest-> Desire > Action> Retention (or Loyalty).

marketing funnel explained

In the first stage, you want your potential customer to be aware of who you are and how your products and services can help them.

In the second stage, you want to create interest by showing them how your products and services can meet their needs.

In the desire stage, it’s important to show your potential customer how they can get the best value for their money, so they really want to hit that buy button.

In stage four, you want to take them from being a visitor on your website and turn into an active buyer by taking the appropriate action.

In the fifth stage, you want to make sure they come back for more and that’s where retention comes in – this is where we nurture them into loyal and repeat customer who will buy from us again! This can be done through email marketing campaigns.

Those are the five stages of a sales funnel.

lead generation funnel

Why Do I Need A Sales Funnel?

Let’s put this simply…. customers. The lifeblood of any business.

A sales funnel is an effective way of not only increasing customers but also maximizing profits and nurturing an ongoing relationship.

A sales funnel is a highly effective way of not just boosting your customer base, but also maximising earnings, as well as developing long-lasting relationships with them over time.

What Is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is an all-inclusive marketing suite that helps you to create and manage your entire marketing strategy with ease, from one dashboard!

It’s easy for beginners but also has advanced features so it can grow as needed too – which means no more time wasted on learning new software.

Who Are Groove Digital?

Every time I blink this company seems to take a huge growth leap. Groove Digital are the team behind the full range of Groove brands and products.

Led by Mike Filsaime they are the new kid on the block in the extremely competitive world of sales funnel and marketing SAAS (Software-As-A-Service).

The growth of Groove Digital has been extraordinary the last 12 months and they have risen to become the fastest-selling service in the sector, which is why it’s about time I penned my own experiences and thoughts in this GrooveFunnels review!

groovefunnels 6 apps

Key Features of GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels is an absolute feature-rich beast, and in this GrooveFunnels review we are going to look at some of the main components. It is important to realise not all of these are released (at time of writing – March 2021) but they are in the roadmap.


The GroovePages feature is a powerful way to create landing pages for your marketing campaigns. You can use this tool to build highly effective Lead Capture forms, which means that you’ll have more ways of capturing leads and converting them into customers!

A simple drag and drop page editor – allows you to design landing pages and lead optimization tools to help you get more conversions from your website traffic. You can also create custom landing pages for specific campaigns or offers, which is a great way of increasing engagement with potential customers!

Templates – the software has over 100 templates that are ready-made so it’s easy as pie to get started fast even if you’re not a designer.

Lead Capture – The lead capture feature lets you create a form that collects information from visitors to your site. You can then use this data for marketing purposes or send it off into an email autoresponder sequence, which is another great way of building relationships with potential customers!

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Looking to sell your own digital or physical products, directly from your very own sales funnels? That’s where GrooveSell comes in, allowing you to host:

  • Unlimited products
  • Flexible pricing structures like one-time, instalment and recurring payments
  • Maximise profits with order bumps, upsells and downsells
  • Multiple payment gateway integrations
  • Customize your checkout options. Create cart layouts that suit you.
  • An affiliate program with in-depth tracking and analytics


Groove Member can help you by providing a powerful set of tools to help you build your own membership site and a place to host your own digital courses.



This isn’t specifically about the Groove affiliate program, we will cover that further down in the GrooveFunnels review.

No, instead this is about managing your own affiliate scheme – from your promoters to your commission rates, GrooveAffiliate builds directly into your sales funnels for a one-stop affiliate experience.

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GrooveKart is a powerful tool for selling physical products. It’s perfect if you want to sell your own branded merchandise, or even just as an additional revenue stream!

Sick of paying for multiple SAAS subscriptions? GrooveKart is the free and easy way to drop that Shopify payment and put everything in one place.

  • Free hosting
  • Free custom domains (3x on “Free Plan”)
  • Free templates
  • Free drag and drop page builder
  • Multiple payment integrations


GrooveMail is a powerful email marketing tool that integrates with your sales funnel. It’s perfect for automating follow-ups, drip campaigns and more! You can also use it to send out broadcast emails or newsletters without having any technical knowledge of HTML coding.

Emails can be scheduled to automatically send out after someone signs up through any campaign page you create; this helps grow relationships with your audience.


Most bloggers use WordPress…. once again, additional costs for premium themes, hosting and more.

GrooveBlog is a free blog platform that you can use to create and publish content. It’s perfect for bloggers who want the freedom of publishing on their own domain name, but don’t have any technical knowledge, budget or resources available for more common blogging solutions (such as hosting).

free affiliate funnel groovefunnels


Instead of Vimeo or even YouTube with its real lack of management controls, why not use GrooveVideo.

GrooveVideo is a video hosting feature that you can use to upload and share your videos. The best part? GrooveVideo has built-in analytics, so it’s easy to gain an insight into your audience behaviour!


Mile Filsaime’s background is in the webinar game so once they get this feature off the ground I would expect big things.

GrooveWebinar is a webinar hosting service that allows you to create and host your own live events. The best part? GrooveWebinar has built-in analytics, so it’s easy for event owners like yourself to gain insight into audience behaviour!

groovefunnels shared funnel

Who Is GrooveFunnels For?

Now we have established what GrooveFunnels are offering, let’s see who GrooveFunnels is for?

GrooveFunnels is for any current or aspiring business owner, entrepreneur or marketer. Especially those looking for a full marketing suite in one place rather than 20 different subscriptions!

If you have a business that needs leads, sales, customers, profits and any portion of that business can be run with online marketing – then GrooveFunnels is for you so keep reading this GrooveFunnels Review.

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Is GrooveFunnels Legit?

GrooveFunnels is still pretty new on the sales funnel scene. An ambitious roadmap means that at times they are sometimes on the back foot, trying to appease the rapidly growing customer base whilst developing features at a rate of knots.

This brings with it some criticism. Let’s face it, people expect perfect, and right out of the gate.

So are GrooveFunnels legit?

Absolutely. Mike Filsaime has an extensive background in Marketing SAAS and he steers the ship at GrooveFunnels (formerly Kartra & WebinarJam).

The rest of the Groove Digital team are also strong – They make a big deal about transparency, honesty & integrity which I love to see in an organisation these days!

groovefunnels share funnel

Is GrooveFunnels Free?

The GrooveFunnels suite is free to an extent, and what else would we expect? They aren’t a charity and would soon have zero business at all if there wasn’t some kind of pricing model.

What may surprise you is exactly how much you do get for free with GrooveFunnels.

Yes there are limits, but these are still really good, for example, with the free plan you get a rich feature set of GroovePages, GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate:

  • Free – Unlimited Products
  • Free – Build x3 Sales Funnels
  • Free – Use Your Custom Domains (x3)
  • Free – Bandwidth and hosting
  • Free – Add 500 Email Contacts in GrooveMail
  • Free – Upload 15 Videos In GrooveVideo
  • Free – Sell products with 1-Click upsells
  • Free – Upsells, Downsells, and Order Bumps
  • Free – The worlds most powerful affiliate program
  • Free – Ability to promote Groove yourself and earn 20% commissions


What Is The Difference Between GrooveFunnels Free And Paid Packages?

So we have established that there is a free plan and a paid plan, but whats the difference? Which package will suit you the most?

Well before looking at this it’s important to realise that you can get started on the free plan. Start learning the different components and how they can help you – they don’t take your credit card details so there is zero risk.

  • GrooveMail Contact Limits – On the free plan you have a limit of 500 contacts (Still pretty good if you are just getting started), however should you wish to integrate your landing pages with a 3rd party autoresponder such as GetResponse then this is still absolutely possible. Unlimited contacts are available with the Platinum Lifetime plan.
  • GrooveMail Email Limit – Another mail-based restriction is that you cannot send more than 5,000 emails per month on the Free Plan. Again, unlikely to be an issue, and if you are sending more than that then chances are you would benefit from the paid plan.
  • GroovePages Blocks – These are the individual design componenets that you use to build your pages fast, like pre configured groups of elements (buttons, forms, images etc). You drag and drop these into the GroovePages editor. There are some more advanced design blocks that are only available to platinum users.

  • GroovePages Templates – You are limited to 5 GroovePages (Landing Page Builder) templates with the Free Plan. The Platinum Plan has hundreds of page and sales funnel templates that have been proven to convert users into paying customers. You are saved from designing and testing your own pages with these ready-made optimized pages.
  • Websites & Shared Funnels – On the free plan you cannot create unlimited websites, there is a limit of 3, which surprisingly can all be used in conjunction with a custom domain name. Shared funnels are also limited – these are where someone does the hard work for you and shares their page, and you just import it.
  • GrooveMember – Hosting your own digital course? On the free plan you have a 100 member limit, unlimited with Platinum. You also only get 1 membership site with the Free plan, again unlimited with Lifetime Platinum.
  • Affiliate earnings potential – Did you know you can make money by promoting GrooveFunnels to others using your unique affiliate link? Commissions are set at 20% for the free plan and 40% for anyone using a paid lifetime account.

As the product develops and new features are released they add new distinctions between the GrooveFunnels free and paid plans, for the latest you can check their website here.

groovefunnels features free plan

How Much Does GrooveFunnels Cost?

The Free Plan is free. I know, this states the obvious!

But in terms of paid plans, well this is an evolving number.

Remember I said earlier, GrooveFunnels is a relative baby. Its features are being improved and built on daily. It is NOT the finished product yet, which is why they have offered generous lifetime platinum packages throughout its infancy.

Over times these prices have increased in line with the value that GrooveFunnels deliver.

Long term there will be a combination of monthly subscription costs and potentially still the option to buy that lifetime deal (but at a much higher price).

Platinum monthly pricing is expected to cost around $299 per month which makes the current LIFETIME deal at $1397 a no-brainer really.

My advice, if you think that these features are what your business needs, and you would prefer them all in one place rather than having to worry about compatibility, and subscription sprawl across multiple vendors, then consider locking in at the current price.

If you believe in the project that Mike Filsaime has started and their roadmap then the cost is a fraction of what it would be if you consumed deals across other platforms, considering you get a sales funnel builder, templates, ecommerce, video, membership site, helpdesk, affiliate management, mail, webinar and so on.

Follow this link to see what the latest price is when you sign up. I know there have been webinars where they stated the intention to make the lifetime deal $2497, but at the time of writing they aren’t at that price point yet.

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What Do I Like Most About GrooveFunnels

No GrooveFunnels review would be complete if I didn’t tell you what I like and dislike, so here goes….

Everything in one place – I like that it’s a one-stop shop for all my marketing needs. I don’t have to go from vendor A, then B and C in order to get the features I need because they’re already there! It saves me time which is valuable when you are running your own business or working with clients who want everything done yesterday.

Ambition – GrooveFunnels make it very clear that they want to be the number one marketing suite in the world. They have a very ambitious goal and it’s great to see that they are willing put their money where their mouth is!

Simplicity – I like how easy GrooveFunnels makes marketing for me, I don’t need any technical skills or knowledge of coding which means I can get up and running straight away without having someone else do all my work, they have some fantastic templates and a supportive community.

Pricing – A lifetime platinum deal may sound like a lot of money in one go, but when you factor in all of the other subscriptions you may need it could be the most effective long term strategy. Knowing that you can focus on building your business without having any additional monthly spend.


What Are The Biggest Problems With GrooveFunnels?

Running before walking – Personally, I have never launched a project of the scale of GrooveFunnels, so there is a good chance that I am being overly harsh. My gut feeling is that they had too many plates spinning at once whilst trying to achieve their ambitious plans. This had a knock-on effect as people were jumping into the Groove world and expecting a polished product. What I would say is that there is barely a week that goes by where they haven’t pushed out a significant update or feature.

You don’t get ought for nought – A bit of a UK phrase that one, but in essence, it means that when they say FREE, you need to be aware of the limitations. Clearly, they cannot give you the entire suite at zero cost, but what they do give you is surprisingly useful and more than I have seen with any of their competitors.

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Should I Buy GrooveFunnels?

This is a difficult question to answer for this GrooveFunnels review, as ultimately, it depends on your personal situation. If you already have established sales processes in place and your systems are stable and processing customers and sales, then for now I would hold off until it’s a finished product (but that comes with a financial risk).

If it’s the lifetime deal that interests you then why not buy-in, and spend some time testing it and learning your way around the new system.

If however you are building from scratch with a new business venture or just don’t yet have any sales processes in place, then this could be the ideal opportunity to lock in at a low price.


Best Groovefunnels Alternatives

There are a number of alternatives to Groovefunnels, but the most popular and well-known is ClickFunnels. Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels team don’t try to compete for the “all in one suite” prize, they set their sites on just being the best funnel builder.

ClickFunnels costs a premium price but it’s fairly tried and tested and does what it says on the tin. I also use ClickFunnels myself but at times I find the outdated technical aspects a challenge and the customer support frustrating.

Personally, my belief is that there are few products on the market that really excel – they all have their flaws. Which is why I believe GrooveFunnels are so aggressive with their plans of marketing SAAS domination – but will they do it?

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You can learn more about GrooveFunnels Vs ClickFunnels with this short video:

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

The last thing I wanted to add to this GrooveFunnels review is some detail about their affiliate program.

For those who don’t know, affiliate marketing is where you earn a commission if someone clicks on your link and purchases that product.

For me, it’s the best monetization strategy on the internet, whatever your platform. GrooveFunnels also have their own affiliate program, which I (and every blog you read or YouTube video you watch) am part of.

That means if you click on my link and decide to purchase GrooveFunnels once you’ve tested it, then I earn a commission. This is the reason I always keep my reviews honest and relevant. I want you to come back to this blog, or subscribe to my YouTube channel, and the only way that will happen is through transparency and honesty.

Now the good thing about Groove is that they aren’t a “Pay to play” affiliate program. Even those using free accounts can earn 20% commissions for recommending people. Lifetime members can double that and earn 40% of the price for anyone who signs up using their link.

In my case it allows me to buy and test more tools and tech, as well as keep my kids in chocolate supplies and I appreciate anyone who is generous enough to use my own affiliate links (thankyou!)

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Final Thoughts Of The GrooveFunnels Review

As you can see, GrooveFunnels have huge intention and are throwing a lot of resource at the project, to try and make GrooveFunnels the only marketing solution your business will need.

That requires a lot of work before all the jigsaw pieces click together, but the progress is visible week by week.

I believe GrooveFunnels is an excellent option for anyone wanting to start utilising marketing software to convert and nurture their leads with their online presence. For those of you with established processes and money rolling, I would just advise a little more caution around taking a fast leap.

Click To Trial GrooveFunnels

Move over to GrooveFunnels in stages as they mature some of the main features and components. You can wait until they are the finished product, but the trade-off is that you will miss that lifetime offer.

So it all depends on what your immediate needs are?

Despite that, GrooveFunnels is a very capable platform that you can build effective sales funnels on and they will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

That completes this GrooveFunnels Review. I hope it’s helped you reach a decision point, and if you need any further information please drop a comment and let me know.



The Definitive GrooveFunnels Review (2021)
GrooveFunnels have the potential to dominate this sector if they get their roadmap right whilst enhancing their reputation with current customers. The current price point is a no brainer when you consider the savings across the rest of the software subscriptions that your average business owner may have. As the product becomes more polished, the pricing is likely to increase, which is why I took the leap now and became a customer of Groove.
Reasons To Buy
Everything in one place!
Ambitious roadmap
Good customer service
Even the market leader has its flaws
Low lifetime deal pricing
Sign Up Free
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